Room Door Numbers

Best ideas for hotel door numbers and plaques

If you manage a hotel, you must make sure that every detail in this facility is perfect. This is especially relevant for luxury hotels, where high-profile clients pay close attention to every trifle. That’s why you should never neglect the importance of hotel room number plaques. They are essential for such places because they might impact the general customer experience of visitors. In this short review, we will share with you our tips on choosing the best door number plate for a hotel.

How to place room numbers for doors in a hotel

Room Door Numbers

Door number signs aren’t the only room plates you need to have in your hotel to provide the best customer experience. But they play a major role in navigation through the facility. That’s why you should never neglect the numbering process. There are a lot of factors to consider when numbering doors with room numbers for hotels. Get familiar with our simple algorithm of actions:

  1. Firstly, study the plan of a facility. 
  2. Count all the corners and wings if it doesn’t have a straight-corridor interior design. 
  3. See where entry points to the floors are situated and determine which ones are used the most frequently. Usually, the most frequently used are the points located close to the center of the main hallways. 
  4. See where the elevators and main staircases are located. Tick these points on your plan.
  5. When you see all the points on a building plan, determine which are the busiest ones. You can start numbering your rooms from the busiest entry point or from the starting corner of the corridor - it’s up to you.

When placing door number plaques, you might apply the “direct succession” or “zig-zag” numbering system. In the first case, you just put numbers in direct succession, starting from the entry point. For example, when entering the fourth floor, the first room the visitor will see will be room №400. The following one will be №401, then - №402, and so on.

The “zig-zag” system of attaching hotel room numbers for doors when the rooms on the one side of a corridor are numbered with even numbers and on the other side - with odd numbers. When entering the fourth floor, for example, the visitor will see room number 401, and then 403. Room number 402 will be located in front of 401. 

Considering a hotel room numbers design 

A door number plate design is a very important visual feature of the facility’s interior. Here we gather the 3 best ideas for hotel room numbers that will suit different styles. All the options are available in the Bsign online store.

Stainless Steel Number

Stainless Steel Number

This is the most common option you’ll see in the majority of hospitality facilities. Nonetheless, plain design and common style don’t make this option bad for numbering rooms in a hotel. It’s made of stainless steel, which makes this attachment durable and resistant to rust. It will remain in perfect condition for a very long time and won’t spoil the general interior design of a hotel. Besides, this option is quite cheap and might be a budget-friendly choice for hospitality facilities that have just opened.

Stainless Steel Elegant Number

Stainless Steel Elegant Number

This is also made of stainless steel but it’s more expensive. Its price is higher mainly because of the luxury design and additional engraving elements. It will suit the hotels that serve high-profile clients and provide luxurious services. If this particular option doesn’t suit your interior, Bsign offers a good alternative choice. This model might come in gold and silver. Both options have elegant looks and are made of the highest-quality stainless steel.

Wood Door Numbers Signage "Sherwood" Design

Wood Door Numbers Signage

If you prefer hotel number signs of a more authentic design, consider buying these plates. They will make the customer experience more unique and will appeal to clients who follow eco-friendly trends. If you order this option from the Bsign store, you may customize the color of wood, sizes, and several more elements of the product.

Why consider buying not only room number plaques

If you aim to provide the customer experience of the highest quality, you should order not only hotel door number signs, but you should also consider buying room door signs that identify different locations and show the direction. First of all, you will need to mark Reception. Bsign store offers different variations of the “Reception” plates but the most popular ones are plaques made of acrylic glass. They are visible and have a pleasant-looking design.

If your hospitality facility is big, you obviously might have a restaurant, conference room, cleaning room, meeting room, etc. You need to mark these places as well. This will help the clients to navigate through the building quickly and conveniently.

Finally, you may mark doors inside the rooms. Order the “bathroom”, “dining room”, and other plates. This way you will show your clients that you really care about their convenient staying in your facility.

Where to buy the best custom room number signs?

room number plaques

The Bsign online store is the best place to order hotel room numbers for doors. You can look through the website and find the most unique and customizable designs. This manufacturer guarantees the highest quality of the provided goods and fast shipping worldwide. Moreover, if you don’t like the products you receive, you may claim a refund and send it back. All your complaints will be understood and taken into account.

The Bsign provides the possibility to make in-bulk orders of custom room number plates. These are the products that are made in accordance with your personal requirements. You can choose what will be engraved on your plaques, adjust their sizes and colors, ask to add additional engraved elements, etc. To make sure your facility will be hospitable to all the clients, without exceptions, order sign with Braille to help people with sight disabilities. 

Explore the widest selection of hand-crafted door signs for different places and purposes. Make your choice in favor of an eco-friendly manufacturing approach and clean materials!


Do you need another design?

We always love to try something new and will take on the task to produce signs according to your design, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail:

How do I choose a door number sign that is right for me?

1. Evaluate the interior in which the numbers will hang and choose the design that best suits your style. For example, people often order numbers with stainless steel, which is in good harmony with the door fittings.
2. Estimate the surface on which the number will be placed. If the wall is smooth (door, painted wall, wood, tile, metal, plastic), the number can be placed on double-sided tape. If you have texture or decorative plaster, choose the numbers with the holders.
3. Immediately make sure that all navigation is done in the same style. Restroom, No smoking, Names of offices and departments - we can make completely different pictograms and signs in the same style.

Can the parcel get damaged in transit?

Depending on each order, we choose our own type of packaging - boxes, corrugated cardboard, polystyrene, polyethylene with air spaces, parcel envelopes, and most often, we use several of the above options at once. This guarantees maximum safety during transport. Nevertheless, if something happened to your parcel, we are fully responsible for the damage that happened through our fault, in which case we will refund your money.