Room Signs

No one is going to dispute the statement that interior design is important for all premises, regardless of whether these are public places or private houses. However, not many people understand what interior design actually means. It’s not just about appealing decorative elements and colors. Foremost, a good interior design is what ensures convenience for people in the place. Custom room signs are important solutions that are to make interior design more convenient for people. Let’s learn more about these plaques and their use in different places.

Where Room Signs are the Most Necessary

Room plaques are relevant for all places where visitors need to be assisted in navigation. It might be relevant even for private dwellings, especially for those housekeepers who want their guests to feel comfortable all the time. But most necessarily, these solutions should be applied in places where certain services are provided:

  • Offices. It’s important to ensure visitors to your office will find everything they need in a convenient manner. Custom room name signs are necessary to assist them in finding specific premises more easily.
  • Hotels. The main purpose of these facilities is to offer convenient accommodation. This can be ensured by simplifying the navigation for visitors. They will easily find their way to their rooms and to rooms where special services are provided.
  • Hospitals. In medical facilities, nameplates are mainly applied. This is because a hospital is a place where multiple specialists work. People need consultations with specific doctors, and nameplates help them navigate across the facility easier.

Why Use Room Name Signs

  • Easier wayfinding. This benefit is relevant for both visitors and employees of a certain facility. Room plaques help to find one’s way across the building much easier without the necessity to ask others for help.
  • Better customer treatment. When people enter a premise for the first time, they are very likely to get confused, which might spoil their initial impression and the general customer experience as a result. To show that you do care about their comfort, use informative signage plates indicating directions to different rooms.
  • Legal requirements. The use of room plates isn’t mandatory for all facilities but some organizations must use room name signs on their premises in order to avoid legal issues.

Most Frequently Used Types of Custom Room Signs

We’ve already seen places where the use of room plaques can greatly contribute to the interior design of the place. However, what are specific cases according to which this rule can be applied? See the most frequently used types of custom room plaques below:

Meeting/Conference Room Plate

Meeting or conference room signs are necessary for offices where you might need to organize meetings with your staff to discuss some questions. A meeting room should be a place where all the previous issues should be left behind – only relevant discussions should take place. Indicate such a premise using high-quality meeting room name plates on door plaques of your office.

Locker Room Plate

Such interior solutions might be applied in different places but they are just necessary for gyms. Clients of such facilities need to have a convenient place where they can get ready for their exercise and take some relevant procedures afterward. You probably have such a place in your gym, but it’s still necessary to indicate it with special locker room signs in order to ensure new gym enthusiasts won’t get confused while first coming to the place.

Kitchen Plate

Most commonly, Kitchen plates are used in restaurants and cafes. They show visitors which doors they shouldn’t open. They also help newly hired waiters navigate across the facility, especially in cases when the facility is big and the waiter is newly hired. Such a simple decorative element can really improve the productivity of your workers, and consequently, boost the quality of services and customer experiences.

Dining Room Plate

Such room plaques are frequently used in offices where employees can have the possibility to enjoy their lunch breaks in a canteen. This may make the atmosphere of the workplace feel more welcoming for workers. Also, dining rooms might be available in hotels that provide lunch services as well. If your facility does it, your visitors should be aware of this — help them find their way to a dining room.

Room Number Sign

Room number signs are essential interior elements of hotels and other accommodation facilities. In our store, we have a huge selection of room number signs that will suit both luxurious hotels and small 2-storied motels. Ensure that your clients will be able to find their accommodations quickly and without additional assistance. Also, consider the peculiarities of your buildings to choose the right room numbering system and place signs accordingly.

Restroom Sign

Restroom signs might be the most important plates to use on your premises. This is because clients often need to find the way to a restroom in a critically short time. Many visitors are more likely to be unwilling to ask others about the direction to a restroom because this might seem confusing. Make sure that your office visitors or restaurant visitors won’t face a such unpleasant and often embarrassing situations. Order quality restroom signs and make your restaurant or café space comfortable for everyone.

Information Plaques

When a person enters a building for the first time, convenient wayfinding might be a critical issue. Simply speaking, and an individual might not even know where the entrance is available and where it’s not. That’s why it’s better to use such plaques as Staff Only Signs or other information or prohibitory signs.

Bathroom Plate

Bathroom plates aren’t necessary for hotel rooms because it’s convenient for visitors to discover everything on their own. However, such a simple detail can greatly improve the customer experience. Besides, there are different types of bathroom plates. Some just indicate what is behind the doors, whilst others can inform other people that they aren’t allowed to enter yet.

Waiting Room Plate

Often, you might have seen waiting room signs in medical facilities. They indicate places where patients should wait until a certain specialist becomes available. Waiting room plaques make staying in a facility more convenient not only in hospitals. Depending on the type of services provided, they might also be used in business offices, especially when there’s a need to have multiple meetings throughout the day. 

Name Plates

These are signage plaques that are placed on the doors of offices of certain specialists. That’s the reason why a nameplate should be customized for every specialist. In Bsign, we do this using different materials, styles, and additional important elements, which you can learn on our website. Discover more to order the best nameplate!

Are There Any Requirements for Custom Room Signs?

  • Visibility. A door sign is an element whose major function is to provide information through letters and numerals. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure that these letters and numerals are visible. It’s recommended to make the encryption in a contrasting color with the background plate. Contact us to order such services!
  • Inclusivity. Your space must be convenient and comfortable for all visitors regardless of their disabilities. That’s why it’s necessary to follow the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which states that in some facilities, room plates must feature Braille fonts.
  • Size. As mentioned before, a room plate must be visible. Size is one of the features that ensure visibility. These requirements might be different across the states. Usually, official institutions state that encryption elements on the door plates shouldn’t be lower than 3 inches.

Why Bsign?

Bsign is a premium manufacturer of signs for rooms that provide something more than just a rich assortment of products. Our specialists craft custom plates, meaning customers are free to choose the colors, shapes, sizes, materials, styles, and designs of the products they order. Learn more about our customizable services and order plates of the best quality with a lucrative discount right now!


How long will it take to manufacture a room sign?

We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days.

How to calculate the cost of a custom sign for room?

The cost of our products is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.

Do we make custom room name signs with Braille?

Yes, our products meet all ADA requirements.