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Signs and numbers for loft-style rooms: recommendations

When it comes to trending interior styles, loft style immediately comes to mind. And not for nothing, because it has been relevant for a long time and it seems that it will not give up its positions for a long time. And to emphasize this style, you should choose signs and numbers that suit it. 

What is loft?

First, let's find out, what is loft?

This is a modern style that appeared in the 40s of the last century in America. In English, «Loft» means an attic. Therefore, the name of the style is eloquent, because usually loft style interior contains:

  • untreated brick and concrete walls;
  • boards, pipes and ventilation ducts in their original form;
  • exposed beams, wires, etc.

Main features of the loft style interior design

Loft style house design harmoniously combines technical details with modern interior items, household appliances and accessories. And also, very often on the walls of the premises, designed in the loft style, you can see modern paintings, posters and graffiti.

So, the designers of this style can be envied, because for the flight of their imagination to implement loft ideas there are no borders!

Which premises are designed in the loft style?

Among the main features of the loft style is maximum simplicity and practicality. Minimalism in the room is very popular in our turbulent times, so the use of loft style interior now is extremely popular.

So, if you like to combine raw details with modern items, in loft style, you can design any premise from the bedroom of your own apartment to commercial buildings: offices, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and shops.

Informative loft signs and loft-style numbers are important components of the indoor atmosphere

A person is met by clothes, and the first impression of the premises business visitors often get by looking at navigation signs. 

This is an important detail that is looked for by those who enter the premises for the first time. And it should make such an impression on the person who entered that they want to get to know you and your business better first, and then come back to you again and again.

That is why it is very important that the sign, in addition to its main function — informative, causes aesthetic pleasure.

These are the products we create, because we are well versed in trends and clearly hear the requests of our customers who voice their needs. 

Designs of signs and numbers from Bsign, which will suit the loft style

We have a lot of designs (more than 25), and there are even more customization options. Therefore, next we will tell you about the basic designs of signs and numbers that are well integrated into the loft premises.


For loft signs made in the classic design, as well as for loft style in general, balanced minimalism is characteristic. Nothing superfluous that distracts attention. The accent of such loft-style sign is only for information content.

This effect is achieved thanks to an inconspicuous at first glance base made of acrylic glass, on which the applied text is black.

To the door or to the wall the sign is attached with screws and dowels, which are fixed with a decorative silver pintle.

An important advantage of this design is that it does not overload the space.


Navigation loft style signs made in the Classic design, look light and weightless. Therefore, you can use them not only in bright and spacious rooms. They will also be appropriate where other accent materials (wood, metal, etc.) are present in the interior. 

For example, you don't want to hide an old brick or marble, and you need a sign in that place. Here, it is the Classic design that can be the perfect solution to the problem.

custom signs

Thin signs

Practical, stylish and meaningful ― this is what these information signs made of acrylic glass look like. 

A special feature of the design is that the sign or number is attached without an additional base, directly to the wall or door with a special adhesive tape that does not damage the surface.

And this design is minimalistic and practical, which is also typical for the loft style. The absence of unnecessary details creates a sense of solidity, balance and calmness when contemplating the sign.


In offices, hotels, business centers, restaurants, and other commercial spaces signs in the Thin design can indicate:

  • toilet rooms (among other things for people with disabilities); 
  • special places for smoking and garbage disposal;
  • mother and child's room.
restroom signs

    Venture signs

    The harmonious combination of dark or light wood as well as stainless steel creates a «luxury» effect. 

    This design is for connoisseurs of eco-components in the loft interior. And stainless steel adds a touch of solidity and balance to the room.

    For the user of loft style room where venture signs are located, it seems that important decisions are made and important meetings are held here, long-term deals and million-dollar contracts are concluded.


    Informational loft-style signs of venture design made of stainless steel and wood are a great way to demonstrate the personality of the owner of an office or the room, to show the uniqueness of the company and the seriousness of business intentions.

    information signs

    Sherwood signs

    Signs made of wood will be very useful in a room decorated in the loft style, where there is usually a large number of products made of wood.

    Wooden signs made in dark or light colors bring into the premises a sense of calm and relaxation, creating an atmosphere of fullness and relaxation.


    Loft signs in this design can be used in hotels, restaurants, or places where you need to be reminded of nature and naturalness.

    numbers signs

    How to order a loft-style sign and loft-style numbers

    If you only plan to design premises in the loft style, or have already done so and are looking for navigation loft signs and loft-style numbers of high quality, fill in the form

    Get a free consultation from Bsign expert, regarding the design of signs for interiors made in the loft style.

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