Restroom Signs

Restroom signs take the first place in the list of the most necessary and important signs.  Your client needs to find a restroom quickly and easily at a critical time.  Everything matters here - size, pictogram, information, unity of style.  We have produced more than 10,000 plates and prepared only the best designs for you.

Restroom sign - great opportunity to decorate your area in correct form

Bsign is a brand of original restroom signs, plates and numbers on the doors of premises for various purposes. With their help, you can easily and delicately indicate the path to the restroom or toilet, while such an inscription will be aesthetically attractive and even decorative. Modern opportunities in the field of door and wall signs, information images allow each client to choose products for the desired interior design, to make the plates accent bright or vice versa — neat, unobtrusive, and effective.

Wide range of Bsign products

In the Bsign store you can buy the most original restroom door signs for home or office with modern, unusual images. We make signs for:

- women's and men's restrooms
- shared bathrooms
- rooms for Mother and children
- restrooms for people with special needs
- restroom for all gender
- restroom signs with ADA
- unisex restroom signs

Among the standard lettering designs in this category, you can pick up various positions made of:

- wood
- acrylic
- of stainless steel

    All kinds of products and non-standard combinations of materials allow our craftsmen to make even the simplest inscriptions for toilets in the form of an original decor. During the production process, it is important for us to produce high quality restroom door sign plates with inscriptions and symbols of the washrooms, therefore each unit is subject to additional manual processing. Thus, Bsign products acquire a unique meaning, subtle style and emphasize the special taste of an owner of space and interior designer.

    We are pleased to present to our customers two types of signs for public lounges. The first option is an image or text based on wood, acrylic or steel. The inscription can be a print made using a UV printer or volumetric symbols that are glued to the bottom layer of the plate. Another, more interesting and creative option for inscriptions for toilets can be considered laconic symbols in the style of minimalism, when letters or an image are separately attached directly to the door or wall. Most often, such figures are made of steel volumetric structures. 

    Personal, custom orders for special cases

    Particularly noteworthy are the special designations that you can add to the plate as personalization of products. Additionally, you can order such special drawing from us:

    - company name or logo
    - QR code
    - Braille font
    - any icon

      With the help of such individual designations, clients receive branded, designer products with corporate symbols that adequately and creatively advertise your business, even if it is about restroom signs for business lounges. 

      Our managers guarantee prompt processing of each order, and Bsign craftsmen need only a few days to make inscriptions at your request. Delivery of parcels around the world is another feature of ours, which gives us the opportunity to cooperate with clients from different countries, continents, without exception. Order original products from us and you will wonder how effective and creative they could be. 

      Information is the resource that provides us with everyday opportunities in all areas of our life. Any pointers, books, websites, conversations and pictures are informational soil. That is why it is very important to provide every area with a decent presentation. In most cases, large buildings, offices or public places are equipped with special signs on which various kinds of information are placed. It is important for visitors to such places to get convenient navigation and it is good if it is visual and easily accessible.


      How long will it take for restroom signs delivery?

      Standard shipping 7 business days for all maps (by USPS).
      Expedition shipping 2 business days for the rest of the goods (by FedEx).
      3-6 business days for all signs (by Landmark). To Italy and Spain it takes a little bit more.
      14 business days (by USPS).
      14 business days (by Ukrposhta).
      4-8 business days (by TNT).

      How long will it take to restroom signs manufacture?

      We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days

      Do we make restroom signs in Braille?

      Yes, our products meet all ADA requirements