Floor Signs

Even the smallest interior design elements play a very significant role in the building. This is especially relevant for facilities that provide certain services and need to interact with many clients. To make sure your customer will be willing to pay for your services, you should do your best to help them feel 100% comfortable in the settings of your facility.

How to achieve this? The mandatory thing to take into account is convenient navigation through the place. Efficient wayfinding is ensured by different sorts of plaques, mainly floor signs. Let’s discover the functions and usefulness of a floor sign.

What are Floor Signs?

A floor sign is a special plaque whose major function is to conduct visitors across the place. Most commonly, these plaques are applied in a form of floor number signage that is attached at entry points of every new floor in multi-storied premises.

The 1st floor signage might be non-mandatory to use, but other floor numbers are quite important for the positive visitor experience. That’s why you should discover more about Bsign Store's assortment of floor number sign solutions.

Places Where Floor Number Signs are Applied

In fact, the use of floor sign solutions indicating floor numbers is useful in all buildings that have several stories. However, this isn’t always mandatory, meaning sometimes certain facilities might ignore them.

There are specific places where floor sign solutions cannot be neglected due to the specific services provided there. These are the following places.


Can you imagine a hospitality facility without room numbers? Guests will simply don’t know how to find their rooms and won’t have a very disappointing customer experience. Hotel management cannot let this happen under any circumstances because this will lead to financial and reputational losses.

The same can be said about the use of floor signs in these hospitality facilities, whether they have 2 or 10 floors. In hotels, everything is oriented toward convenient accommodation for the guests. Such simple solutions as floor number signs make a great contribution to this and show the welcoming and warm attitude of the hotel management and staff.


Office plaques are also important decorative elements for businesses that take care of their visitors and find it essential to put everyone at ease. In offices, floor number signs are necessary to guide visitors through the premise and boost the brand identity. This will help a visitor to feel more comfortable and will make them more eager to use your services and the assistance of specialists.

Moreover, offices should be comfortable networking workplaces for all employees, including newcomers who might not be aware of the locations of all rooms and departments. Except for numbers, floor sign solutions can include information about the rooms located on a specific floor, which makes a great contribution to the worker’s productivity.


Proper treatment of people is the major purpose of hospitals and other medical and healthcare facilities. That’s why their interior designs need to include elements that will help their visitors to avoid any inconveniences and easily navigate across the facility.

Besides, it’s necessary to remember that hospitals are the places where people expect to get professional assistance. That’s why it’s necessary to ensure the use of Braille floor signs in medical facilities. Thanks to them, people with sight disabilities will be able to recognize a 5th floor sign and face fewer difficulties when finding their way to the rooms of the necessary specialists.

Why do You Need to Install Floor Signs?

Floor sign solutions displayed at the Bsign store are exclusive and stylish decorative elements that will complement the best feature of the interior design and enhance brand identity.

However, despite paying a lot of attention to the styles and design, we fully realize that floor signs’ functions come first. The necessity of these functions is the reason why you need to install floor signs. See the following:

Guide Your Visitors through the Building

Foremost, any building must be convenient to navigate through for visitors. Floor signs execute this function perfectly because they indicate the number of floors and might also display additional wayfinding information.

Why is it so necessary to provide visitors with the possibility to navigate on their own? The reason is that many people might feel confused and uncomfortable when asking for assistance when they enter a new building. Somebody might prefer to start finding their way to the necessary rooms without communicating with other people.

Correspond to the Legal Demands

Rules for the utilization of floor sign solutions are imposed by local authorities. Some organizations ignore this aspect, but the majority of local institutions in cities and towns made the utilization of such solutions mandatory.

For instance, the New York City Administrative Code says that each stair enclosure on every floor should feature a number plaque needs. The numerals cannot be shorter than three inches high, which ensures proper visibility. Also, it's necessary to ensure that the plate will be visible by making numbers and backgrounds in contrasting colors.

What’s more, some requirements are listed in such mandatory to oblige documents as the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ensure that the Space is Inclusive

Last but not least, the inclusivity of the place is as important as aesthetics, comfort, and legal requirements. This makes sure that your business is welcoming to all visitors regardless of their disabilities.

This is the reason why the use of Braille font on door signs in buildings is required by the Americans with Disabilities Act. You cannot discriminate against people with health issues in any way – this is what ADA-compliant floor sign solutions help to ensure.

Why Order Floor Number Signage from Bsign?

Bsign’s assortment has all types of signs you could imagine. We display different selections of a 3rd floor sign and various options of information and warning plaques that can be used in different facilities for the sake of more convenient navigation.

See why ordering a floor sign from Bsign is the best thing you can do right now.

Personalization of Products

Bsign specialists craft custom floor plaques that totally correspond to the requirements set by our clients.

We allow our customers to optimize the shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts of their floor plates. We also personalize them with different encryption elements, reflecting specific peculiarities of the brand’s style and vision.

Personalization of products ensures that you will be able to enjoy an exclusive plaque that won’t be available for any of your competitors. Make your interior design style more unique and complete with the help of exclusive floor plaques!

Different Designs and Styles

Bsign offers a variety of exclusive styles to ensure the plates you order for your building will fit the interior design.

In our catalog, you will find plaques of the following styles:

  • Modern
  • Wave
  • Jure
  • Sherwood
  • Venture
  • Single
  • Classic
  • Scandza
  • Simple
  • Buro
  • Thin

Each of these styles might be suitable for different places and purposes. Buro and Classic plates, for instance, are best for offices. Sherwood-styled plaques are great for restaurants and other hospitality facilities. Elegant door numbers are just perfect for the settings of luxurious hotels.

Discover more options and choose the ones that reflect your interior design ideas and enhance your vision.

Best Materials

Perfect looks of our products are ensured by the exclusive styles and the modern UV-printing technique we use during the manufacturing process. However, materials also make a great contribution to the visual features of any floor sign or door plaque.

Moreover, quality materials ensure that your investment in door plates is reasonable and long-term.

That’s the reason why we craft our door signs with the most reliable materials. In our catalog, you can find plaques made of:

  • wood;
  • acrylic glass;
  • stainless steel.

All these options are durable, good-looking, and easy to work with, which helps our crafting specialists to customize your orders to the maximum possible extent.


How long will it take to manufacture a floor number sign?

We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days.

How to calculate the cost of floor number signage?

The cost of our products is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.

Do we make floor number signs with Braille?

Yes, our products meet all ADA requirements.