Ladies Restroom Signs

Ladies restroom signs

Supermarkets, shopping malls, business centers and beauty salons, clinics, hospitals all of them are visited by many people every day. Responsible management of any business is always given about the general atmosphere, the convenience of their visitors, which is manifested in the installation of accessible and understandable navigation between rooms. The general atmosphere of the establishment consists of small decorative elements, wall paintings, photographs, information plates. This is a special environment created by people around, in which it is comfortable and pleasant to be. Ladies restroom signs is really especially important in rooms with many floors, rooms in various public places. 

Toilet room is an essential room for any establishment, no matter what size and area it occupies. Depending on the number of visitors and the size, the restrooms can be divided into ladies toilet signs, men's room, disabled toilet, children's toilet and mother and baby's room. And for each of these groups we have a wide range of designs, sizes and materials. 

Unique products from Bsign store

The Bsign company produces unique signs, numbers, information signs with icons on the doors and walls of offices, hotels, business centers. Our products are handmade, which we are very proud of and never stop improving our craft. If you are looking for special information signs for the ladies' rooms, you have come to the right place. Our designers have developed a unique lettering design for the ladies toilet signs with an unusual image. On the one hand, this is a very creative solution, unlike other pictures, and on the other hand, it is an absolutely clear, intuitive image. 

In the Bsign store, you can buy a stainless steel sign for your ladies restroom signs in two different shapes - square or round. Such a minimalistic solution will suit any room interior and different colors of walls, floors, door panels. Stainless steel has exceptional durability, which is very important for public places where large numbers of people are constantly present. The metal can withstand mechanical damage, different temperature conditions and does not lend itself to the influence of time. In addition, silver chrome steel is always relevant, fashionable and modern. sign for ladies toilet have a wide range at our shop and can combine materials. 

Correct informing is a key to comfort

The image itself is applied to a surface using a special UV printer, which endows the drawing with special durable properties and impeccable print quality. The second type of application is 3D elements, which we produce with acrylic. We cut out the acrylic with a laser and glue it to the surface. Our own equipment allows us to apply any text, icon or symbol at signs for ladies toilets - just contact us and approve the digital proof. According to the laws and respect for all segments of the population we make signs with ADA.

The handmade finishing of each plate by our craftsmen helps our products to become perfect, exclusive and designer pieces, even if it is about ordinary informational inscriptions on the wall. It is important for us to manufacture sign for ladies toilet of the highest quality, which our customers can always count on. We treat each customer equally responsibly, regardless of the volume of the ordered product, its cost and other factors. According to high-quality communication and dialogue, we manage to quickly place orders, while sending them all over the world. 

We are happy to produce quality, beauty and comfort for our clients. Order from us unusual, creative signs for ladies restrooms, toilets and you will see by yourself their exclusivity, because with their help you can decorate the space near the WC, while providing female visitors with a correct navigation system for movement.


How long will it take to manufacture?

We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days

How to calculate the cost for ladies restroom signs

The cost of our products is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.

Is it possible to place your logo or company name?

We can print text and logo in any color on metal, wood or acrylic, wood engraving can also be done. To do this, send us your logo (required in vector format .cdr, .ai, .eps, .svg) to If you do not have a logo in vector format, we can redraw it for an additional fee. After drawing the logo, we send it to your e-mail.