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Promote a Healthy & Safe Smoke-Free Environment with Striking No Smoking Signs 

Today, thanks to the advent of varied smoking blends and electronic cigarettes advertised for safe smoking, many people believe that smoking indoors isn’t harmful to those around them. But that’s not entirely true. Many offices, factories, and other commercial spaces often ban indoor smoking to avoid passive smoking and fire threats. If you want to set this precedent in your property, it’s time to invest in high-quality no-smoking signs!  

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3 Compelling Benefits of No Smoking Warning Signs

Here are some undeniable benefits of no smoking warning signs:

No Passive Smoking

Contrary to popular belief, secondhand or passive smoking can be harmful to you. Since there are no safe levels of passive smoking, it can cause various health issues, such as asthma attacks, lung cancer, heart issues, ear infections, etc., in adults and children alike. It’s why investing in durable, attractive no-smoking signage will benefit your commercial building. It will help you ensure that no one entering your property becomes a victim of passive smoking. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

There’s no denying that investing in top-quality no smoking inside signs will help you optimize the indoor air quality and keep it from smelling bad. The scent of leftover smoke can be quite overwhelming in a closed space. It can also make people nauseous and affect the overall environment. If you have designated smoke areas and signs that keep people from smoking anywhere inside the building, you will be able to maintain your building’s indoor air quality.

Fire Safety

Smoking anywhere presents a fire hazard, but smoking indoors certainly multiplies that risk. You don’t want people inside your commercial property to smoke a cigarette and then flick the butt without making sure it’s out. It can easily cause damage to your property and put the safety of the people inside it at risk. Moreover, you will have to deal with fallen ash on carpeted floors, in kitchens, on workstations, conference tables, and everywhere else. 

Lastly, installing no smoking inside signage in your building encourages more people to visit your premises. Plus, non-smokers will be encouraged to join your workplace if you have an office building. 

No Smoking signs

Customized ADA-Compliant Signs

Bsign believes in creating premium-quality, durable signs that will help you maintain your brand standard while fulfilling their desired purpose. At Bsign, we want to ensure your complete satisfaction, which is why we listen to your needs and create customized signs. Whether you need attractive and funny no-smoking signs or practical, classic signs, we can provide you with everything you need.

We can add your QR code, logo, graphic, etc., on the sign surface. Moreover, we also make sure to create ADA-compliant signs that promote accessibility. All of our signs have tactile braille on them. They are also durable, scratch-proof, and made from top-quality materials, such as wood, stainless steel, and acrylic. Lastly, we can custom-cut your sign in any shape you want and deliver it to you in premium condition.

Why Trust Bsign

Wondering why you should put your trust in Bsign to design customized no smoking area signs for your property? Here are some reasons why we are your best choice:

- Bsign isn’t any run-of-the-mill sign company; we have a flawless 100% successful customer service feedback rate due to our diligence in producing exceptional quality signs.

- We are a thoroughly professional and experienced bunch of people who strive to exceed your expectations at every turn.  

- If you choose Bsign, you can rest assured that your custom sign will be delivered to you within a matter of days. Moreover, we are equally quick to refund or replace a sign if it’s damaged during transit.

- We handcraft all our signs to ensure a consistent standard across the board. 

So, are you ready to invest in top-tier no-smoking signs for your property? Contact Bsign today to get your custom signs!