Information signs

    Inform your hotel guests that this room is non-smoking. Or designate a smoking area.  Identify fire exits and extinguishers. The choice of our pictograms allows you to find all the necessary Informational signs, and if you have not found ones - we will help you with designing them.======

    Information signs — choose wisely

    Pictograms and information signs are the simplest and most effective way to convey a message or idea. The first warning signs were used in prehistoric times. However, it was only in the era of Ancient Egypt that pictograms began to look civilized and aesthetically pleasing. They depicted objects associated with magical powers. The plates were used to convey religious knowledge. It was a kind of secret code.

    Despite the fact that today information signs are commonplace, and there is no smell of mysticism here, it is almost impossible to imagine life without them. In the modern world, they serve exclusively utilitarian purposes. The industrial revolution and globalization are to blame. Every now and then we migrate, travel, strive to settle abroad, we lead, so to speak, a universal way of life. It involves the use of common technologies and a universal language for communication, a system of signs that each of us understands, regardless of skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. So the value of information signs is substantial.

    Popular information signs

    Pictograms are:

    • with standard and generally accepted symbols;
    • in the form of prohibitory and warning signs;
    • by the type of navigation office signs;
    • plates with the logo or symbols of the company.

    Brand information and images, photos and drawings, can all be on information signs as well. But there are several universal pictograms. Let's talk about them.

    Signs no smoking

    The earliest no smoking signs in the United States appeared in the late 1800s. Such plates were introduced at gas stations. The reason was not growing socio-political problems and deteriorating health of the nation in connection with the spread of nicotine addiction. Signs no smoking appeared due to the threat of fire. The initiative was taken by the oldest gasoline company in the United States, the “Texas Company”. Other gas stations soon followed suit. It took almost two centuries for the crossed-out cigarette pictograms to appear in all public places, including bars and restaurants. It happened in 1990. The city of San Luis Obispo (California) became the first in the world to react to smoking as categorically as possible.

    Stairs signs

    There are many rules regarding exit signs and stairs signs, which differ in every corner of the planet. But one thing is true for everyone: their existence for internal exit stairs connecting more than three floors is a must. At the same time, a monumental staircase can do without a pictogram, although a direction sign will not be superfluous.

    According to the rules of the International Building Code, established in 2012, a tactile mark and a Braille mark must be present inside the staircase.

    Free wi-fi signs

    If you have not yet decided whether your business and your customers need free wi-fi, then here is the main argument in its favour: the existence of free wi-fi signs allows visitors to establish a better connection with your brand. This is not a cost, but an investment in development and customer satisfaction.

    Over 50% of CEOs claim that guests spend much more time in their places and shops if they have free Wi-Fi. Moreover, their expenses are also higher.

    Danger signs high voltage

    The purpose of the caution high voltage sign is to alert visitors and staff to potential electrical hazards in a specific area of the facility. Usually warning high voltage signs inform that:

    • there is high voltage electrical equipment nearby;
    • there is a risk of explosion due to static electricity;
    • there is a hidden high-voltage cable in this place;
    • there is a danger of electric shock.

    Having information signs of this kind is vital.

    Restroom signs

    The first stainless steel restroom signs appeared thanks to the modernization of the “British Rail” railway. More than half a century has passed since then, but controversy still continues around the iconic figures of a boy and a girl. To what extent they meet modern concepts of inclusiveness, how to properly designate a restroom for people with disabilities, what signs should be for representatives of sexual minorities and why it is important to install stainless steel ADA restroom signs in institutions - these and other questions from humanity in different periods have always had different answers.

    One thing is true: restroom signs should be of high quality and informative.

    Signs do not litter

    Posting a sign do not litter is an effective way to encourage everyone to do their part to keep things clean. However, there are many pitfalls here. For example, according to research from Harvard Business Review, signs asking or instructing not to litter have the opposite effect if the place where they are located is already littered. A sign do not litter was installed in one of the lanes. The important thing is that at the time of this it was clean and well-groomed. The number of people who usually litter has decreased from 47% to 39%. But the effect was the opposite when the same sign was installed in an alley where candy wrappers and plastic bottles were already lying around: the share of grubby people increased from 61% to 70%.

    In the case of this information sign, the factor of the all-seeing eye or public censure plays an important role.

    Well, what to choose: an image of a bucket into which garbage is thrown, or the inscription “Keep our alley clean. People are watching, ”it's up to you. Fortunately, today plates can be made under an individual order.

    Nuances to know and keep in mind

    Creating an attention-grabbing, informative, and effective pictogram is not an easy design task. As we said earlier, the sign should be universal and understandable anywhere in the world. In this regard, you need to take into account many important nuances, for example:

    • the interpretation of the same image may differ depending on the characteristics of culture, beliefs and religion;
    • you should also be careful with flowers (if in Europe red means danger, then in China it is the colour of luck that can drive away evil forces);
    • there is such information that cannot be converted into an icon without the help of text (for example, the title of "Account Manager");
    • When creating a new warning sign, there is always the temptation to do something in a new way, but this can be risky, as the result can be misleading.

    To avoid unpleasant surprises, contact the professionals.

    What are information signs from Bsign interior decoration manufactory?

    During production, our company is guided by three principles:

    • Wear-resistant materials - natural wood, stainless steel and acrylic glass (acrylic) have proven themselves in the best way. Their combinations give amazing results: information signs are not only very durable but also aesthetically pleasing.
    • Proven technologies - all our products are hand-made. For this, we use CNC laser machines. We collect and paint the resulting elements with our own hands. We also use UV-resistant printing.
    • Reliable fastening - there are several types of fastening to choose from. For information signs, we use double-sided tape and spacers.

    We guarantee high quality, prompt execution of the order, adequate price. Contact us!