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Do «‎No Soliciting‎» signs at your front door really work?

In the turbulent world of business, where every minute costs money, companies strive to optimize their time and focus on work. However, one often has to be distracted by external factors, including door solicitors. «‎Do you want to buy this miraculous device?‎», «‎Do you need an alarm system for the office?‎». If these and other intrusive questions from strangers often disturb your peace of mind, we know what can solve this problem.

Inventive companies use «‎No Soliciting» signs to maintain a professional environment, optimize performance, and ensure that their precious time is spent only on useful activities. Read this article to find out if these signs really act as goalkeepers, protecting the business from unwanted guests.

Who are solicitors? Guests who aren't expected

Solicitor is a person who goes door-to-door in private homes and businesses and offers to buy something, promotes magazine subscriptions, advertises a product, collects polls, etc. In other words, these are door salespeople who come to a private property and offer some goods or services. Their goal is to get consent to their proposals, to gain your attention and time, find customers, sell products, collect money, make a profit or an intangible benefit. There are also political canvassers among solicitors. They get paid for the goods that have been sold or for another task they have completed.

What do solicitors sell?

Solicitors can walk around the city and collect donations, offer subscriptions to magazines, request for signage on petitions, or sell goods ranging from household items to religious literature and other things.

Is door to door soliciting legal?

It may seem that solicitation is an illegal activity. But due to local laws, solicitors have a constitutional right on selling, and their activities are fully legal in the United States. This means that these people can keep knocking to offices or private homes to find customers according to the soliciting policy. But you can still protect your private life or workspace from uninvited guests on your own. After all, you have the right to peace.

How to keep solicitors out of your home or business with soliciting signs?

«‎No Soliciting» door signs will be an effective way to keep you from being disturbed by door-to-door salespeople. Such signs make it easy to deliver a clear message. Soliciting signage is designed to inform all that you are not interested in accepting offers and requests, and don't want to be bothered. These signs can be compared to the «‎Do Not Disturb» hotel sign, because, in fact, they perform the same functions, but are aimed at different recipients.

If you buy signs for the house, you can place them on doors or windows, attach them to a fence, a tree, or at the entrance to a private area. Offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and any businesses may display such signs at all entrances. The main thing is to place the sign in a visible location.

This way homeowners will ensure peace of mind for themselves, and their families. In the case of businesses, soliciting signs allow employees to perform their duties with peace of mind and for customers to enjoy a pleasant service without distractions. Be aware that there are scammers among decent door-to-door sellers. So the signs will protect you from thieves.

At Bsign, we know how often a soliciting issue can bother you. Therefore, we have added the appropriate signs to the assortment.

No soliciting sign

The «‎No Soliciting» acrylic signs are available in black and white colors, and also of steel. In addition, you can choose from a variety of sizes and methods of fastening. Proceed to the selection right now.

Soliciting sign

Are soliciting signs legally enforceable?

«‎No soliciting‎» sign means that the homeowner or business owner does not permit salespeople to ring the doorbell or knock on the door to make offers.

Of course, there are people who ignore all requests and behave tactlessly. They may ignore the signage and still come to you. However, they will already know that you are not ready to listen to them, so their attempt will be in vain.

But most people are polite and will respect your desire to be at peace. In addition, if you place signs and realize your right to refuse uninvited guests, solicitors may be fined for trespassing. No one wants to create additional problems for themselves, so the sign will save you from unnecessary worries.


Although county laws allow solicitation activities, «‎No Soliciting‎» signs are the thing that will keep you calm, allow you to work efficiently, and avoid distractions. And you can find them at Bsign, and even choose among the options the one that best meets your needs. Contact store specialists for a free consultation on choosing signs.

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