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Tighten Your Building Security with Readable Staff Entrance Only Signs 

Staff-only signs are required in a commercial building that has spaces reserved for the staff’s use only. It could include buildings with offices, retail stores, cafes, restaurants, hospitals, laboratories, factories, and any other place of work that needs to keep customers out of certain parts of the building. “Only staff allowed” signs enable you to subtly request people who are not part of the staff to stay outside of certain spaces within your building. Bsign can custom-create a vast array of staff-only door signs for your business today!

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Uses of Staff Entrance Only Signs

As mentioned above, many commercial buildings require top-quality, readable for staff use only signs that can keep their guests out of certain rooms and building spaces. Here are some examples where staff use only signs can help commercial property owners:

Hospitals, Clinics, and Laboratories

 These signs are quite popularly used in clinics, hospitals, and labs that have many rooms reserved for staff use only. Many labs have radiation rooms that people cannot wander off into as they can be dangerous. Similarly, hospitals don’t want patients or attendants to wander off to areas cordoned-off for staff use only. They use these signs to discourage people from entering such spaces. These signs also come in handy when people get lost as they don’t enter rooms they are not supposed to enter. 

Retail Shops and Eateries

 Most retail shops and eateries also install for staff use only signs to keep their customers out of areas, such as the storage room, kitchen, etc. It’s their way of informing the customer that they shouldn’t try to enter those spaces as they are for the explicit use of the business’s staff only. It helps businesses avoid the awkward confrontation with the customer, asking them to stay out of rooms they shouldn’t be in. 


Many offices also use these helpful staff-only door signs outside rooms that contain sensitive company data. They definitely don’t want someone not part of the company to access its internal files. Similarly, they can use custom staff-only signs that highlight the clearance level of the staff that can access particular areas of the office building. These signs can also help lost customers out of spaces where they might get even more turned around. 

Customization and ADA Compliance

Bsign works hard to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and a huge aspect of that is our policy of offering customized signage. We can listen to your demands and custom-create your “do not enter, staff only” signs in three distinctive materials or a tasteful combination of these materials – wood, acrylic, and stainless steel. We can also put your logo, QR code, or chosen graphic on the sign and handcraft the material in any specific geometric shape you want.

Additionally, we firmly believe in promoting accessibility, which is why all our signs are ADA-compliant. We will make sure to add tactile braille on your staff-only signs to ensure that every member of the community can access them regardless of their disability. Moreover, all of our signs are durable and scratch-proof to ensure a standard level of service across all industries.  

Why Choose Bsign

Here are some reasons to choose Bsign for your sign designing and manufacturing needs:

  • We firmly believe in being professional and honest with our clients and offering them services that will exceed their expectations.
  • We have an impeccable, 100% successful customer service rate due to our diligent staff’s continued effort to produce top-quality signs.
  • At Bsign, we offer quick delivery of all signs. We also make sure to replace or refund if a sign gets damaged during transit or is lacking in quality.
  • We only work with premium-quality materials and handcraft all of our signs with love.

So, are you ready to invest in top-quality staff entrance-only signs? Reach out to Bsigns today!

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