Cleaning Room Information Signs

Cleaning Room Information Sign

Label Your Cleaning Room with a Clean Room Sign! 

Cleanliness is an unquestionable part of running a business or maintaining commercial property. However, to maintain the cleanliness of a big property, you need a proper cleaning room. Ideally, you want to keep that room away from your building visitors, employees, clients, etc. You only want it to be accessible by your cleaning staff. It’s where Bsign enters the picture. We can create clean room signs for your business or property to discourage people outside of your cleaning staff from entering such rooms.

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Cleaning Room Information Signs

Customized Clean Room Signs 

At Bsign, we believe in respecting our clients’ needs and creating signs that reflect their specific requirements. We create bespoke cleaning room information signs that can feature door signs or numbers and your company’s icon. These signs can also feature a graphic that is universally recognized as a cleaning room symbol. We can create these signs in different hues, shapes, and materials. Our sign manufacturers will also ensure they are durable for indoor and outdoor settings.

We design and then manufacture the signs in these materials:



Stainless Steel

Wood is a universally loved and approved signage material. We use a vast array of wood signs in different hues. Our team can create your wood sign in a winning combination of acrylic or stainless steel. We will ensure your sign complements your building’s interior décor and supports its intended purpose. Typically, these signs go well with modern, wooden furniture and eclectic designs. We can create stucco and wave signs with wood and acrylic/steel.

At Bsign, acrylic is a signage material we use freely in many of our signs. It is because acrylic is an exceptionally malleable and lightweight material that also offers impressive durability. It makes the sign easy to work with and enables us to create bespoke acrylic signs. We also work with acrylic in combination with wood or stainless steel to create distinctive signage that resonates with your vision. Our staff also creates acrylic 3D letters and icons.

There is no denying that stainless steel is a premium material for signs. It has an undeniably chic, sleek, and modern look that makes signage appear elegant and attractive. It is why we use stainless steel in winning combinations with wood or acrylic to create signs that can reflect your distinct vision. Our team uses stainless steel in various shapes and creates minimalist, classic, and easy-to-install signs that go well with all interior designs.

Cleaning Room Information Signs

ADA-Compliant Signs

Bsign creates bespoke ADA-compliant signs to promote accessibility across the board. Our signs follow strict ADA guidelines and have tactile braille on the surface to ensure that people with disabilities can access them conveniently. However, we do need your support in making accessibility mandatory. All you have to do is install the signs we create in a way that is compliant with ADA rules. This way, all community members will be able to touch and read the braille font on your signs.

Why Trust Bsign

Here are some reasons to trust Bsign to design your clean room signs:

- Professionalism & Integrity: We are proud of our entire team for displaying professionalism and integrity in our client encounters. We conduct ourselves in a manner that enables our customers to be at complete ease with us. 

- In-House Handcrafted Bespoke Signs: Whether you need a “room has been sanitized” sign or a clean room sign, you can rest assured that we will craft all your signs in-house with our hands. We use CNC laser machines to cut signage in any shape and size you want.

- Exceptional Customer Feedback: Our professionalism and customer service ensure that our clients can share their vision with us without judgment, which we then ensure to follow to a T. Moreover, we offer quick delivery and have a no-questions-asked returns/refunds policy. It allows us to receive 100% positive customer feedback.

So, are you looking to invest in top-of-the-line cleaning room information signs? Reach out to Bsign today!