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Hospitality industry: how signs and numbers in hotels and restaurants help create an atmosphere

The pandemic is over, quarantine restrictions are gradually being canceled, therefore, people are beginning to travel more actively and visit various institutions. Therefore, creating an atmosphere of hospitality does not lose its relevance. And navigation hotel signs and wall mounted door numbers play an important role in this process.

To summarize, the external signs in the hospitality industry attract the attention of guests, and the interior ones provide an atmosphere of comfort. We'll talk about this in more detail next.

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Trends in the hospitality industry

Adaptive hospitality is becoming increasingly widespread. That is, the same hotels are no longer just a place to sleep and relax. They offer conditions so that a person can cover several of their needs without leaving the territory. For example, guests can visit the bar, restaurant, gym, swimming pool, play golf or squash, and so on.

The demand for establishments that are as close to nature as possible is growing. For example, hotel complexes in national parks, glamping sites and campsites.
And the guests are also eager to pay attention to health improvement. It is important for them to visit the SPA, massage, salt rooms, etc.

Besides, people often work remotely even when traveling. Therefore, they need to have proper conditions for this: high-quality internet, work spaces, and so on.

Tasks that hotel signs and door numbers help to solve for your guests

First of all, they help a person navigate. For example, door signs with the company's logo or name, let you know that the user is in the right place.

If the guest does not know the language, signs with pictograms will help them out. For example, the marks of the men's and women's toilets will save you from many awkward situations.

People with visual or hearing impairments can also navigate, thanks to hotel door signs and wall numbers with tactile fonts.

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Tasks that hospitality signs help to solve for the staff

Above, we have listed trends in the hospitality industry that affect the industry as a whole. The staff of the establishment should understand these trends and the needs of guests. This is the only way to create comfort.

In this case, a significant role belongs to signs that make the activities of the hotel or restaurant team better and simplify the answer to the question on how to create an atmosphere of hospitality.

Optimization of the reception area

When a guest arrives at the establishment for the first time, they have expectations. It is important to justify them from the first interaction.

For example, a person wants to visit a swimming pool that they saw in an advertising booklet or in a booking service.

It will be good if on the sign in the hotel lobby the guest will see where all available services are listed. In other words, they will be able to immediately understand that their expectations have been met. The next step is to ask where exactly the pool is located.

Of course, the administrator will answer this question. But it will be even better if he can tell that the path to the pool is marked on signs that are everywhere on the territory.

This will help the person feel comfortable knowing that they will definitely not get lost. The administrator will also not worry about whether he explained the path in sufficient detail.

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Simplifying work of employees in different locations

It happens that, going, for example, to the gym at the hotel, a person cannot understand where the changing rooms are located, whether it is possible to use certain equipment without a trainer, and so on.

Not always in the field of view will be a free employee of the institution who can tell you. Therefore, hotel signs will help you out, they will become «silent consultants»‎ and answer pressing questions.

Also, hotel room signs or wall numbers for doors help the staff to fulfill the wishes of guests in a high-quality way: bring dinner to the room or pick up things for the laundry. The presence of numbers eliminates the possibility of confusing something and disturbing the wrong client.

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Improving the quality of events

If the institution hosts conferences, banquets, etc., it is very important to correctly distribute the flow of guests. Also, it is better to give all participants of events the opportunity to navigate independently.

For example, when entering a building, a person should immediately see a pointing sign of the hotel or a restaurant that will help you understand where the desired location is.

Providing a general feeling of well-kept premises

When employees point out stylish, high-quality and informative signs or door numbers to guests this automatically evokes positive feelings in the guests. After all, such details indicate that the institution is doing well, the material and technical base is being monitored here.

This component is also called «Physical evidence»‎‎ or «material evidence»‎ of the quality of services.

So, door signs help guests of hotels, restaurants and other establishments to feel peace, safety, care, and get positive experiences and emotions during the entire visit. This set allows you to create a hotel atmosphere and to say that the place is really hospitable.

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Do you plan to create a welcoming atmosphere, but you have not yet decided on hotel room signs or navigation schemes? Do you have hospitality sign ideas for a restaurant or do you want to order signboard for hotel, cafe, restaurant from the available ones?

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