Women Restroom Signs

Women's Restroom Signs

Whatever facility you manage, you want to make sure that every visitor can conveniently navigate around the space. In many cases, door and wall signs help guests avoid uncomfortable situations. This is exactly the case with restroom signs. Some individuals might be embarrassed to ask your staff about the location of restrooms, that's why we suggest using special door signage that greatly simplifies wayfinding.

The Bsign store is the best place to look for high-quality women restroom signs. Our specialists craft stylish and functionally efficient plates that help your visitors quickly locate the restroom. Thanks to our customization, you can order either original or just funny designs that will catch the attention of others and will organically fit into the space interior.

Women's restroom signs are necessary in such public spaces as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, and other institutions. That's why, if you manage one of such places and want it to fully correspond to all the standards, you should spend some time on this page. Let's find out more about restroom signs and specifically about the advantages of items offered by Bsign.

Where Can be a Woman Bathroom Sign Used?

Restroom signs for women's restrooms should be used everywhere where women's restrooms are accessible. This refers to lounge areas in offices, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, educational centers — you name it. No matter what public space you manage — your female visitors have the right to feel comfortable in your space and use separate bathrooms. That's why if you run any place with a lounge area, it's your responsibility to make sure that it's easy to locate women's restrooms as quickly and comfortably as possible. A high-quality restroom sign set is the most efficient tool to complete this task.

Where to Buy Original Door Signage for Women's Restrooms?

If the uniqueness of the design is the top priority for your place, Bsign is the right destination for you. That's a mistake to consider that a restroom sign isn't worth being something unique and appealing from the style perspective. Every trifle in your place should correspond to the overall style because this is how successful brands achieve coherency. So now, that you are fully aware of where to buy women restroom signs, let's consider the reasons why Bsign's products are the best for you right now.

Why Choose Bsign to Buy a Female Bathroom Sign?

  • Wide assortment of items: With Bsign, you are not limited to a narrow selection of products. You can explore all types of styles and designs we offer and only then form your final sign kit and place an order.
  • Personalization of parameters: Bsign is focused on customers' needs. That's why we allow you to choose the sizes and shapes of the items you buy. This is how you can make sure that the vinyl sign will organically fit the place's interior.
  • Reasonable prices: Although we offer high-quality materials and original designs, we charge reasonable costs. When placing an order, you should consider that the final cost of the whole sign kit will depend on its size and the delivery destinations. Customization of bathroom signs also affects the price.

What Materials Do We Use to Make Women's Restroom Signs?

The high quality of women's bathroom signs isn't just about the original design and the possibility to add personalized features for better restroom identification. Foremost, quality is determined by the material from which a women's restroom sign set is manufactured. In Bsign, we offer these:

  • wood
  • acrylic glass
  • stainless steel

These materials are perfect for the setting in a classic style. Also, bathroom signs made from stainless steel and acrylic glass will perfectly fit into a modern interior design. One more advantage of stainless steel, acrylic glass, and wood is that they are long-living, durable, and require minimum maintenance for a long-lasting service time.

Our Rich Assortment Is Perfect for Everyone

Our bathroom signs come in a wide assortment of styles. With such a diversity of choices, you can easily select a premium sign for your place. Your restroom will be easy to locate and what is the same important is that such a bathroom will fit the overall interior design. Here are the styles we recommend you consider:

  • Modern
  • Wave
  • Jure
  • Sherwood
  • Venture
  • Single
  • Classic
  • Scandza
  • Simple
  • Buro
  • Thin
  • Downhill
  • Genova
  • Grey calm

With Bsign, you can delve into the realm of women's bathroom signs, where a vibrant array of colors converges to breathe life into diverse ideas. The portrayal of a tree takes on fascinating interpretations, seamlessly blending exceptional classicism with a contemporary and trendy demeanor.

For spaces adorned with a modern, lofty, or Scandinavian aesthetic, a shift towards more stringent and minimalist materials becomes imperative. Enter acrylic glass, a material that captivates with its ethereal quality, impeccable gloss, and an inherent flair for creativity. Similarly, stainless steel emerges as a stalwart choice, boasting unparalleled durability and strength. These materials exude a sense of rigor, businesslike precision, and a futuristic allure, often harmoniously paired with a wooden backdrop.

In this amalgamation, we craft universally appealing bathroom signs for women that not only offer reliable navigation but also double as distinctive embellishments. Available at an affordable price, these signs transcend mere functionality, elevating into unique decor elements within a contemporary and flawless design scheme.


What is required in a toilet room for women?

Except for general conveniences, in toilets for women, you should install women's bathroom signs that will help your female visitors quickly locate a restroom. Also, a restroom sign is an important decoration element that should be organically installed in the space.

How do I choose a woman restroom sign?

Firstly, pay attention to the quality of materials. Then, consider the clarity of the symbols printed on the premium sign. A women's restroom sign should include a woman symbol to clearly communicate for whom this room is intended. You can also add letters. It's recommended to order a door sign with raised characters because this is how you create ADA-compliant restroom signs.

Is it mandatory to make female restroom signs ADA-compliant?

A women's restroom isn't a temporary space, that's why it should correspond to the ADA standards. These standards don't include the mandatory use of braille restroom signs for women, however, ADA braille signage might be a good gesture that you appreciate all your visitors.