ADA Signs

Embracing Inclusivity with Modern ADA Signs

Inclusivity is one of the biggest today's requirements for public spaces. People with disabilities shouldn't be deprived of the possibility of conveniently navigating around the place. This is what ADA-compliant signage can provide to them.

As a responsible manager, you should think about meeting inclusivity requirements. That's why you cannot just skip the topic of ADA-compliant signs.

What are ADA-Compliant Signs?

Literally, an ADA sign is a tool that corresponds to the Americans with Disabilities Act. This set of rules regulates the layout of public spaces so that to ensure accessible features and eliminate potential discrimination against physically disabled persons.

According to ADA, room signs should also be equipped with accessibility signage to make sure everyone will be able to use the wayfinding system in functional spaces. The requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act are relevant to permanent spaces. Therefore, not all rooms need to have ADA wall signs. However, we suggest that if you want to put your visitors in comfortable conditions, then you should place an ADA sign on each door.

Types of ADA Signage

  • ADA Braille Signs: These are door plaques designed to assist people suffering from severe forms of vision disabilities. Braille signs feature tactile writing in Braille so that they can be read by those who suffer from partial or complete vision loss.
  • ADA Restroom Signs: Restroom is a permanent room, so it has to be marked with a corresponding ADA sign. ADA restroom signs help not only people with vision issues, but also those who have to move in a wheelchair. ADA-compliant restrooms should be equipped so that to be comfortable for individuals in wheelchairs.
  • ADA-compliant Parking Signs: This signage is placed on the parking area and is designed to mark lots intended for disabled people. Every parking area next to office buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other public spaces should have a specified number of parking lots for disabled drivers.
  • ADA Room Number Signs: This type of ADA-compliant signage is usually used in places where there are many rooms, like hostels, schools, hospitals, educational institutions, etc. An ADA-compliant sign ensures that every visitor will find the necessary room in the facility.

Where Can I Buy Custom ADA Signs Near Me?

There are strict requirements for the ADA sign design. That's why you should rely on professional manufacturers who know how to comply with ADA guidelines. Bsign is your best choice.

Bsign offers you the possibility to order completely custom ADA braille signs for your facility. This means that your door signs will not only ensure accessibility and comply with ADA, but might also enhance your brand. Using UV printing technology, we can add company names, braille characters, customized room names, and more.

See the examples of safety, restroom, doorways, and direction wall signs on our website!


Why buy an ADA sign?

ADA room and parking signs ensure accessibility within your facility. Your space becomes more inclusive for disabled people, which can enhance your social reputation. Besides, the use of ADA signs in permanent spaces is mandatory according to legal regulations.

What are the features of ADA door signage?

Such signs must feature tactile raised characters. The background plate and the writing should be made in contrasting colors. Other specifications might include additional writing in Braille for better navigation of persons with vision impairments.

How to make ADA signage?

Explore our available stock of products or contact us and specify your requests within one business day. Bsign specialists are fully aware of the current ADA regulations, so you can simply place a custom order.