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Signs for coworking spaces: 7 ways to use them

Format of co-working spaces is becoming more and more popular. The opportunity to rent an equipped workplace has proven to be useful for many people: from independent freelancers to full-time teams working in co-working spaces constantly or periodically.  

Owners of such spaces know for sure that comfort and stylish appearance are among the important components of the demand for coworking among visitors. So, navigation is definitely needed here. Next Bsign team will tell you about the advantages of the format, the layout features of such premises, and the places where you should accurately place navigation signs for coworking spaces.

What are the advantages of coworking spaces for clients and how they work

Each person, both in Ukraine and in the world, has own arguments in favor of working in a coworking space, but most often they are as described below. 

What are coworking spaces and why do people like them?

  1. Attractive space for work. So, for many specialists, especially in creative professions, productivity strongly depends on how comfortable a person feels. Coworking spaces are usually equipped in a stylish and modern way, so it's nice to be here.
  2. Ability to hold meetings with clients and partners. Many people now work remotely, but periodically need to meet with colleagues or customers in an offline format. If you don't have your own office, coworking is the best option. There are both open spaces and closed offices where you can ensure your privacy. 
  3. Communication with new people. This is also important. Often in co-working spaces very different people gather, and you can find like-minded people, new friends, or work partners among them. You can also ask someone's opinion on a particular issue and share your experience. By the way, some types of co-working spaces periodically conduct various thematic events with interesting speakers. This provides opportunities for development, expanding your worldview and professional competencies.
  4. Technique. Coworking spaces often have projectors, large monitors, flip charts, printers, scanners, and more. That is, something that is not always at home. This is especially useful when a specialist needs to use this technique once. 
  5. Lack of many organizational issues compared to the office. Users of advanced types of coworking spaces have no need to think about the cleaning service, paying bills, ordering tea, coffee, water, etc. All these tasks are taken over by the coworking team. 
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    How do the coworking spaces work?

    Of course, each such space has its own characteristics. But most often there are such zones.

    1. Open space. In other words, a large room for work, not separated by walls. There can be both traditional work tables with chairs, and coffee tables, sofas, poufs, armchairs. That is, a person can choose where it is more convenient for him/her. Usually, the open space accommodates those who come to work sporadically.
    2. Separate spaces. These can be either small offices or entire sectors that are constantly occupied by a company or team. 
    3. Recreation areas. Kitchen, dining room, terraces  co-working space may contain all of this, or just a little bit.
    4. Meeting rooms. They can be of different sizes: for one or two people or for a team. 
    5. Office premises. In any co-working space, there are areas exclusively for employees, such as the server room, storage rooms for office supplies, detergents, and so on. 
    6. Sanitary rooms. Toilet rooms and showers are mandatory for the comfort of coworking space visitors. 
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      Some coworking spaces also have cafes / restaurants, gyms, recreation rooms, and conference rooms.

      Why is it important to navigate in coworking spaces?

      Above, we talked about what zones can be in a coworking space, and also noted that for many people in such spaces, comfort is extremely important.

      So, planning of co-working spaces most often, is not standard. That is, when you first get into it, it is difficult to navigate where and what is placed. 

      And it is not convenient for everyone to contact the staff with questions. Therefore, navigation is critical for creating comfort for customers of co-working spaces.

      How to organize navigation in a functional and aesthetic manner? 

      One of the most important points in the organization of navigation  common style of all elements. That is, signs for coworking spaces must be made in the same design. 

      And they should also be in harmony with the overall style of the room and the existing furniture, doors, etc. 

      To ensure this, it is better to order custom products that will be made with your business needs in mind and your wishes. 

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      7 ideas for using signs for coworking spaces

      1. Reception 

        At the reception, you should place a large sign with the general plan of the coworking space. A person can just take a picture of it and use this photo as a map.

      2. Floors

        The schemes will be useful on each floor, if the building is multi-story, or in each wing, if the structure has side parts. They may be more detailed than the sign at the reception.

      3. Corridors

        Here you should place office signs for coworking with the names of zones and the direction of movement to them. For example, specify that the open space will be straight and the dining room will be on the left.

        You can also use signs that indicate the location of stairs or elevators. 

      4. Doors or walls near them

        When the doors are closed, it's hard to guess what's behind them. Therefore, it is better to have signs for co-working spaces everywhere with the specified names of premises. For example, "Shower room" or "Conference room".

      5. Office premises

        It is worth noting that visitors are not allowed to enter some places. For this purpose, there are signs with the inscription "For staff only".

      6. Potentially dangerous places

        For example, if there is an inconspicuous step somewhere, it is better to place a warning sign next to it that will let you know about it. The person will look more closely at the ground. 

      7. Evacuation exits

        The path and exit itself should be marked with signs. Here digital signs, which are clearly visible even in the dark, will be suitable.

        And for safety reasons, it is better to order signs with fire extinguisher symbols that will allow you to quickly find them.
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        If you need interior signs on the door for coworking spaces, leave your contacts in the form. Bsign manager will contact you soon and conduct a consultation.

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