Round Door Numbers

Room door numbers are essential elements of the interior design of certain facilities. Besides, door numbers execute a very important function by helping people to navigate around the building. But if you want to be unique, it’s not enough to order the simple number that can be seen on all doors. Unique round door signs.

Our Round Door Sign Ideas

Although being many years on the market, we didn’t use to have a lot of designs for a round address plaque. But we understood that this was a mistake, and so we had no option but to add more unique and elegant designs for round signs.

Now we craft great products with well-designed fonts, great colors, and the best quality materials. We also use the best techniques to ensure that our round door sign ideas look professional and enhance the interior of the premise.

Why are Round Door Signs Popular?

The popularity of round signs for door increased in recent years. We aren’t surprised by the extreme surge of this trend because we know the reasons and circumstances that made it happen.


These days, people prefer to enjoy exclusive and unique products that cannot be found in assortments or regular stores. In such cases, a simple round door design sign is a perfect solution. Round shapes might be different, which greatly distinguishes them from basic square plaques. When combined with a unique design, a round address plaque becomes a very cool interior design solution.


Refinement and accuracy are the features characterizing round door signs. This enhances the elegance of solutions and makes them look modern and appropriate regardless of current trends and other settings in the building. 

Contact professionals to get elegant round door signs crafted specifically for your needs!


Despite the elegant look, the main function of a door number sign is to provide information to visitors. Foremost, these are navigation tools that help guests find their way across the hotel. That’s why a door number must be eye-catching.

The round form is quite a decent choice for satisfying this purpose. This is because round shapes look contrastive when attached to rectangular doors. If this contrast is boosted with colors as well, no guest will face inconveniences when finding their way across the hotel corridor.

Great Characteristics of Bsign 

Bsign is a premium manufacturer of round door signs. We supply our products worldwide. Here is what helps us stay afloat in such a tough and competitive niche of the marketplace.

The Ability to Adapt

We understand that trends and fashion, in general, are the most volatile things in the world. The popularity of different interior design elements is no exception. That’s why we strive to quickly adapt to new conditions in order to make sure that the accessories and plates we provide will be in-demand regardless of the current trends in different sectors, such as business and hospitality.


Manufacturing door numbers is a serious and responsible business. We fully take accountability for the quality of our products. That’s why we cannot afford to be unprofessional. We ensure reasonable communication with customers, implementation of quality materials, and utilization of technologically advanced manufacturing techniques.

Diversity of Products

A round address plaque isn’t the only option you will find in our assortment. We offer a diversity of door plates that come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Our products can be used both as decorative elements or as important information/prohibitory/warning signs. Moreover, we make our products of reliable and quality materials only:

  • wood
  • acrylic
  • stainless steel

Any type of door plate or sign you might need in your office, hotel, restaurant, medical facility, private house, or condo is available in the Bsign Store assortment. Contact us for more customized offers!


How long will it take to manufacture round door signs?

We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days

How to calculate the cost of round signage?

The cost of our products is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.

Do we make round door numbers with Braille?

Yes, our products meet all ADA requirements.