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Residential complex "Yaroslaviv Hrad" is an ultra-modern residential complex for 700+ apartments. It has become an organic part of the historical center of Kyiv. 

We were approached by a developer who wanted to equip this entire residential complex with stylish signs and numbers that were supposed to emphasize its unique concept and provide navigation. In this case, we will tell you how we solved this task. 

About the Client

Residential complex "Yaroslaviv Hrad" is an elite multi-apartment complex, in 2021 it was noted as «The Best Built Residential Complex of Business Class in Kyiv»

«Highlight» of the project is a combination of modern construction technologies with elements traditional for ancient buildings of the city. This ensures visual harmony of the residential complex with the surrounding buildings. 

Yaroslaviv Hrad Yaroslaviv Hrad Yaroslaviv Hrad

Another important nuance is the location of houses of different heights and layouts on the territory of the residential complex. 

Client came to us at the final stage of arrangement. He needed signs and numbers for different areas of the residential complex, which would help owners and guests navigate in space. 

All of them should be designed in the same style, complement the existing interior and exterior and look expensive and perfect from the point of view of design. 

What Signs did the Customer Order?

When we started discussing the order, first of all, we took into account that the layout of the residential complex is atypical, and the area is quite large. This makes navigation somewhat difficult, especially for those who are here for the first time.

To make moving the complex as comfortable as possible, we decided to make the following product groups:

Additional Client Requests

During the discussion of the order details, the client voiced their main requirements. 

№1: Remote holders

This was a fundamental point, the customer wanted absolutely all the signs and door numbers to be fixed exclusively at a distance from the wall.

№2: Change of materials of Modern design

It was this design that the client liked the most. But during the consultation, the customer said that he would like to change the materials. In the basic version of Modern design, we usually use stainless steel and acrylic glass. 

The client noted that the ideal combination for him is wood and steel. At the same time, the wood on the numbers should look organic next to the doors of apartments that were of 9 different colors

№3: Customized sign sizes

We agreed to make products of such sizes that both, signs for the building, and door numbers were clearly visible from different distances. 

All of the above customization is not a problem for BSIGN specialists at all. The main thing that is required from a client who makes a non-standard order, for example, on door sign formulate their requirements and provide feedback on our suggestions. 

Approval of the Sign Design and Project Implementation

After we have received the client's vision in general terms, it is time to work directly on an individual project.

To absolutely implement what the customer wanted, we did 20 samples of painted wood. All of them were shown to the client, and he selected from among them those that were most suitable for the interior. Only then did we put the wooden base into operation.

Another important point was changing the color of numbers. Usually in Modern design, they are white. But the Ivory numbers were organically combined with the chosen wood. Therefore, we made a batch of just such acrylic numbers. 

interior signs

 Сustom signs and numbers

As a result, we got really unique custom signs and numbers, which emphasized the overall concept of the residential complex. In addition, these products are durable, look modern, solid, expensive and elegant. That is, they fit perfectly for business class residential complexes

End Result

Total for residential complex "Yaroslaviv Hrad" we made 1226 signs of different sizes:

  • 700 door numbers;
  • 300 signs for stairwells;
  • 200 floor signs;
  • 26 big signs with house numbers.
Product  Signs and numbers for multi-apartment residential complex
Materials for signs manufacturing
  • Ivory acrylic
  • Wood of 9 colors
  • Stainless steel
Name of the design  Modern
Additional services
  • Changing the color of wood and numbers
  • Increasing the size of signs
  • Replacing the adhesive tape attachment method with remote holders

Customer Feedback on Custom BSIGN Sign Manufacturing 


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