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Biophilic Design

Many residents of megacities are faced with the fact that there is catastrophically little nature in life. But it is necessary in order to feel good, strengthen health, strengthen creativity and maintain a sharp intelligence. As a response to these needs, biophilic design has emerged, which is gaining popularity.

Definition and Brief History of Trend Development

Erich Fromm, a social psychologist, first wrote about biophilia. In 1965, he defined it as the love of life or living creatures. And in 1984, publications by Edward Wilson already appeared, in which he noted that people have a genetically determined attraction to wildlife. The scientist called this concept "the biophilia hypothesis".

Later, the definition "biophilic design" first appeared. Its author was Stephen Kellert, who believed that the introduction of live plants into an urban environment would significantly improve people's health, as well as positively affect productivity and wealth levels.

In 2010, Tim Beatley's book "Biophilic cities: integrating nature into urban design and planning" was published. In the publication, the author says that nature should be mandatory part of the perfect city. And in general, building megacities, it is worth in many ways to copy nature, because that approach can help us create settlements with comfortable temperatures, clean air, and water bodies.

Accordingly, Beatley advises applying the same principles in planning and interior design of office premises.

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Impact of Biophilic Design on Humans

Research confirms that the impact of wildlife on humans is truly amazing. It:

  • reduces stress;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • decreases the intensity of pain;
  • strengthenes immunity;
  • flourishes creative abilities;
  • the number of conflicts between people is getting smaller.

It is also believed that biophilic design can create human-room connection. That is, where the employee is comfortable, he will be willing and work more productively by about 15%.

And you can also combine biophilic interior design with the "theory of attention recovery". For example, if an employee works hard at a computer for a long time, at some point they will become exhausted and lose their enthusiasm.

Therefore, periodically he should be distracted and at least for a few seconds focus on some object. For this purpose, one of the elements of biophilic design, which we will discuss below, is well suited.

So, if all this is important to you, isn't it time to integrate biophilic interior design into your room?

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Commercial Use of Biophilic Design

The principles of biophilic design are actively used by both corporations and states.

Amazon's Seattle Headquarters

The structure is called Spheres. These are, in fact, three huge spheres with a diameter of 30-45 meters, which are combined into a single structure. Among the iconic features of the space are countless tropical plants. To be more precise, there are more than 40,000 of them in Spheres. There are also artificial waterfalls.

Google Office  in Dublin

Here really is a lot of live plants, natural light and interesting wall textures, such as wood, stone, shells.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal

It's called Jewel and it's a real greenhouse (or jungle, different people see it differently) from more than 120 plant species. There's even a waterfall here with a height of 400 meters.

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Components Needed to Create a Biophilic Room Design

Summarizing, we can say that the key to creating a high — quality biophilic design is the ability to perceive the interior as a kind of landscape. This vision will simplify working with the project.

If the concept of biophilic design became close to you even at the stage of building project, you can provide direct interaction with nature in it. For example, make large panoramic windows or glass doors that overlook the garden or park, if it is located nearby.

Such solutions help people to enjoy the perfection of nature without hindrance: plants, reservoirs, weather changes. Of course, this is advisable when the building is not surrounded on all sides by the walls of high-rise buildings.

If there are difficulties with direct communication with nature, pay attention to mediated. It can be installed in any room. The following elements will help you do this.

  • Live plants. You can buy both floor trees and very small table plants. It is better to give preference to unpretentious flora, so as not to worry about complex care. Such plants as: Zamiokulkas, Dieffenbachia, Monstera, Spathiphyllum, as well as a variety of succulents will be suitable.

In addition to the fact that such landscaping has a beautiful appearance, it also optimizes the humidity level in the room and removes excess nitrogen dioxide from the air, which causes an increase in the number of respiratory diseases.

  • Water. You can integrate this element into the office space in the form of aquariums of various shapes and sizes, decorative mini fountains adapted for placement on the wall or table.
  • Natural elements or their imitation. Stone, bamboo, leather, wood — all these materials have unique textures that attract attention and remind you of nature. It is not necessary that these elements are in large quantities. It is enough to have accessories, such as wooden navigation signs from Bsign, that will be placed in the building.

Also think about the harmony of space. To create it, do the following:

  • balance natural and artificial lighting;
  • think about combining textures, for example, wood with stone — a win-win option;
  • give preference to neutral colors, give up synthetic ones;
  • create soft transitions between different areas in the room, without different contrasts.

So, do you think that biophilic design is a concept worthy of attention, plan to enliven your space and choose accessories that will help in this? Bsign signs and numbers are well suited for implementing such an idea. After all, they are eco-friendly and have several designs with expressive natural motifs.

Leave your contacts in the form and Bsign manager will contact you soon. They will hold a consultation where you can discuss, for example, the possibility of customizing door signs, so that they comply with the principles of biophilic design.

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