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7 trends in office design

The design industry is changing tirelessly and rapidly. Therefore companies who want to have stylish offices should be aware of modern office trends to selectively integrate some of them into their spaces.

Why selectively? Because it's really rational. Complete change of the interior design of the office every year is not only difficult, but also expensive and impractical.

But spot updates are something that helps to accurately and unobtrusively modernize the company's office space and make it a place not only for work, but also for recreation.

So, in 2023 will dominate trends in office and modern interior design, about which the team Bsign talks about further.

Choose which one you would like to apply for office design in practice.

1. Using color psychology

Colors affect people, even if people themselves don't realize it. Therefore, designers often use this knowledge to set the right atmosphere in a particular space.

Briefly about color theory

For example, orange is a color that reminds you of summer, sun, oranges is the best option to make people more energetic.

Blue it's about reliability, organization, fatigue relief, balanced decision-making, serenity and stability. Therefore, this color is appropriate where discipline, self-confidence and balance are required.

White, beige, gray and ivory are associated with harmony and calmness. This is a neutral base that allows people not only to relax, but also to reduce their stress levels and look at tasks without emotions.

Yellow color activates creativity, activity, optimism, and it also promotes concentration of attention.

If you want to implement this trend in office design and modern interiors and to use the psychology of color really effectively, it is also worth paying attention to learning the basics of color therapy.

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2. Multi-functional spaces and flexible interior of a modern office

Given that in the office employees spend a lot of time, it should have spaces that help meet different people's needs.

Office space areas

The ideal space is one that has the following parts.

Workplaces (sometimes they are offices, sometimes they are open spaces).

Meeting and recreation areas (if there is not enough space, it can be one room that is used for different purposes).

The dining room, or its mini-version.

Ideally work and recreation areas must be separated from each other. This doesn't always require walls and doors.

Sometimes a sliding screen or partition, shelves with books or plants are enough. Especially convenient in this case is furniture with wheels that is easy to move.

Flexible interiors can be considered a continuation of the trend towards multifunctional spaces in the interior design of modern offices.

Flexible interiors

They allow you to quickly redevelop the space in accordance with the urgent need.

In the office, modular furniture will help you with this, it can be transformed, for example, like this:

  • to make several separate poufs and armchairs from the sofa and vice versa;
  • turn a low coffee table or wall console into a full-size meeting table.

For these office interior design trends to work, the building needs free space. If it seems that it is not enough, you can take a closer look at smart storage systems.

These can be pull-out drawers, built-in lifting mechanisms, and so on.

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3. Elements of home comfort

Of course, people in the office mostly work, but even here there is a place for breaks, time for recreation, reboot. To make it easier for a person to switch between states and feel at home for a short time, it is worth adding to office room interior design a little ease.

What you can add to your office to create a relaxed atmosphere

It can be, for example, soft chairs or frameless poufs, as well as pillows, carpets, a projector to watch videos. Also, a feeling of warmth and comfort is created by natural materials, interesting dishes, paintings, souvenirs.

4. Technological furniture

There are almost no modern offices without technology. When there is a lot of it, no less in the office and various, as people say, auxiliary devices: extension cords, network equipment, switches, etc.

One of the ways to eliminate the feeling of chaos and untidiness and keep in the interior design of the office and workplace its own meanings  choose furniture that allows you to hide all unnecessary things.

Types of furniture

Now there are desktops with built-in and pull-out sockets, charging stations, USB connectors and special holders for wires under the countertop.

Also pay attention to office furniture, where you can change the height. With this function, there are not only chairs, but also tables.

Especially useful such things will be for work areas in multifunctional spaces.

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5. Various artificial lighting 

This office design trend can be either a separate or integral part of other trends. In general, the rule is as follows: in office space design general, local, accent, and emergency lighting sources should be planned.

List of lighting devices

Chandeliers and lamps of a neutral style without flickering and with an optimal color temperature with large shades, fixed quite high under the ceiling.

Lighting devices that can be placed near workplaces (for example, using suspension cords with switches) and provide a person with the ability to independently adjust the intensity of lighting.

Spot recessed, wall and table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, spots, etc.

Special emergency lamps with batteries, as well as signs of escape routes.

If you want to update the design of an office space or a specific workplace, the easiest way to do this is to experiment with decorative spot lighting.

You can change it periodically, and also direct it to various objects and materials that reflect light: glass elements of decoration, glossy interiors office signs.

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6. Reminder of nature and environmental friendliness

The connection with the natural world is embedded in the basic needs of many people. But in urban conditions and a busy work schedule, it is difficult to regularly go out to the park or forest.

So, it is logical to create an eco-friendly workspace for office workers, where you can build a place to interact with the world of flora and fauna.

Elements of nature for office design

Live plants and aquariums will be appropriate. When choosing them for the office, you need to take into account the features of the space.

For example, if there is not enough space, it is better to buy a small aquarium, with fish that are not very whimsical to the area.

And if in office space design there is little natural light, you should buy plants into the rooms that are more suitable for shade.

In fact, you can remind yourself about nature with very light accents and details. For example, the same navigation signs with wood elements from Bsign already make the necessary impression, especially if they are in harmony with the color of the door or furniture.

The eye involuntarily clings to them, a person notices this note of nature, which fascinates, calms, reminds of basic values.

If you are interested in biophilic design for the office and what it should be, then we have also written a material about it. You can read it here.

7. Soft minimalism

In recent years, many people have been trying to avoid excessive consumption. Therefore, minimalism in the design of offices is trendy.

But now the design is becoming more soft and human due to the use of warm shades, natural textures and pleasant to the touch textiles.

So, if your office, for example, is in the style of loft now too cold and ascetic, it's time to soften its design with decor, accessories, and accents. With the right selection, they will make the space more comfortable for employees and emphasize the company's corporate identity.

How to order signs

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