Restroom Signs

Some premises in multi-storey offices and sales areas are immediately recognizable by special signs - restrooms. Such inscriptions should fit into every interior of the floor, responding to a general stylistic direction.

Types ofproducts

Informationsigns are purchased ready-made or made to order, since some establishmentsrequire them to comply with rules.


Badges forladies' and men's restrooms are made in the same style with an understanding ofthe psychology of visitors’ behavior. Traditional variants "M" /"W" are usually fixed in any institution. Toilet and bathroom signswill help guests determine the location of all premises. In addition toinscriptions, creative pictures are used.


Sometimesthere is an index with such inscriptions: "Cleanly, not where they sweep,but where they do not litter", etc. This is a polite call for order andrespect for technical personnel. Creative signs make a person smile and cheerthem up.


Some peopletreat such products very simply, but before ordering, you still need to payattention to some factors. The manufacture of WC signs with a picture can becarried out using a variety of materials. But we advise you to buy such signsfrom stainless steel.


You can get a restroom door sign from the abovematerial of excellent quality. But don't forget that the next important factoris appearance. Recently, such products have begun to be decorated quitebrightly and unusually. It should be noted that even a picture on such a signfor bathrooms can affect the general interior of your room. That is why it isnecessary to choose the design wisely so that all elements are perfectlycombined. You can buy signs for restrooms of absolutely any design, and ourBSign experts will help you choose it for all clients. Affordable prices and prompt production especially foryou.