Desk Signs

It’s necessary for businesses to ensure a proper environment in their offices. Different decorative elements are quite important for this environment and business atmosphere as they help to enhance professional interior design. Special office signs are considered pretty popular design elements.

There are different signs used in offices. Desk plates are the most popular solutions in this category for offices. Let’s explore more about these options.

Introduction to Office Desk Signs

To begin with, let’s dwell on the definition and motivation of an average desk sign. It is a special element that is used to name specific places that are necessary to know for visitors. Most frequently, you see Reception Desk plates because this is the first place you meet when coming to the building. Counselor Signs are quite popular – guests can learn where the necessary specialists work to satisfy their needs.

As you can guess from the name of the product, desk plates are put on workers’ desks. Except for the places, office desk signs can provide names of specialists, which simplifies it for customers to start communication.

Explore more about desk plates and learn why you need to have them in your office.

Why It's Critical to Use Office Desk Signs?

Many try to save money on such elements as office desk signs because they think they are completely unimportant for businesses. We have been in this industry for many years and we can assure you that this myth should be dispelled. Here are the reasons why desk symbols are so important:

  • Let guests know they are in the right place
  • Help visitors to navigate
  • Provide visitors with some information about the place
  • Give a professional look

Let’s dwell on these reasons more specifically.

Let Guests Know they are in the Right Place

When a guest is in your office for the first time, it might be confusing for them as they don’t know where to find the necessary specialists. In such cases, it’s necessary to clarify everything for them by providing all the necessary information about the location of the most important departments on the Reception desk sign.

Once a client understands he or she is in the right place, he will be at ease and feel that your team is welcoming. It makes being in your office more comfortable, especially if you ensure that your desk symbols are inclusive for all visitors.

Help Visitors to Navigate

Visitors to your office might be reluctant to ask for assistance from your employees if they need to find something. The best solution to avoid this is to use desk plaques that show the direction to the necessary premises. For instance, you can use checkout signs in an office of the hospital facility or put directional plates.

In order to help visitors to navigate, a desk sign has to be visible and clear. We suggest using understandable colors and contrasting colors, alongside simple shapes with no additional elements printed or attached.

Provide Visitors with Some Information about the Place

The most important function of any office sign is to provide information to visitors. Signs can contain a lot of information. Desk signs for offices can display the names of specialists and their contact info so that clients could easily get in touch with them without asking for assistance.

Office desk signs for the office may also provide some necessary information about the availability of certain services. For instance, if specialists are busy because of workload, meetings, or a lunch, they can put up office desk signs in order to avoid being interrupted and distracted. Once they arrive at the working place, they can substitute such office desk signs with others.

Give a Professional Look

Functional purposes aren’t the only reasons offices should have desk information signs. If you order products with beautiful designs and unique materials, you will ensure a professional and classy look. Why do you need this?

A professional look at the office interior can make a very good first impression on visitors. Office signs and plates are quite important for the interior, that’s why there’s a point in making them visually attractive and eye-catching.

Besides, a professional look can help with two more important things:

Promote your Brand

Except for displaying directions to the premises, contact information, and names of specialists, desk signs can have your business logo. This is a simple trick that helps to attach the image of your brand to the customers’ minds. Therefore, it’s quite an efficient way to promote your brand and make sure that the potential customer won’t forget about it right after leaving the office.

Improve Customer Experience

A professional look also helps to enhance customer experience. When visitors see that all the elements, including the interior, have a professional look, they might associate this with the professionalism of a service provider. Therefore, they will have good expectations and will be open to productive cooperation with your business. That’s why such an important detail cannot be neglected.

Other Important Office Signs

Desk signs aren’t the only decorative elements that should be present in any office that aims to ensure its professionalism. Consider the following options as well:

  • wayfinding signs – door and wall plates that display directions to different premises and help people navigate through the building;
  • information signs – signage solutions that inform or warn guests about things and actions that are prohibited inside the building;
  • washroom/waiting room signs – special door plates that explain to visitors where a washroom/waiting room is located.

Why Us?

Bsign Store is a premium provider of all types of door signs. We specialize in office door signs and supply multiple businesses worldwide with our highest-quality products. Consider the reason for ordering from us.


We ensure that customers’ needs and wishes will be fulfilled completely. For this, we provide complete customization of our products by allowing clients to choose fonts, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials for their signs. We also help to choose solutions that are the most suitable for office interior design.

Professional Approach and Techniques

The highest quality can be achieved only through professionalism. Therefore, our specialists make sure that all the standards will be considered. Our professional approach also includes compliance of our products with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Moreover, we use a highly-technological UV printing technique that allows us to make our hand-crafted signs look more unique and professional.

Reliable Materials

Bsign specialists work only with the best materials for door signage solutions. We don’t work with plastic or other non-eco-friendly stuff. Our assortment includes products made of wood, stainless steel, and acrylic glass. All these materials have an aesthetics look and enough durability to serve as long as necessary.

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What technologies do we use to create a desk sign?

All plaques available in Bsign Sore are handcrafted with the use of a special modern UV printing technique.

Do we customize our desk signs for office?

Yes, we follow clients’ requirements regarding the shapes, sizes, colors, fonts, and other custom peculiarities of products displayed in our online store.

How long does it take to deliver a desk sign?

We provide worldwide delivery. Depending on the chosen destination and mail service, this process can take from 2 to 14 business days.