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Use Bespoke Elevator Signs to Help People Locate the Lifts in Your Building

Bsign has the experience and skills needed to create custom elevator signs, including elevator machine room signage, number signs, elevator-down signage, full-capacity sign, and more. Our sign experts can design bespoke signage for your property to guide your visitors toward the elevator and offer them further help in accessing the right elevators. We understand the value of these signs and will make sure to follow your directions to a T to design excellent signage for you.

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Types of Elevator Signs

Contrary to popular belief, elevator or lift signage are not the signs that you might hang overhead in the mall to show directions. Instead, these are signs that you can use in commercial properties as helpful directional signs, elevator shaft signs, and more. 

Here are some common types of elevator signs:

- Bespoke Elevator Sign: This sign acts as a directional sign that you can use in all types of commercial properties. It guides all community members to the elevators in a building.

- Elevator Capacity Sign: As the name suggests, this signage indicates how many people or how much weight an elevator can safely hold.

- Elevator-Down Sign: This sign indicates that an elevator is not operational and safe for use.

- Elevator Equipment Room Sign: Also known as an elevator machine room sign, this type of signage is used outside elevator equipment rooms.

- Elevator Number Signs: These signs indicate the number of floors the elevator has access to. If you have elevators that stop on only even or odd floors or go up or down to a certain level, you can use this sign to highlight that.

- Elevator Room Signs: This signage is used outside elevator operational or security rooms. 

Elevator Information Signs

Improved Elevator Accessibility for All

Depending on how you install your elevator signs, you can boost the accessibility of your elevators. Since Bsign creates bespoke ADA-compliant signs, we can assure you that your lift signage will also feature braille and other ADA-guideline features, making it accessible for all. The next step will be to install it at a height accessible by all community members, especially people in wheelchairs. If you follow ADA rules for signage installation, you can boost the accessibility of your signs.

Excellent Customization 

Bsign firmly believes in creating attractive, durable, and bespoke signs in top-quality and versatile acrylic, wood, and stainless steel. You can expect beautiful custom elevator signs from our signage manufacturers. We can add your QR code, brand name, graphics, or logo to the signage. Our manufacturers will create your signs in various hues and use a CNC laser machine to cut them up in the shapes you desire. Our signs are also UV-protected and designed to suit the customers’ requirements. 

Entrust Bsign with Your Lift Signage Vision

Here’s why you should trust Bsign with your sign designing vision:

Signage Visionaries

Thanks to our sign designing experience and in-depth in-house knowledge, we can correspond with you to understand your exact requirements and turn your signage vision into a stunning reality. We can create all types of versatile signage for your property, depending on your distinctive needs. Our focus will always be on creating premium-quality, long-lasting, damage-free signage ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. Since our designing and manufacturing processes are in-house, it removes all room for error.

Pristine Track Record

We pride ourselves on having an exemplary customer feedback rate. Our sign experts are so thorough and professional in all their undertaking that they leave all our clients 100% satisfied with the signage they design and manufacture. Moreover, we make sure that you do not receive any defective product from our end by double-checking all signs before delivery. If a sign gets damaged during transit, we refund the amount or replace it immediately.

So, do you want well-made and attractive elevator signs? Contact Bsign today!