Hotel Door Numbers

Everything you should know about hotel door numbers

A hotel door number plate isn’t just a piece of metal that enhances the style and design of a hotel. Foremost, it’s a useful guide for the clients of a facility. Different hotels might use different approaches when numbering their rooms. Some of them are so unique that they might even confuse the visitors. We suggest that you should choose the simplest way in order not to make your visitors wonder how to navigate through the hotel. Here is our best recommendation to you relating to signs for hotels.

How to number rooms with hotel door number signs

Numbering rooms with hotel room door numbers depends on the interior of a building. That’s why, before ordering door numbers signs and putting them into their place, it’s necessary to examine the building plan. Pay attention to the locations of corners and determine the points where visitors enter the floors. If every floor has just a straight hallway, it will be much easier to locate plaques properly.

When you’ve found all the entry points, see which of them are the closest to the center of the hallway and which ones are the busiest. Usually, visitors use those entry points that are located near the elevators or, if there are no elevators in a hotel, near the main staircase.

hotel door number signs

There are two of the most frequently applied numbering systems used in hotels  - “direct succession” and “zig-zag”. The first one is very common. For example, the visitor enters the second floor. When turning left, he or she sees the door numbered 200. The following room will have the number plate 201, then 202, 203, 204, and so on. In a nutshell, when making a loop around the corridor, the visitor will see the door number in direct succession. They will be either increasing or decreasing, depending on the chosen direction from the entry point.

The “zig-zag” system is an alternative approach. When this system is applied, the odd-numbered rooms are located on one side of the hallways and the even-numbered ones are on the other side. Let’s imagine the previously-mentioned situation. The guest enters the second floor and when turning left he or she sees rooms numbered 201, 203, 205, 207, 209, and so on. Across these rooms, he will see hotel room number plates numbered 200, 202, 204, 206, 208, and so on.

When attaching hotel room number signs, it’s vital to make sure that every floor applies the same numbering system, either “direct succession” or “zig-zag”. If the building is divided into symmetrical winds, you can also add compass directions to the door number – for instance, W210 - West Wing room 210.

Tips and warnings to consider when placing room numbers for hotels

Your room number might have either 3 or 4 digits. However, you should understand that all rooms on the same floor should start from the same digits. For example, all rooms on the second floor should be numbered with plates where the first number is 2.

room numbers for hotels

If you don’t want to apply standard numbering systems, you are free to choose any other approach. The vital thing is that it should be systematic. Don’t throw door numbers in chaotic succession just to seem unique. You will confuse your visitors, and they might complain about the poor service in your facility.

How to choose hotel room number signs

You can buy the best hotel room numbers for doors from the Bsign online store. However, before placing your order, here are some important aspects you have to consider when making your choice:

  • Visibility of hotel room door signs. As mentioned before, hotel signs are used not only as design elements but as navigators for visitors as well. This is about not only door numbers, but about other types of plaques that might be located along the hallway to find clients find the right direction. To be able to fulfill this function, signs must be visible to all the clients. That’s why it’s important to make sure that the plates are of proper sizes and have the contrast with the surfaces, on which they are placed.
  • Sizes of room numbers. The size of room numbers in a hotel must correspond to the size of doors and to the general interior of the building. As a rule, the standard size of a room number is 4 inches (10 cm) tall. When buying custom signs from the Bsign store, you can order signs of specific sizes. This is just one of the benefits of custom door signs. Several more you will learn from the paragraph below.
  • Best materials of which room numbers might be made. Choosing proper materials for hotel room number plaques might be the most complicated task for you. You should consider the different characteristics of various materials to meet your specific needs. Except for aesthetic purposes, you should make sure that the plate will be durable and won’t cover with rust a few months after buying. We suggest paying attention to attachments made of stainless steel, acrylic glass, or wood. You may order plaques that are made of a combination of these materials. This will only enhance the uniqueness of the visual design.

Benefits of hotel room number plates

hotel room number plates

Some people might argue the importance of buying custom door signs because they think such plaques aren’t worth their costs. However, there are some significant advantages to be taken into consideration. See the following:

  • Consistency. If you buy stock signs, you might not achieve the proper consistency. This means that your plaques won’t look suitable for the design of the building. Hotel signs must be not only attractive, but they must also be integral parts of the brand. This is the way to make sure your clients won’t be confused when visiting your facility.
  • Functionality. When talking about custom signs we mean not only room numbers. In hotels, you should apply other plaques to help clients navigate through the place. You may also order special plates to be located inside the rooms. For example, you can look for hotel bathroom signs to add value to the client’s experience.
  • Adding Value. Custom door signs look unique because specialists are free to combine different materials and techniques. This adds value to the place because handcrafted things can better enhance the design and specific style of a hotel.


What are the options for attaching the number signs?

There are two options for attaching numbers:
1. Stick with double-sided tape if the surface is smooth (painted smooth wall, door, wood, tile, metal, plastic)
2. Screw onto metal spacers if the surface is not smooth. The sign will hang 20 mm from the wall.

Do you need another design?

We always love to try something new and will take on the task to produce signs according to your design, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail:

How long will it take for delivery?

Standard shipping 7 business days for all maps (by USPS).
Expedition shipping 2 business days for the rest of the goods (by FedEx).
3-6 business days for all signs (by Landmark). To Italy and Spain it takes a little bit more.
14 business days (by USPS).
14 business days (by Ukrposhta).
4-8 business days (by TNT).