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Inclusive Wheelchair Restroom Signs

Promote Accessibility with Wheelchair Toilet Signs

Bsign creates a wide array of chic, contemporary, durable, and customized wheelchair restroom signs that you can mount inside your office, hotel, or any other commercial building and place of work. These wayfinding signs will enable people who have to use wheelchairs to follow a path designed to be wheelchair accessible to use the restroom. We will make sure to design a sign that encapsulates your vision to a T and goes well with your building’s overall aesthetic appeal. 

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Why Do You Need Wheelchair Bathroom Signs

In most old buildings, wheelchair-accessible restrooms are often located in spaces away from non-wheelchair-accessible restrooms. It’s because an older building is often retro-fitted to be compliant with modern accessibility codes. It’s why you need ADA wayfinding signage like a trusty bathroom wheelchair access sign to ensure that anyone using a wheelchair can spot the accessible restroom. Moreover, this signage allows them to follow the path that leads them to the restroom. 

How We Design Wheelchair Restroom Signs

At Bsign, we design and handcraft custom wheelchair restroom signs to ensure that every segment of the population, including people with disabilities, is catered to without exception. We handcraft wood, stainless steel, and acrylic glass signage on a CNC laser machine. We then apply a stable, permanent UV printing symbol onto the sign. We can also make acrylic 3D letters in different hues to match the aesthetic of your commercial space. 

Bsign uses metal spacers and double-sided tape to install the signs at your establishment. We can design the signs to be ADA compliant. If you want, we can also add your logo, a QR code, and graphics to the sign. Moreover, we have the machinery and craft to design your sign in varied shapes, using varied materials. For instance, if you require a modern sign, we can design signage with acrylic and stainless steel. Alternatively, we can use the refreshing combination of wood and stainless steel with six varied color options.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a simple design, we can use a stencil to install stainless steel or acrylic wheelchair sign onto your wall. You can also opt for a minimalist and thin acrylic glass design that we will affix to your chosen surface with double-sided adhesive tape. If you’re looking for a classic design that will go well with your interior design, you can choose metal holders with acrylic glass wheelchair signage. Lastly, you can choose a refreshing combination of wood and acrylic with 3D text ad multiple wood color options. 

ADA Wheelchair Toilet Signs

At Bsign, you can rest assured that we will follow all ADA requirements during the designing process of your sign while ensuring that you pay a fair, market-competitive wheelchair restroom signs price. Whether you choose a design from our collection or a custom design for your signage, we will design a sign that promotes accessibility and follows the ADA guidelines. Our signs will feature a tactile braille font to ensure accessibility for all. 

Why Choose Bsign

Excellent Custom Signs

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The best part about using Bsign signage is that we can custom-create your signs for you. Depending on your vision, we will design a sign and get your approval before handcrafting it for your establishment.

We have an extensive collection of pre-designed bathroom signage that will go well with all sorts of commercial spaces. Whether you need chic acrylic designs or wooden or metal signage, we have it all!

At Bsign, we make it a point to communicate actively with our customers and ensure their satisfaction throughout the process. This way, we ensure 100% positive customer feedback.


So, if you’re on the lookout for premium-quality customized wheelchair restroom signs, buy them at Bsign today! 

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