Fire Information Signs

Ensure Building Safety with Immaculate Fire Information Signage 

Ensuring a proper level of safety within your space is your direct responsibility. If you provide any commercial services, it's your duty to take care of every visitor and make sure they won't feel unsafe in your location. One of the ways to achieve this is to use special fire safety signs made by Bsign specialists. These are not just interior design features but vital informative elements of your property that might save lives if emergencies occur. That's why we suggest you should learn more about ensuring a safe environment using emergency signage.

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Fire Information Signs

Types of Fire Hazard Signs in Your Facility

Bsign specialists craft various types of fire safety signs to perform different functions, including:

  • Information plates about fire extinguishers

  • Fire hydrant signs

  • No-smoking signs

  • Smoke area direction signs

  • Fire exit signage

  • Fire department connection information plates

    Custom Fire Signs and ADA Compliance

    Requirements from our customers are a top priority for Bsign specialists. When you buy safety signs from us, you can be sure to receive a totally customized product with all the information personalized in accordance with your unique interior design style and navigation systems. Our fire protection plates can be made of various materials, in various colors, and can depict different images our customers find the most effective for safety purposes within their locations.

    Fire Information Signs

    What's more important, is that while following your unique requirements, we don't neglect the importance of ADA standards. By making our fire safety signs ADA-compliant we ensure that all groups of visitors will be able to navigate the building safely and that your company won't have any legal issues related to safety concerns.

    Exceptional No Fire Signs Materials

    The important requirement for fire safety signs is that they must be not only visible but also solid and durable to serve for a long period of time and ensure proper fire safety. That's the reason why Bsign uses only top-quality materials for manufacturing fire safety signs for offices, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial locations. Stainless steel, wood, and acrylic glass are the best signage materials in terms of look, customizability, and durability.

    To make sure our plates won't only simplify access to your location, but will also enhance its interior design, we can combine these materials. Using top-notch equipment and UV printing technology, we craft outstanding 3D acrylic letters and icons that remain visible and functional within your fire protection system.

    The Handcrafting Approach to Fire Extinguisher Signage is a Key

    Bsign is something more than just an average company distributing regular fire and safety signs with information about emergency exits. We really care about the unique style and interior design of your facility, and that's why all signs for fire safety we create are handcrafted. This approach based on best manufacturing practices and access to top-notch equipment enables us to create products in unique styles and designs for you to explore right now!

    Fire Information Signs

    We also combine wood and acrylic, wood and steel, and acrylic and stainless steel to create one-of-a-kind signs that will elevate your space while promoting fire safety. Moreover, Bsign offers you the opportunity to choose from more than 25 types of signage and choose different hues of wood and acrylic, including red, blue, beige, walnut, and more. 

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    Are Fire and Safety Signs Compulsory?

    Yes, it's necessary to inform your visitors and employees about available escape exits in cases of fire emergencies.

    What are the 5 Categories of Fire Signage?

    The key types of fire signage within any facility are: fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, no-smoking warnings, smoke areas, fire exit signage.

    Why Do You Need a Fire Safety Sign?

    A fire sign is an informative element. It provides your employees and customers with information vital to saving their lives during emergencies.