Interior Door Numbers

How interior door numbers can help your brand

interior door numbers

We believe that internal door signage is one of the best ways to mark the buildings of your business. You need these attachments whether you run a small café, a big luxurious hotel, or a large chain of retail department stores. In many cases, you need the same interior door signs for different places but you have to make sure that a certain design is appropriate for a specific style. Interior door plates improve the customer experience of your guests and make them feel more confident when being in a building of your business.

Although plates are small attachments, these are the elements that make the interior of the space much better. You can find different variations of custom plates, made in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Besides, they are quite multifunctional. You can install the not only on doors but also on walls and they might be free-standing.

We definitely love the interior plates but do we have any serious grounds for this? How can specific attachments make your interior hotel doors or internal walls at a restaurant look better? How do they boost your brand? Ready to find this out? If yes, let’s get down to business.

The reasons to install internal door signs

  • Reinforce your brand. Your business isn’t just about specific services and an office in downtown. You should develop your brand and image. When being in the main office, your clients and partners should understand what your company is really committed to.

Internal door signage is an effective option to tell your visitors the purpose and mission of the company. Show how your brand differs from competitors and what makes it special and unique. This is a very helpful option to be added to your marketing strategy. Contribute to the promotion of your brand not only with advertisements but with custom plates inside the major buildings of your business.

  • Give more information. Interior signs are affordable means when you need to provide more details to your guests. This way you show your guests that you do care about their positive experiences.
  • Help people to navigate. This is the most common reason why door signs are used. Wayfinding is very important for one’s positive experience. Make sure all guests of the business space will feel comfortable inside the building. Mark the directions to different rooms, show where the restrooms are located, mark conference rooms, etc.

To help visitors in navigation, signs must be clear and understandable. Clients appreciate it when they find the way to the necessary place in an unfamiliar building without additional assistance. Help them to achieve this. Make a good first impression by showing you are a carrying business.

How special internal door plaques can help to follow certain rules

internal door signs

If your business serves the general public, you have to follow the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Some of these requirements are related to internal door name plates. They might determine the technical characteristics of these elements, including size, contrast, mounting height, and location. Although these rules are quite specific, you still have room for creativity and a unique approach with the help of custom door signs.

Where to install interior door signs

  • Doors and doorways. Most commonly, internal door numbers are installed to number rooms or mark certain locations. That way they are attached to doors. Signs are often installed on entrance doors, which is also a good wayfinding option. Door plaques show visitors of the building where something is located so they can easily find this. Do not underestimate the importance of modern door numbers. While some of the following locations might be left without plates, doors and doorways must feature this element to boost customer experiences.
  • Reception and waiting areas. Plates are also installed in places where clients, visitors, guest, and customers make their first entry. These plaques are aimed to create a cozy atmosphere by welcoming your customers, or they simply show them where they can wait and receive additional assistance. Make sure that the reception sign is visible and readable
  • Employee meeting areas and break rooms. Your employees also need helpful means to help them conveniently navigate through the building. Thus, you can enhance the working environment by marking with plaques such spaces and employee meeting areas and break rooms. This is especially relevant for new employees. It helps them to feel confident when being in the building from the very first day. Show that you do care about the environment in which your workers perform.

Very often, designers decide to install plates with the company’s logo or its managers’ motivational quotes. This is a very good idea if you want to enhance the working atmosphere and make the process more productive. The employees will perform better if they see what they are working for. They will show better results if they see that their positive performance matters to the company’s growth and development.

Buy custom interior door signs for home and business!

interior door signs

The best option to satisfy the purposes and goals of your company when buying interior numbers is to order custom signs. The Bsign online store provides such a service to its customer because it really wants to meet the specific expectations of clients. With it, you can order custom signs made of different materials and in various colors. Add different engraving elements and order signs that combine the most durable materials. Order custom plates for hotel interior doors, restaurant doors, offices, etc.

Above, we’ve mentioned the specific requirements of the ADA. Custom plaques from Bsign can help you to meet them because the specialists of the manufacturer handcraft any interior number or plate with Braille. With this, clients with sight disabilities will feel more confident. Provide the best customer experience to all the clients, without exceptions!


Can the parcel get damaged in transit?

Depending on each order, we choose our own type of packaging - boxes, corrugated cardboard, polystyrene, polyethylene with air spaces, parcel envelopes, and most often, we use several of the above options at once. This guarantees maximum safety during transport. Nevertheless, if something happened to your parcel, we are fully responsible for the damage that happened through our fault, in which case we will refund your money.

What if I want to reorder later?

Feel free to contact us, all information about your past orders is stored in our system, we can make 1-2 pieces to match the signs that you already have.

How do I choose a door number sign that is right for me?

1. Evaluate the interior in which the numbers will hang and choose the design that best suits your style. For example, people often order numbers with stainless steel, which is in good harmony with the door fittings.
2. Estimate the surface on which the number will be placed. If the wall is smooth (door, painted wall, wood, tile, metal, plastic), the number can be placed on double-sided tape. If you have texture or decorative plaster, choose the numbers with the holders.
3. Immediately make sure that all navigation is done in the same style. Restroom, No smoking, Names of offices and departments - we can make completely different pictograms and signs in the same style.