Wheelchair Restroom Signs

Inclusive Handicap Restroom Signs

The fact that some people have certain disabilities doesn't mean that they should be deprived of the possibility of accessing their basic needs. That's the reason ensuring accessible restrooms should be one of the top priorities for businesses in their offices and other public spaces.

Except for creating accessible restrooms, it's also necessary to make sure that disabled individuals will be able to quickly locate and navigate to them. This is why a handicap sign for bathroom for disabled individuals should be added to your shopping cart.

Promote Accessibility with a Handicap Toilet Sign

ADA restroom signs are special door plaques that mark accessible restrooms intended for disabled people. These might be either wheelchair restroom signs or special plaques with raised characters or braille fonts for people suffering from vision impairments.

Restroom signs with special icons serve as important wayfinding elements for people struggling to find accessible restrooms. Using such signs, they can comfortably follow to further satisfy their basic needs without extra obstacles. This is what inclusivity means in the 21st century and this is what every business should care about.

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Why Do You Need Handicap Bathroom Signs

You might not need ADA restroom signs but your customers with disabilities definitely do. If you want to ensure a positive experience for them, then, you need them as well.

This was the ethical reason but using handicap bathroom signs has also some practical circumstances. For example, in many old buildings, restrooms designed for individuals with impairments might be located in separate areas from traditional restrooms. Wayfinding with ADA restroom signs enables visitors with impairments to quickly locate such areas and enjoy your accessible environment. Besides, the use of ADA restroom signs is mandatory according to some legal regulations. Respect the law and the needs of your customers.

How Bsign Creates Inclusive Restroom Signs

Bsign is an expert team in creating personalized restroom signs for different spaces. We have no exceptions and exclusive services in terms of quality — all our products are handcrafted in accordance with the highest standards. Quality materials help us to achieve this level of professionalism. We use only wood, stainless steel, and acrylic glass and not mass-market materials that are poor not only in terms of appearance but also from the durability perspective. All plates are processed with cutting-edge UV printing technology, which allows us to put any design on your door signs.

The quality of a restroom door sign isn't just about its plate and symbols but also about the quality of a mounting mechanism. Bsign prefers reliable metal spacers and double-sided tape with adhesive elements to install our signs. This well-thought-out approach ensures the longevity of your door signs and guarantees that your restroom signs will process their function efficiently.

Last but not least, our customer-oriented approach enables our customers to choose from a wide array of designs and styles they want for their restroom signs. We offer both minimalist and contemporary bathroom signs that will look equally appropriate in both a fancy restaurant and an average hotel. We can enhance those designs with unique hand-crafted symbols. If you request, our specialists will add your logo to enhance your brand identity or put a QR code to enable your clients to learn more about your services. It goes without saying that the sizes, shapes, and colors of your bathroom signs can be tailored as well.

ADA-Compliant Bathroom Signs to Embrace Accessibility

ADA restroom signs and women's restroom signs aren't just recommendations on how you ensure complete inclusivity of an accessible restroom. ADA-compliant signage is a necessity for every modern business. You use these plaques to mark your ADA restroom and inform everyone they will not face any discrimination regardless of their impairments. Accessibility symbols help your business communicate a simple and clear message — you're open to everyone.

Reasons to Rely on Bsign

Excellent Custom Bathroom Signs

Our biggest pride is that we create bathroom signs that totally correspond to our clients' customized orders. Your brand identity is important to us as well as the accessibility of different premises inside your building!

Diverse Signage Options

Bathroom signs with a double-sided tape mount aren't our only specialization. We craft everything that can serve as a door or wall sign: from unisex restroom signs and basic wayfinding wall plates to branded reception plaques and emergency signage.

Positive Reviews on Our Bathroom Signs

We're eager to see feedback from our clients on their experiences of buying and using our restroom signs. We are proud to have so many satisfied buyers who decided to make their building and public space more accessible with our ADA restroom signs.

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How do I install handicapped bathroom signs?

Use our adhesive double-sided tape mount to put our braille signs on the door of your restrooms.

Can I add braille to ADA-compliant bathroom signs?

Yes, you can request writing in braille to be added to your accessible restroom signage.

What is the height of a handicap bathroom sign?

The average height of ADA-compliant restroom signs varies from 100×100 mm to 200×200. But if you have any special preferences on how to make your wood bathroom with tactile signage even more accessible, feel free to contact us.