Ladies Restroom Signs

Ladies Bathroom Signs

Public spaces are called this way because many people visit those places every day. It goes without saying that these visitors have their basic needs that need to be secured by responsible managers. That's the reason it's impossible to imagine a modern supermarket, shopping mall, office center, beauty salon, restaurant, or hospital without a proper navigation system in general and restroom signs in particular.

Restroom signs are among the elements that create a special and comfortable environment for everybody within it. Except for being essential wayfinding tools, they also serve as decorative elements, complementing the overall atmosphere inside the building. From the functional point of view, bathroom signs cannot be neglected, so today will focus more on their specific type - women's restroom signs.

Introducing the Concept of a Ladies Restroom Sign

A bathroom is a necessary room for any facility or institution, regardless of the size of the occupied area and specialization. These rooms are usually divided into men's and women's restrooms in order to ensure that everyone will feel comfortable. Some places might also have unisex and all-gender bathroom signs to meet the basic needs of everyone.

A women's restroom sign is a special door plate that marks such a room with an internationally recognizable women symbol. Women's restroom identification becomes much easier with such a small but efficient element, which is also positive for the general layout of the facility.

There are also special mother's restroom signs that are designed to help women locate premises where they can safely and comfortably take care of their children. These plates, in addition to a woman symbol, also depict a children symbol.

The Best Selection of Ladies Only Restroom Signs at Bsign

Bsign is the best place where you can look for women's restroom signs. We have literally all types of women's restroom signs for all facilities, including:

  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Business centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping malls

You can choose them by styles and designs, selecting which of them fits better into your unique spaces. You can also find ADA-compliant restroom signs to ensure that your space is inclusive and accessible to all categories of visitors, regardless of their potential disabilities.

The diversity of the Bsign's restroom sign set isn't the only advantage of our brand.


Women's restrooms can be found almost in every public space. Consequently, you can see numerous specialized signs. However, that doesn't mean that signs in your place should correspond to those hackneyed standards. Similar to other decoration elements, a women's restroom sign set can complement the overall style of your business. That's why Bsign offers personalization of items. We can achieve these thanks to the fact that all signs for women's restrooms we create are handmade. Thus, you can request us to add your unique girl symbol or use a particular color scheme. Creative solutions combined with secure installation will help your door sign stand out.

High-Quality Materials

The priority function of a ladies toilet sign is to help in navigation. Besides, restrooms for women are contemporary places, meaning a sign is supposed to serve for a long time. That's why Bsign specialists consider not only the visual features of materials for ladies toilet signage but also pay specific attention to their durability. This is why we decided to stop on these three materials for our premium sign for bathrooms for women:

  • Stainless steel;
  • Acrylic glass;
  • Wood.

These materials can withstand mechanical damage and can serve for a long time in humid conditions where temperatures often change. This is especially relevant for ladies only toilet signs, as these rooms require regular cleaning, which involves humidity. That's why, from the functional point of view, our choice for a restroom sign kit seems perfect.

How We Ensure the Proper Quality of Every Ladies Toilet Sign Kit

Our unique approach involves applying images to surfaces using a specialized UV printer, imparting distinct durability and impeccable print quality to the artwork. The second method involves incorporating 3D elements crafted from acrylic. Utilizing precision laser cutting techniques, we carefully shape the acrylic elements and affix them to the premium sign surface. Our in-house equipment facilitates the application of any text, icon, or symbol on women's restroom signs—simply reach out to us to review and approve the digital proof. Adhering to legal standards and fostering respect for all segments of the population, we ensure that our signs for bathrooms for women comply with ADA regulations.

The meticulous handmade finishing touches by our skilled craftsmen elevate our products into perfect, exclusive, and designer pieces for your bathrooms. This holds true even for seemingly ordinary informational inscriptions, transforming them into elements of artistic significance on walls and doors of restrooms. Our commitment lies in producing restroom signs for ladies of the utmost quality, providing a reliable and aesthetically pleasing solution for our customers. Every customer is accorded equal responsibility, regardless of the order's volume or cost. With effective communication and dialogue, we efficiently process and dispatch orders worldwide.


Are ladies restroom signs required in all places?

The location of restrooms doesn't change over time, that's why they have to be identified with special signs. If you have a distinction between bathrooms for women and for men, this distinction has to be communicated through signs. If you have unisex restrooms, your visitors should be informed of this.

What are the important features of a ladies' bathroom sign?

A ladies bathroom sign should include an understandable girl symbol. It might also have WC lettering. The sign should be attached securely. We suggest using mounting holes with screws or special foam adhesive strips. They will ensure the proper placement of a sign.

How much time does it take to create a unique ladies only bathroom sign?

Usually, our specialists need from 4 to 8 days to create an average restroom sign for women. The time frame might also depend on the sign kit size and your special requirements for styles and design combinations.