Wooden Information Signs

Evergreen Wooden Information Signs

At BSign, we work with the highest quality wood and even incorporate it alongside acrylic or steel into many of our other designs.

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Where Can Wooden Signs be Used?

Because of its irreplaceable quality, wooden signs can be used almost everywhere, but some locations benefit from wooden signs more than others.


Custom wood signs have a natural appeal, which is also one of their major advantages. Wood is thought to be one of the materials that can improve the appearance of any sign. The aesthetic factor is crucial in attracting the public's attention. The custom wood signs will assist you in making a strong first impression on your target market.

Signs are increasingly being used to promote resorts and hotels due to their attractiveness. As a result, if you want to inform the public about your business, custom wood signs are the way to go.


Bedrooms, living rooms, and near entrances benefit from decorative wooden signs. They add a welcoming element to the home's atmosphere and can be used for various purposes. They can be used as welcome signs or a subtle reminder to take off your shoes. Unlike most other materials, wooden decorative signs are elegant and beautiful.

What Do We Provide?

- Reasonable prices for high-quality products

- Production time up to 3 days, and 7-10 days for bulk orders

- Strict quality control – every order is checked carefully, and if a single scratch is found, we immediately replace the defective item

- Delivery within the USA in 4 – 10 days, and worldwide in 4 – 15 days

- Reliable customer support available from the moment you place an order till you receive it

- Convenience of placing your order through the website

- Every product is designed according to the modern trends

- Ability to personalize, add logo, text, image, QR code, or pictogram

    What Makes BSign Different Than Others

    BSign can design and manufacture stylish, modern, long-lasting, and uniquely personalized wooden signs for any setting, whether for a hotel or a business.


    At BSign, we offer a variety of materials and designs, and when it comes to wood, you have the option to acrylic and steel combinations. engrave or carve. Because there are so many different marking methods that can be used on wooden signs, they are easier to customize than other signage materials. You can also have these created into any shape you want – round, square, domed, rectangular, oval, or any other odd shape you can think of!


    It's one of the strongest panel materials available. Consider a wooden sign by BSign if you want a sign that will last for decades. Wooden signs, for the most part, are moisture and decay-resistant. You can also have the edges capped or finished to provide long-term protection. Wooden signs are long-lasting and can withstand external elements such as wind, rain, snow, and heat for many years. The premium quality and long-lasting durability that come with BSign's wooden information signs are worth investing your money in!

    Low Maintenance

    Decorative wooden signs designed by BSign are easy to care for and maintain once installed. It takes only a few minutes to seal and paint these signs. If the sign is placed outside, you only need to do this once every few years.

    BSign is dedicated to creating signs that perfectly represent the vision of the people who purchase them. We'll work closely with you to design a unique sign that complements things that matter to you - including your brand's mission, the aesthetics of your commercial building, or simply your choice of interior.

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    Do we make wooden signs in Braille?

    Yes, our products meet all ADA requirements

    How to calculate the cost of wood signs?

    The cost of our signs is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.

    How long will it take to manufacture of wooden signs?

    We make single orders within 1-3 days, for a batch of 100 - 200 pcs. we will need 7-10 days