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Signs with house numbers: tips to help you make the right choice

Modern homes this is, first of all, comfort and practicality. Therefore, all elements of the decor should correspond to the overall style of the building, and if possible be not only attractive, but also functional.

Signs with house numbers are an example of a decor that both decorates and is useful. For the sign with the house number to perform its functions to the maximum, you should pay attention to the design that best suits your needs from the very beginning.

Next, we will tell you about signs for houses which customers most often order from BSIGN.

Modern signs from BSIGN

This option, made of wood and stainless steel, has several advantages:

  • Combination of wood and steel is always on trend, this decision is timeless.
  • Rectangular shape and no additional decorations allow easy integration of the address sign to the wall or fence of houses decorated in different styles. 
  • You can choose the color of wood to the shade of doors or window frames. This will make the overall look of the house complete. And by choosing a contrasting wood color to the walls, you can make sign with the house number more noticeable. 
numbers signs

These address signs are often ordered for residential buildings, hotels, and offices made in the following styles: 

  • modern;
  • minimalism;
  • loft;
  • classic. 

House numbers made of steel and acrylic glass from BSIGN

Universal solution, stylish and concise. Such signs for the house are made of stainless steel and black acrylic glass. White numbers stand out on a black background and are clearly visible even from a long distance.

Among the advantages of this design are the following:

  • The combination of steel and acrylic looks modern. That is such signs with the house number demonstrate that the owners of the building have good taste and are guided by design trends.
  • Combination of black and white is ideal for homes whose owners are completely satisfied with their appearance and do not want the number to attract too much attention.
numbers signs

Such signs look great against the background of light and dark walls covered with wood or its imitation. They are also combined with surfaces painted even in very bright colors or pure concrete without decorations.

Therefore, we can recommend this design for buildings in the following styles: 

  • modern;
  • fusion;
  • minimalism;
  • bauhaus;
  • industrial.

Steel signs with house numbers from BSIGN

This solution is suitable for those who like to stand out. Round steel signs for houses look elegant and have a touch of unobtrusive Parisian chic. 

Customers like that such address signs for the house are not often found on buildings, so they distinguish their home, hotel, or office from others. In addition, steel products look very good against the background of artificial or natural stones, marble and bricks. 

numbers signs

Signs with house numbers in this design are suitable for buildings in the following styles:

  • classic;
  • modern;
  • country;
  • constructivism;
  • minimalism;
  • loft. 

We also add that, if necessary, the sizes of all signs with house numbers can be changed: increased or decreased. And all the products look beautiful in the light of flashlights and LED lighting. Therefore, in the evening, signs with house numbers become even more attractive. 

Want to order sign or number or find out the price? Leave your contacts in this form and we will contact you soon to discuss making an address sign or house number.

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