About Us

The official foundation date of Bsign is July 29, 2018. It was on this day that we registered the brand name, but we started manufacturing signs much earlier. In general, our experience in this field is more than 10 years. Geographically, our manufacturing is located in Kyiv.

Over the years, we have completed more than 10,000 orders for the production of signboards, information signs and numbers, more than 4,000 orders and 40,000 products – in the last year alone.

10 000+

orders completed


positive reviews on Etsy


positive reviews on Etsy


BSign - Unique Door Signs


Create concepts for new designs and work on the company's development vector.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Designer. Makes sketches and drafts for new signs. After that, she passes the task to production.

BSign - Unique Door Signs
BSign - Unique Door Signs

Yaryna and Alina

Sales managers. They communicate with customers, answer all their questions, and accept orders.

BSign - Unique Door Signs
BSign - Unique Door Signs

Artem and Oleksandr

Carefully assemble signs from ready-made parts that meet internal quality standards.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Production manager. Sets the order execution sequence and distributes tasks among employees.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Cuts out all the bases of future signboards using laser machines.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Prints inscriptions, pictograms, color images, and tactile fonts on signs.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Creates all the wooden details of signs, manually grinds and paints them, applies matte layer.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Cuts out individual foam plastic molds for each order on a special machine and packs them securely.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Creates declarations in courier services and selects the best route for delivering products to different countries.

BSign - Unique Door Signs


Responsible for material support, all economic issues and functioning of the production mechanism in general.

Unique Bsign signs and numbers now adorn a variety of spaces, both residential and office, almost all over the world. We sent the orders to the following countries:

BSign - Unique Door Signs
  • USA
  • Canada
  • South Africa
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • Germany
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • other countries


A team of 15 people is working on your orders. Ten of them are directly working in production, and five are responsible for accounting, design, processing and sending orders.

The key to visual and technical perfection of our products:


constant monitoring of all stages of the process

deep knowledge of the subtleties of design and global trends in interior design

the best time-tested materials

use of Mimaki UJF 3042 branded Japanese machine for printing

Our range includes more than 25 designs for your homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, clinics and other businesses. BSIGN production offers the following customization:

Changing the shape and size of custom door plates and signs.

This allows you to create sets, for example:

  • house sign;
  • large navigation system for the premise as a whole;
  • several smaller signs with floor plans;
  • small signs or numbers in the same style for individual rooms.

Ability to choose the color of wood and acrylic glass.

This allows you to harmoniously fit acrylic and wooden signs and numbers into the interior. For example, by making signs the same color as the doors in the corridors.

Adding a logo.

If there are a lot of custom-made signs and numbers in the room, visitors will often see your logo. Accordingly, it will be fixed in their memory.

Applying tactile Braille.

A sense of comfort and the ability to navigate independently in space is extremely important for people with disabilities. Therefore, they will definitely appreciate the presence of Braille on the signs.