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How do prohibition signs improve business safety for employees and visitors?

Have you ever wondered how the prohibition of smoking on planes came about? Careless handling of a cigarette can lead to a fire on board, among other consequences. People didn't expect this until smoking led to disasters. Each rule is time-tested, justified, and essential. Thus, well-established requirements for companies regarding security measures have been formed.

In business, clear communication of the rules will help to avoid damage to the company's property, as well as save employees and customers from potential hazards. Read about how mandatory signs will increase the health and safety of your business space.

What are prohibition signs?

For starters, let's find out what prohibition signs are to fully realize their role. 

In business, prohibition, or safety signage serve as designations and warnings that clearly indicate a prohibition on performing some actions or accessing places at certain times or under certain conditions. They can be used to inform about identified hazards, prevent accidents, and clearly convey safety standards to visitors. 

Safety signage is usually placed on the walls of key areas in visible places to be easily identified. For example, if the company's rules prohibit bringing food with you, then the signs should be visible in front of the entrance. If the designation conveys a prohibition on entering the office space, then it must be placed on the door. 

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To improve the effectiveness of delivering visual messages, in the BSign Store we pay great attention to the design and signage standards. We use a readable font, add bright elements to attract attention, and at the same time offer designs that will complement the interior style. In addition, Bsign employees use ada guidelines in their work. By choosing our signs, businesses can take care of people with disabilities.

What types of safety signs are there? 

By function, all safety signs can be divided into 3 main classifications:

  • Danger signs/Safety signs;
  • Warning signs;
  • Indicative or informative signs.

According to the information that should be conveyed to customers and business employees, there are the following types of general safety signs:

— «No Smoking» Signs;
— «No Food or Drink» Signs;
— «No Pets Allowed» Signs;
— «Do Not Litter» Signs;
— «No Access for Unauthorized Personnel»;
— «Fire Safety» Signs;
«Fire Extinguisher» Signs;
— «High Voltage» Signs;
«No Alcohol» Signs;
«Do Not Enter» Signs;
«Do Not Disturb» Signs;
«Quiet Please» Signs;
«Hand Washing» Signs;
«Keep Door Closed» Signs.

Many other messages can be conveyed through signs, and this depends on the company's policy. Here are the basic ones that will help your business convey important information.

How do warning signs increase security?

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Visual messages can significantly increase the level of workplace safety of employees' workplaces and protect customers. In addition, it will save the business property from damage and maintain the company's reputation. We'll tell you more about the role of signs later.

Clearly warn and caution

With the help of signs in public spaces, visitors can quickly identify hazards and establish rules. Visual messages are easily recognizable. After all, textual information is quickly forgotten. But signs always remain in their place and perform their function automatically.

Safety signage protect employees and customers

When signs are placed in front of people's eyes, they will always be aware of the consequences of prohibited actions and dangers. For example, if an employee or customer decides to smoke in a place that is not intended for this purpose, a fire may occur. Because of this, all people in the building, as well as the building itself, may suffer. 

And if an emergency has already occurred, you need to indicate to visitors emergency exits and escape routes, fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment.

If the company does not provide opportunities for staying with animals, this may threaten the safety of visitors and the integrity of property.

Therefore, signs serve as special precautions. Clearly defined and easily visible rules will protect customers and workers from potential hazards and will provide workplace safety.

Mandatory signs protect against property damage

We have already talked a little about this in the previous paragraph, but we suggest that you take a closer look.

Any damage to the interior, goods, equipment, documentation and other property of the company will cause losses. Any business wants to avoid this. In order to reduce your own risks, it is important to inform users about the rules of conduct.

So, when a company prohibits taking food and drinks with you, it can protect goods, furniture, and other items from destruction. Some premises must have access restrictions so that employees' personal belongings and company property are not stolen.

Some signs are not directly considered prohibitive. But they also increase the level of occupational safety. For example, direction signs help you safely navigate faster in case of emergencies and facilitate rapid evacuation. 

Therefore, a holistic approach will ensure the best possible outcome for your business. If you place not only warning signs, but also other necessary visual messages, this will allow you to bring communication with users to a higher level.

Results of introduction of safety signs 

Health and safety signs are an essential aspect that will cover the business' security needs. By setting and clearly communicating the rules of behavior in the building to people, the company can protect its customers, employees, and property. Effective signage will help to avoid willful or repeated violations and remind employees and guests of legal requirements of the business.

At Bsign we offer a wide range of caution signs for any request. You will be able to choose those that perfectly complement the company's corporate identity and at the same time be visible to visitors.

You don't need to understand the signs yourself and spend a lot of time choosing them. Just fill out the form and we will help you with free consultation.

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