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Create stylish signs and numbers for apartments or houses? Easy! In this case, we will tell you what we have done for the apartments in the townhouse.

About the client

Alliance Capital Partners company builds and puts into operation various residential and commercial objects: flats, apartments, offices, as well as other premises and buildings.

Before completing the process of arranging the premises, we are contacted by the company's partner – Clint Jones

The client sends us a list of signs for the entire building to complete the arrangement of a particular object. As a rule, this list includes navigation through floors, offices and rooms, as well as numbers and door signs.

We have already worked with this client several times. This time we will tell you exactly what we have done for the apartments in the townhouse.


About the client About the client About the client


What signs did the customer order?

In order for an object to become usable, you must first make sure that the internal and external environment of the premise is comfortably organized. And without navigation and information signs, it will be difficult for residents and visitors of the building to navigate in space.

So we did everything necessary for the whole building: 

Additional customer requests

During the consultation, the following needs were identified:

№1: Signs without adhesive tape. 

As a rule, our signs are attached either on double-sided tape or on a metal remote holder. In this case, we sent some signs without adhesive tape, because the client fixed them with liquid nails. 

№2: Matte acrylic glass. 

We usually use glossy acrylic, but replacing materials when choosing a standard position is not a problem for us at all.

№3: Increasing the size of signs

If you want to use a different material in the production of signs, we simply warn you that in such circumstances it will take additional days to order the material or cut it.

We took into account all the client's wishes and started selecting the design.

numbers signs

Selection of Sign Design

BSIGN signs are not only a transfer of the necessary information, but also a decoration and addition to the interior, a visual manifestation of your brand.

That is why, before choosing the design of signs, we carefully study the interior and exterior  of the building. 

In the case of Alliance Capital Partners company, we also carefully reviewed the appearance of townhouses and recommended Sherwood design.

It is minimalistic, but at the same time noble. Sherwood provides for use of materials such as wood and acrylic glass in the production process. 

Why do we use these very materials?

     1. Wood

Wood is a very popular raw material. Due to the natural origin of this material, wood is often used for eco-style interiors. 

Modern methods of processing wood and combining it with other materials allow you to make strong and durable interior items. 

      2. Acrylic glass 

Acrylic signs look expensive, stylish and reliable. This raw material is resistant to corrosion, chemicals and other external influences. 

Sherwood design

What was done?

For the whole building, we made 2 signs and 88 numbers. We have provided more detailed information about the final result below.


Signs and numbers for the whole house 

Materials of production

Black matte acrylic

Wood covered with protective paint for long-term use



Additional services

Product customization with black matte acrylic (for numbers)
Increasing the size of signs

Sending a product without adhesive tape

Production time

7 working days, taking into account the order of non-standard matte acrylic

Delivery time

5 working days across the state of Florida


To learn more about our work, read other cases on the BSIGN company blog

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