Modern House Numbers

Modernism as an actual style for modern house signs

Modern is one of the brightest interior styles, where you can find asymmetry, curved lines and natural motifs. It can resonate with the classic interior, as well as functionality to be similar to minimalism. Where in the classics there would be two chairs, here there will be one, where in the interior of high-tech on the carpet there would be clear geometric lines, here there is an asymmetrical pattern with plant motifs. Let's take a closer look at what is modern and how to decorate the interior in this style and with modern house numbers.

Wood is used in modern not only in furniture, but also in the decoration of floors, ceilings, windows and doors, as well as lightin, decor and modern house number plaque. As in the case of wood, the use of the village in modern art is mandatory. Colored stained glass, a large number of glass lamps and other acrylic elements make the interior more airy and weightless. Instead of clear geometry, the lines should flow gently from one to another especially in modern style house numbers. Floral ornaments can be depicted on the floor, ceiling and walls, and are of great importance in furniture and textiles. It is best if the windows are decorated with stained glass or bright textiles too.

Modern House Numbers

Main characteristics of modern decor

Among the main characteristics of Modern can be distinguished: 

- wood
- glass
- smooth lines 
- floral motifs are very important in modernism
- large windows

    According to these characteristics, the creators of Bsign door numbers offer the production of modern house numbers. Because we prefer environmentally friendly, harmless materials, we are able to easily and effortlessly create interesting products in the modern style that will suit your ideal interior. Successful combination of natural wood and organic type of glass - acrylic, give explosive results, embodied in door plates. As a basis of suchadress numbers, plaques, signs on a door it is possible to take wood or steel and to combine with contrasting color of the text or volume color numbers. 

    These kinds of modern house signs are not only very beautiful, original and modern, they are also functional, visual navigation, which is clearly informative to visitors. Your guests, clients and colleagues will not have to wander the corridors in search of the right office with the cherished number, because at the entrance everything is intuitively simple and thoughtful. Modern house numbers for a private home is a separate story of modern design. The modern design of the plate will be an ideal continuation of laconic facades, which are minimalist in the use of natural finishing materials. 

    Wide range of options in Bsign store

    To get the desired result, we offer painting wooden signs in several natural, pleasant shades:

    - natural wood
    - dark wenge
    - redwood
    - anthracite gray
    - walnut
    - Indian rosewood

      Please choose the color of wooden base for modern style house numbers. Matching it to the color of the facade of your house or the color you are closest to. Each of the colors is suitable for both classic and modern styles.

      According to your needs, you can also order modern house door numbers, signs of different sizes and shapes. The most relevant option in house door numbers modern  is a massive rectangular background with accent numbers printed on the top layer of sheet stainless steel. As a printer, we practice the use of a practice UV printer, which provides a stable and durable pattern. Also on a warm, pleasant and natural base of wood will look good translucent, weightless volumetric numbers of colored acrylic. This combination will provide our front door with an extraordinary and presentable look that guests simply can not to notice. And the modern house address numbers will attract the attention of passersby, neighbors and your guests. 

      All materials and fittings that we use in the production can be used both indoors and outdoors - for decoration and visual information of visitors and all these factors you can get, if you will buy house door numbers modern from Bsign company.