Information signs

In every public place, people are guided by special signs. In hypermarkets, in order to understand in which direction a grocery zone is located, visitors are guided by information signs. They are usually located under the ceiling so that a person from any distance can see where to go. Every information sign is an integral part of any room. There is a restroom in a museum, shop, educational institution, hospital, fitness center, and cinema. The designation on the door will help to determine in which direction to move. At the entrance to a restroom, signs "W" and "M" are always placed. In streets they help people find the right address. You cannot call a taxi to a place that is not indicated in any way.  

    What types of information signs can you find in our company?

    It is difficult to overestimate the role of information boards. In a context of placing numerous offices within one business center (building) or many specialists in an administrative institution, it is extremely important to clearly notify visitors or clients about the location of certain offices (services) inside any building. Office signs are the best way to tell any visitor whether he is correctly oriented "on the ground". For example a door sign “Stairs” can really help you find the right direction.

    The most popular are:

    • signs of standard or generally accepted symbols: “Free WIFI”, "Entrance", "Exit", "WC", "Working hours", "Dressing room", etc;
    • prohibition, safety and warning signs: “Do not litter”,"No smoking ", “Danger high voltage”, “Warning high voltage” or “Caution high voltage”;
    • office signs are placed inside premises, perform a navigation task to orient visitors; are placed on doors, walls near the office (with the name of an employee, specialist). Also, play an image role;
    • signs for decorating halls, reception desks, with a logo of some enterprise (bank, organization, institution), with important information for visitors.

    Our products are made with brand names, logos, symbols, arrows, as well as any other images, photographs and drawings.

    Small plates will add order and neatness to your business. Your clients will easily find their way around the sales area or office, administrative or educational institution. You can order stainless steel restroom signs on the official website of "BSign" company by writing to our specified e-mail box. Also in this catalog you can choose and buy a ready-made version.