Apartment Door Numbers

Apartment door number plates — your best visual decision

Hospitality business owners have to tinker with creating unique concepts for their establishments. In search of an original interior, beautiful apartments for its guests, a comfortable environment, convenience and aesthetics are always decisive. Apartments are much more than just a place to stay, spend the night or temporary accommodation. Every detail is important here, which can cause a good mood, positive emotions and ease, reboot. To create this kind of environment, it is important to take into account absolutely all the points — from the choice of finishing materials to the arrangement of furniture and ordering door numbers. The company of original numbers for the apartment doors from the Bsign is able to offer you products to match any interior. 

From the signage, the choice of color, font, intensity and character of the logo, an overall corporate potential is created, which should not be altered by choosing door numbers for apartments. First of all, such an orientation helps to quickly determine and fast order the production of number plates. Customers can also look for inspiration in our product catalogs, which showcase various styles, door plate designs. 

Perfect qualities of door numbers from Bsign company

To select the appropriate options on the door numbers of the apartment, you need to choose at our website, look for the assortment and select the parameters of the product:

- size
- background color 
- personalization

    As an individual order, on your door plates you can apply:

    - logo, hotel name
    - QR code
    - Braille
    - any icon

      For high-quality, wear-resistant ink application, we use a modern UV laser printer, which melts the ink in a special way and dries quickly, forming a strong, resistant paint. 

      In production, we use three types of raw materials, with the help of which we manage to create unique designs of door numbers for apartments:

      - acrylic
      - wood
      - stainless steel

        Acrylic glass lettering is also very popular. They have already managed to win the attention of customers and take the place of the top sales. These ultra-thin acrylic numbers allow for easy attachment to surfaces such as glass or a smooth wall or partition. 

        Our craftsmen are very fond of working with acrylic and as a special design we can offer you the production of 3D door numbers from colored acrylic. Such three-dimensional numbers are clearly visible, and if you place them against a background of a contrasting shade, you can get a stylish combination. Acrylic glass goes well with metal or natural wood. According to the color scheme of your interior, the apartment door numbers, signs, plaques can be light, dark ets. 

        Easy fastening methods

        For reliable and easy installation of plates on doors, we practice using two methods of installation:

        - double-sided tape
        - metal holders

          Of course, the first option is more popular and hassle-free. You do not need to use special tools, spend a lot of time on this process. At the same time, you get a fairly reliable fastening result without harm to the door.  

          More thorough is the method of installing the apartment number plates for doors using metal screws. In this way, heavy structures, massive steel or wooden products, which need additional insurance are mounted. But in this case you can not worry about the strength of the attachment of the numbers, they are not afraid of any draft, mechanical stress or any other factors that may affect the integrity of the door inscription.


          How to place an order?

          If you have a list of numbers/signs in same size and color, please, order like this: personalization ''101 - 120, 201 - 221'' and quantity ''41''

          How long will it take to manufacture?

          We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days

          How long will it take for delivery?

          Standard shipping 7 business days for all maps (by USPS).
          Expedition shipping 2 business days for the rest of the goods (by FedEx).
          3-6 business days for all signs (by Landmark). To Italy and Spain it takes a little bit more.
          14 business days (by USPS).
          14 business days (by Ukrposhta).
          4-8 business days (by TNT).