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Extinguisher information signs are mandatory fire information signs installed in all commercial buildings, including offices, retail spaces, hotels, factories, and more. Bsign has the craft and experience to provide commercial property owners with a wide array of perfectly designed fire extinguisher signs that they can affix to their corridor and staircase walls. We work with top-quality materials to design durable and chic signs that will go well with the overall interior design of your property.

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Extinguisher Information Signs

Fire Extinguisher Signs

At Bsign, we believe in making each sign as attractive as possible, and we apply the same philosophy to our fire extinguisher safety signs. We use three distinctive materials – wood, acrylic, and stainless steel – to design our signs.

Here are the diverse designs we offer to our clients:

  • Contemporary: Our contemporary signs are made from acrylic and stainless steel and can be customized with 3D acrylic text and braille. 
  • Easy-Installation: The easy-installation or simple design features elements that can be installed on a wall separately using a stencil and double-sided adhesive tape. These signs are made from stainless steel and acrylic glass. 
  • Wave: As the name suggests, this sign features a chic wooden wave on a stainless steel panel. The wood panel features the fire extinguisher information sign, and it can be designed in six different colors. 
  • Classic: This versatile design is made from metal holders and acrylic glass with 3D text.
  • Thin and Chic: This minimalist design has an elegant appearance due to the thin acrylic glass. It’s also easy to install with double-sided adhesive tape. 
  • Buro: This winning combination of glossy acrylic and wood goes exceptionally well with wood-centric interiors. The wood can be colored in six different hues, and the fire distinguisher sign can be 3D. 

Customized & ADA-Compliant Signs

Bsign firmly believes in fulfilling its customers’ wishes. It’s why we offer customized fire distinguisher signs to our customers. Depending on your requirements, we can custom-create your sign in different hues, add your QR code and logo onto the surface, and do a graphic installation as well. We can also use our laser machine to cut the sign in any geometric shape you want.

Furthermore, since we want to promote accessibility across the board, we offer ADA-compliant signs to our customers. This way, every member of our community can benefit from these signs. ADA compliance ensures the safety of each individual who enters your building. It’s why we include tactile braille on our signs to promote accessibility.  

3 Reasons to Choose Bsign

Here are three compelling reasons to work with Bsign:

Sheer Professionalism & Winning Integrity

At Bsign, we are huge proponents and believers of the power of professionalism and integrity. It’s why we make sure that all of our products are damage-free and designed with the utmost professionalism and care. Moreover, if a sign gets damaged or scratched during transit or features design flaws, we make sure to refund your amount or send a replacement right away. We certainly don’t want you to install less-than-perfect signage in your building!

Hand-Crafted, Premium-Quality Signs

Bsign is proud to be one of the few signage companies that still design and prepare handcrafted signs. We add soulWe put all of our heart and sweat into the signs we build for our customers. Additionally, we have a policy of only working with premium-quality materials to design our signs. This way, we maintain the quality and durability of our signs. We handcraft wooden, acrylic, and metal signs on a CNC laser machine. 

Impeccable Customer Feedback

What sets Bsign apart from average sign manufacturing companies is our dedication to our craft and customer service. We make sure to follow the requirements of our customers to a T and provide them with signs they can proudly display within their building. We also make sure to deliver the signs as quickly as possible. Our attempts to exceed expectations at every turn ensure that our customers are left 100% satisfied with our products and service.  

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