Directional Signs

Help people navigate through your office or hotel with the help of basic wayfinding signs. Order unique products to ensure that your guests will have a unique experience and won’t face any inconveniences in your space.

Getting Started with Directional Signs

Directional signs are special door and wall plates that are designed to show directions to different premises of the building. Most commonly, these are office signs that are placed to help employees and visitors find office rooms where different departments are located or where certain specialists provide their services.

Why do You Need Directional Signs

The major purpose of direction signs is to provide visitors with as much information about the premises as possible in a convenient form. Let’s dwell on the most specific reasons why direction signs are used in offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, and other facilities.

How Wayfinding Signs Help in Navigation

Foremost, direction signs are placed in order to help navigate through the premises of the building. For example, such elements are warehouse signs are important not only for visitors but for employees as well. They can help newly-hired employees to find their way across this building in order to spend less time on navigation.

Navigation is really important in all types of facilities, whether they provide very specific services or quite common products. Wayfinding elements help to increase productivity and focus on what is really important.

How Directional Signs Improve Customer Experience

Then, you should consider that the major purpose of your business is to make clients satisfied with everything. This includes their experience of visiting your facility. 

For example, if you provide healthcare services, potential clients with very specific problems will be reluctant to ask other people about where certain services are provided. This might be confusing for them. That’s why it’s much more effective to place direction signs with information about the location of specific rooms.

How Directional Signs Improve Inclusivity

Last but not least, such a simple element as a directional sign improves the experience of visitors who have specific disabilities. 

For instance, directional wall signs that display all the information in a Braille font help people with sight disabilities. At the reception place, they can be informed where the big directional plate is located and then navigate on their own. This deprives them of any inconveniences.

Besides, the placement of directional wall signs that make the facility inclusive for all people regardless of their physical issues is one of the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Thus, by ordering ADA-compliant directional wayfinding signs, you will hit two birds with one stone.

Choosing a Style of Wayfinding Signage

Except for being extremely important from the functional point of view, wayfinding directional signage is quite a stylish decorative element of the interior design of any building. That’s why it’s necessary to take some time in order to choose interior directional signs that complement all the necessary peculiarities of the premises. 

There are some basic questions that are frequently asked on the matter of choosing a style for wayfinding signage. Let’s answer those questions in order to help you find the most efficient and style-compliant design solutions.

Why Choose Hand-Crafted Plates?

Many business managers make a big mistake when they buy basic direction signs made of plastic to be placed on walls and doors of their offices, hotels, restaurants, or other facilities. 

Stock products are all the same and they won’t complement the style of your premises and their interior. It’s necessary to make sure that office signs will correspond to the interior of the office but won’t look awkward in such conditions.

This is especially relevant for high-class hotels and other hospitality facilities. If you want to show that you provide classy services, it’s not appropriate to help visitors navigate using the simplest direction signs made of cheap and unreliable materials.

Is Customization of Design Important?

Customized design of directional office signs is one of the features that make the interior of the premises look complete and unique. When you order customized products, you can adjust all the visual features of direction signs you are going to use in your business space.

Uniqueness is what enhances the brand identity and helps it to become compliant with customers’ expectations. Using services of customized design, one can order door plates for wayfinding in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and with different fonts printed on them. That’s why the customization of design is really important.

What are the Best Combinations of Materials?

Direction signs for offices should be considered long-term investments that will serve for as much time as it’s necessary. That’s why you should consider ordering wayfinding signage solutions made of reliable materials.

If we talk about offices, the most frequently chosen options are door and wall plates made of stainless steel or acrylic glass. These materials are the best to enhance working and business environments.

Why Bsign?

Bsign Store is the most customer-oriented manufacturer of direction signs and any other types of door plates you might think of for your personal or corporate needs. We have been providing our services for many years. Over this time we’ve managed to come up with efficient solutions for door plate manufacturing that make them not only good-looking but reliable as well.

It’s important to specify that we also provide customized goods. You can contact us to order direction signs with different fonts, shapes, and colors. Consult our managers to choose materials that will complement the interior design of your unique facility. 


What technologies do we use to create a directional sign?

All plaques available in Bsign Sore are handcrafted with the use of a special modern UV printing technique.

Do we customize our directional office signs?

Yes, we follow clients’ requirements regarding the shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, and other custom peculiarities of products displayed in our online store.

How long does it take to deliver a wayfinding door sign?

We provide worldwide delivery. Depending on the chosen destination and mail service, this process can take from 2 to 14 business days.