Shower Information Signs

Everything You Need to Know About Shower Signs

In different facilities and in different spaces, various tools are used to help visitors navigate. Door and wall plaques are the simplest and most widely applied solution. Their popularity is obvious if you consider their efficiency and clarity. With the help of a simple door sign, any guest can quickly locate the premises he or she needs. That's why there are so many types of information signs used in public spaces. Today we are going to focus more on bathroom shower signs.

What is a Shower Sign?

In a nutshell, a shower sign is a special door plaque that marks a space where a person can take a shower. Usually, such marks include simple pictograms that depict water or a shower. With such simple and internationally understandable symbols it's easy for everyone to understand the purpose of a place. However, often, in order to make the wayfinding process even more clear, it's necessary to apply lettering as well. All information on such a type of sign should be short and clear, in order to simplify wayfinding and navigation.

Where Shower Room Signs Are Used?

If we talk about shower signs specifically, we have to realize that they are mostly used in two types of places:

  • Hospitality facilities: Obviously, not every hospitality facility has a shower, and a shower sign will not be a necessity, so here we mostly talk about hostels and hotels. A simple shower sign of good quality makes everything simple for visitors once they enter a room. In hostels, there might be special direction signs to navigate visitors right from the reception area.
  • Home: If you want to contribute to the interior design of your home, you can also use shower room signs. It will also help make your dwelling more welcoming for guests. That's why it's a great idea to buy a bathroom sign for your house.

The Difference Between Bathroom Shower Signs and Restroom Signs

Restroom signs and bathroom shower signs might be used interchangeably if a bathroom includes both a toilet and a shower. This might be relevant for big hotels, but in most cases, restrooms and bathrooms are considered different premises. Obviously, you cannot find a shower sign in a restaurant or a cafe, but the place will certainly have a restroom.

That's why, when you choose between a restroom and shower sign, you have to make a well-thought-out choice to understand what exactly the message you want to deliver to your visitors.

Where Can I Buy Custom Bathroom and Shower Signs?

The best way to make a perfect choice of shower sign is to customize the product you buy. With such a service, you can adjust a plaque completely to your needs, choosing the plate's shape, fonts, pictograms, color, mount, and many other important features. Bsign is the best place if you are looking for the possibility to customize your door sign.

Bsign is an online store and manufacturer of door signs of the highest quality. Its assortment includes different types of signs, including the ones to mark bathrooms and restrooms. The store provides customization services to make sure every customer will have the possibility to choose which message they will deliver. Except for premium quality custom signs, Bsign offers great delivery services — your order will be shipped in the shortest possible time.


What are the requirements for shower signs?

Shower signs should be made of a sturdy material because they will be affected by humid conditions. Stainless steel and acrylic glass are the best materials in terms of durability and maintenance.

Can I buy custom shower room signs from BSign?

Yes, you can customize your order. You just need to contact a manager via email or online chat, choose the type of signs you want, specify your requirements for color, mount, and other features, and order delivery.

How much does it cost to buy shower signs for bathroom?

The price for shower signs depends on the chosen material, the added features, and the degree of customization. Anyway, with Bsign, you'll make the perfect choice to enhance your great interior design.