Washroom Signs

Washroom Sign

Hygiene should be considered a top priority in public spaces. The reason for this is simple - tens if not hundreds of people can be in the same building at the same time. So in order to preserve a proper hygiene level, it's necessary to provide everyone with a convenient possibility of accessing washrooms and bathrooms. Of course, this possibility is ensured with the help of such assistance wayfinding elements as restroom signs.

You might have seen restroom signs in many public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, business centers, offices, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and more. However, have you ever considered how much of an importance they bear? If you're scrolling this page, then you're probably willing to find this out. So, let's take a closer look at everything you need to know about bathroom signs.

The Function of Washroom Door Signs

A washroom name plate has one particular function — to help visitors quickly locate restrooms and seamlessly navigate there without any obstacles. Restroom signs are necessary because with them your guests don't have to ask questions which might seem uncomfortable, confusing, or even embarrassing to some individuals. Restroom signs are usually placed on doors of a bathroom however, in big buildings, there might be special directory wall signs that navigate visitors to a restroom with the help of arrows and other wayfinding elements.

A bathroom sign is a basic door plate with proper symbols printed on it. Such symbols help not only locate the restroom but also distinguish its types. This is how different groups of visitors can quickly access WC rooms intended specifically for them.

Types of Washroom Signs

Types of restroom signs can be distinguished depending on whom a specific room is intended. Here are some of the most basic types:

  • Male washroom signs: These restroom signs are plaques that are placed in rooms where only male access is allowed.
  • Female washroom signs: As with the previous type, women's restroom signs locate rooms that are allowed to be entered by women only.
  • Gender-neutral washroom signs: Often called unisex or all-gender bathroom signs, these plaques serve as markers to show that this specific bathroom can be used by representatives of all genders equally.
  • Mother's restroom signs: A bathroom marked with mother's restroom signs is designed for women who might need to have a special space to take care of their babies.
  • Staff restroom signs: Certain facilities, like restaurants and hotels, might have a restroom that is accessible for their staff only. Such a bathroom sign should have a special warning about such a narrow function of the room.

We can also distinguish types of bathroom signs depending on the spaces where these signs are placed. For example, hotel bathrooms aren't usually available for public use like restaurant ones because they are located in clients' rooms. Therefore, hotel bathroom signs might differ.

Where Can I Buy a Sign of Washroom?

A wide assortment of different bathroom signs is available at our store. Bsign is your best partner in terms of supplying your space with high-quality signs for a bathroom. We offer a wide selection of plaques crafted in different styles and featuring different designs. Additionally, we have specific symbols that help clearly distinguish men's restrooms from other restrooms. With our bathroom signs, you'll ensure a highly effective wayfinding system in your building, meaning your customers will have only positive experiences.

One more thing you have to consider Bsign's restroom signs is that they are made with the use of the latest technologies. UV printing enables our specialists to create the most sophisticated symbols and pictograms on different plates. It's also worth noting that Bsign uses only high-quality materials such as stainless steel, acrylic glass, and wood. Such bathroom signs can serve for a long time because they are durable and easy to maintain.

Custom Washroom Signs

The biggest advantage of Bsign, however, is not the quality of materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology. Our biggest merit is that we care about the needs of our customers and do our best to ensure that even such insignificant elements will contribute to the general interior design of their space. We achieve this not only with the diversity of designs for bathroom signs but also with the personalization of services.

Bsign specialists create bathroom signs that are totally tailored to customers' needs. We can add unique symbols and pictograms, we can even print photos on your door signs. All this ensures not only the efficiency of the wayfinding system but also enhances customer engagement and interaction.

The Necessity of ADA Washroom Signs

ADA custom bathroom signs are special door signage that aims to ensure equal accessibility to restrooms for all people, regardless of their disabilities. It's necessary to ensure that bathroom signs correspond to the ADA requirements, and there are several important reasons why.

Firstly, bathrooms aren't temporary places that might change their location. They are necessary for the building's layout. According to the law, all such premises should be marked with identification plates.

Secondly, the ADA-compliant braille signage makes sure that any kind of discrimination is impossible in public spaces. That's why the document states that people with impairments should have equal possibility to access spaces where they can satisfy their basic needs.


How to install washroom signs?

Restroom signs are usually installed on the door. You can use either mount screws or special adhesive tape.

What does a washroom signage look like?

A restroom signage is a plate with a special symbol indicating the WC space.

Can I buy a custom washroom door sign?

Yes, you can buy custom signs for a restroom at the Bsign Store.