Men Restroom Signs

How do you make sure that all visitors to your facility feel comfortable and convenient? It might be a challenging question to answer because when it comes to comfort, not everything relies on the quality of your products and services. Seamless navigation around the space is one of the elements that guarantee comfort to visitors.

No matter where customers arrive — to a hotel, office center, restaurant, beauty salon, hospital, or just a gas station. They are willing to feel comfortable and be sure that they will leave with positive experiences. Proper wayfinding is one of the aspects that impacts these experiences, that's why it's necessary to establish an efficient navigation system especially when it concerns such premises as restrooms.

Although these days there is a trend for unisex restroom signs, it would be unfair to say that everyone feels comfortable about this. For many individuals, it's still more convenient to have the possibility of accessing a restroom intended specifically for their gender. So today we recommend you explore more of our men's restroom signs.

Male Bathroom Sign — Beyond the Wayfinding Function

You've seen men's restroom signs for numerous times. Their major function is to show male visitors were a men's washroom is located, so that they can conveniently get there without causing confusion to fellow guests, including female ones. The efficiency of men's restroom signs is due to their simplicity. Basically, a men's washroom sign is a simple plate with recognizable men's symbols. These symbols might be accompanied by WC letters or other information, which is ultimately understandable.

While the directory function is clearly the most important one, here, at Bsign, we believe that men's restroom signs can also serve as modern decor elements. The trick is to make your boys' bathroom signs correspond with other interior design elements. The same is, of course, relevant for women's and unisex restroom signs, and other directory elements in your facility.

Although these elements seem insignificant from the perspective of the interior design, they might have a contemporary look, and they certainly catch the eyes of your customers simply because these plaques help in navigation. Besides, you can enhance signs for men's restrooms with some special personalized images that will communicate a certain message or will simply put people at ease. So design matters, and here's why you shouldn't stop on items made under one pattern. Explore the possibility of buying a custom restroom sign.

Where Can You Buy a Men's Restroom Sign?

Bsign is your best supplier of women's, all-gender, unisex, and men's restroom signs. Bsign is the best supplier regardless of the type of wall or door sign because we offer everything you can expect to see as wayfinding tools in public places. Customers' needs are our utmost priority, that's why we don't limit their choices and allow them to choose what they want but not what they can find.

Which Characteristics Make Men's Restroom Signs from Bsign Your Perfect Choice

Bsign's professionalism is not only about complete transparency and openness to all customers. We put our maximum effort into making our men restroom signs not only attractive decor elements, but also to make sure they will serve you for a long time. Naturally, we use only the highest-quality materials in the manufacturing process:

  • stainless steel
  • wood
  • acrylic glass

If you feel that our assortment isn't rich enough for you or that you would add some features, feel free to order a custom restroom sign. Just contact us or leave a custom request for your men's restroom sign.

We can make it fully personalized, you just need to provide us with full information on what you're expecting to receive. We can combine different materials, print unique icons, symbols, and photos, using UV printing technology, and add various fonts, including Braille.

But if you believe that our catalog of men's bathroom signs is enough for you, feel free to explore different designs to make find the best options of marking your restrooms for both employees and clients:

  • Modern
  • Single
  • Sherwood
  • Venture
  • Wave
  • Jure
  • Classic

Almost all our designs are ADA-compliant. But if you're looking specifically for ADA restroom signs, no matter if they are men's, women's, or unisex, you can explore a specific category or ask our specialists to add letters in Braille.

Special Assortment for Exceptional Clients

The main feature of every female and male bathroom sign is a special symbol that helps to identify the room. However, if you're willing for your restroom sign to have something more than just a basic symbol, you should order a custom restroom sign. You're lucky to come across Bsign because the personalization of bathroom plaques and men restroom signs is our biggest advantage. You can adjust such options as:

  • quantity
  • sizes
  • background color and symbols
  • Braille
  • add personalization if necessary

Creativity options aren't limited, so feel free to contact us anytime and buy your perfect restroom sign.

The Importance of Secure Placement for Boys Restroom Signs

Design is, of course, important, but you should also keep in mind that a bathroom is a premise that is very unlikely to change its location. What's more, it might be used several times a day by different people. That's why it's crucial to ensure the secure placement of your bathroom signs.

At Bsign, we offer easy installation tools for your restroom sign. You can order a bathroom plaque with either a screw-based mount or easy-to-use foam adhesive strips. We also have instructions on how to use each mount method. You can find them on the page of the chosen restroom sign.


Where should be a male bathroom sign installed?

Easy installation allows you to attach your bathroom sign literally everywhere, but it should be placed on the restroom's door.

How do you buy boys restroom signs from Bsign?

YLook through the catalog of our bathroom signs and simply place an order on the website.

Why pay attention to the men's bathroom design?

Except for being a complementary element to the overall interior, the design of your restroom sign affects its clarity. Signs of restrooms should be understandable to everyone.