Men Restroom Signs

Men restroom signs

Convenient navigation between premises, rooms and correct information and navigation content of signs in offices, hotels, beauty salons and modern clinics are the comfort of visitors and guests. The modern world is becoming more and more unisex. We are less and less likely to know how to portray gender-neutral signs without offending or forgetting anyone. But no one has cancelled the classic signs - male bathroom symbol, it is convenient for men and the correct gender distribution helps to reduce the load on the restroom.

They certainly fulfill their direct function, but they also serve as a modern decor element, a full-fledged decoration for your interior. Especially when it comes to mens bathroom sign  and women's toilets, bathroom symbols from the Bsign company. It is impossible to order a simple conveyor inscription from us, since each product is a handmade unit, with its own character, aura and special image. Moreover, we have developed all the signs so ordering a door sign, you can design all space is the same design sign for the male restroom sign, mother and baby room, fire signs, etc. 

Perfect characteristics of our products

Bsign men restroom signs decals can be ordered in three material options:

- stainless steel
- wood
- acrylic glass

    Need a custom restroom sign? Feel free to contact us or left custom order about your own icon sign. Any type and custom gents bathroom sign you can order at our website.

    We suggest considering the possibility of combining different materials in one product for an exclusive, unique result. 

    The company's designers have developed about 25 different lettering designs for gentlemen restroom, toilet or bathroom sign among which the most popular are:

    - Modern
    - Single
    - Sherwood
    - Venture
    - Wave
    - Jure
    - Classic

      Almost all of our designs have the ability to apply braille. We make ADA restroom signs.

      Special assortment for exceptional clients

      Every time you visit a men's or women's washroom, restroom or toilet in a restaurant, fitness club or mall, you will certainly notice special wall symbol signs that help you navigate a new space without undue discomfort. If you are looking for something special, unusual and relevant, while you value the high quality of goods and services, you will like our cooperation. To order male bathroom symbol, you need to choose the inscription you like from the provided catalog and decide on the following options:

      - quantity
      - sizes
      - background color and symbols
      - Braille
      - add personalization if necessary

        Our company does not know the limits and restrictions both in the creative flight of fantasy and in real time. Therefore, you can safely buy our products from any part of the world and count on prompt order processing. 

        Another, very important point for mens bathroom sign, toilets or bathrooms print symbols is their secure attachment. In most cases, we offer a double-sided tape mount, which is supplied with the product. It is very convenient, fast, safe and quite reliable when it comes to oversized, lightweight products. The second option of mounting on the wall are - metal holders. Also, this installation method is appropriate for fixing transparent acrylic plates, when we need the effect of the inscription hovering in the air. If you have special questions, suggestions, you can leave a request on the website and our managers will contact you to clarify any issues.


        Do you need another size for men restroom signs?

        We can make products in any size, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail:

        Do we make restroom signs with Braille?

        Yes, our products meet all ADA requirements

        Can the parcel get damaged in transit?

        Depending on each order, we choose our own type of packaging - boxes, corrugated cardboard, polystyrene, polyethylene with air spaces, parcel envelopes, and most often, we use several of the above options at once. This guarantees maximum safety during transport. Nevertheless, if something happened to your parcel, we are fully responsible for the damage that happened through our fault, in which case we will refund your money.