Steel Restroom Signs

Stainless steel toilet signs

Stainless steel signs are our biggest advantage. We deliberately chose steel as opposed to other companies that work with aluminum. It's stylish, durable and reliable. Yes, stainless steel is expensive and difficult to work with, but we are not afraid of that and know how to work with it. Having set up production in such a way that finished signs can be executed on the same day. So we decided to create steel restroom signs at our shop with a wide range.

Bsign uses stainless steel quite intensively in the manufacture of door numbers, signs for lounges in various premises. Stainless steel is famous not only for its durable properties, but also for its aesthetic appearance, which fits most modern interiors. If you are looking for something special and want to inform your clients in an interesting way where the restroom, toilet or lounge area is located, we recommend that you do this through creative and unusual images on steel plates or with the help of original inscriptions.

Choose relevant options and buy unique sign items

Bsign's website has a wide range of stainless steel toilet signs or beautifully combined with wood or acrylic glass. Our designers have tried to create unique and versatile product designs that will help each of our clients quickly make a choice and order our unique products. To do this, select the following options from the list under each item you want to buy:

- quantity
- sizes
- shades of background and text or image
- personal wishes

    Stainless steel toilet signs and numbers can be produced using as background plate for text or images, or as separate volumetric symbols. In each individual case, every small detail of the lettering is processed by hand, which gives each item a special character, not a conveyor belt, a standard factory look. 

    In order to securely fix the inscriptions on the toilet door or on the wall, we offer two fasten options. The first, the simpler and most popular, is with double-sided tape (if you want a more reliable option, use liquid nails) This method allows you to quickly and without damaging the surface to install the plate in its rightful place. The second way is using metal holders. This type of mounting is suitable for signs with transparent acrylic, for products that are better to fix on a wall or grooved surface or if you need the effect of a floating in the air. 

    Durability of steel is under the time influence

    The classic version of the lettering for lounge zones, restrooms, WC rooms made of steel is a small square or round silver base with an image or text in a black accent color. The image is applied using a special UV printer, which provides high quality ink application. In search of a unique, creative design for a recreation area, we recommend that you take a closer look at products made according to the original design, when each letter or symbol is made separately, like a full-fledged figure and attached with double-sided tape directly to a smooth or even surface. Thus, it is possible to achieve a light and relaxed inscription effect that does not overload the space, but at the same time quite clearly informs visitors about the functionality of the room. It is possible to achieve an exclusive look for your office, restaurant, beauty salon or business center not only with the help of expensive furniture, but also such inconspicuous accessories as unique signs for restrooms from Bsign and our command of professionals. Handmade and eco-friendly products - it is our pride and huge experience in this area.


    What are the options for attaching the steel toilet signs?

    There are two options for attaching toilet signs:
    1. Stick with double-sided tape if the surface is smooth (painted smooth wall, door, wood, tile, metal, plastic)
    2. Screw onto metal spacers if the surface is not smooth. The sign will hang 20 mm from the wall.

    Do you need another size for toilet sign?

    We can make products in any size, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail:

    How to calculate the steel toilet sign cost?

    The cost of our products is indicated on the website, for the calculation of non-standard products, please contact us. The cost of bulk orders is calculated taking into account the discount.