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What is the role of signs and numbers for the reputation of hotels

The rating of modern hotels is influenced by a combination of many factors: 

  • level of guest service during your stay;
  • professional staff;
  • availability of high-quality related services: gyms, spa salons, swimming pools, etc.

But imagine a situation where a guest visits your five-star hotel for the first time and can't figure out how to get from the front desk to their room. 

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Or when a person is in a hurry for an important meeting — and does not know how to get to the lobby of your hotel, where it is scheduled. 

But even from the delicious gourmet dishes prepared by professional chefs, the guest's impression will be spoiled if before lunch he, hungry, spent an hour looking for an entrance to a Michelin restaurant.

And, you will agree, it is not always convenient to constantly call the reception to find out how to get to the hotel's luxury pool.

As an information system hotel sign creates a sense of comfort

A sense of comfort is an essential component of the image of an institution in the hospitality industry.

Information signs and hotel door numbers, which will indicate the direction of movement to the desired room, will help the guest navigate the premises and feel comfortable. 

A creative hotel room sign will inform the user about what exactly is behind the door of the room they are near. This makes it much easier for a guest to stay in an unfamiliar building and creates the feeling that they are at home in your hotel.

Interior signs on the door inform the visitor about the availability of a changing room and shower cabin in the pool and gym, if any. 

A door sign on the office of a well-known massage therapist who works in the spa salon of your hotel will certainly increase the reputation of the institution.

Interior signs on the walls inside the hotel play a very important role for the comfort of a foreigner. After all, when you do not speak the language of the country to which you arrived, it is very difficult to explain even to experienced staff that you want to get to a restaurant or, maybe, to the toilet room. 

With the help of information hotel signs on the wall located in the field of view, a foreign guest will quickly get into the necessary room.

And hotel numbers will not allow the guest to get lost in the maze of corridors and office spaces.

If your hotel provides services such as organizing conferences and holidays, any event must be accompanied by signs that distribute the flow of guests. 

If users can easily navigate the space with the help of signs located in the field of view, this will give the event a relaxed atmosphere. Guests will be satisfied and recommend your establishment to their friends.

As you know, positive customer reviews are the key to a good reputation of the institution. Signs on walls with QR codes that lead to the site will help the guest to leave a review quickly and in the convenient format.

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Indicative hotel signs and hotel numbers guarantee of convenience for people with disabilities

Indicative hotel signs and numbers also play an important role in interacting with people with disabilities. The availability of information is very important for this category of the population, as it allows them to get to the right room in the hotel without assistance. 

For example, sign on the entrance of the hotel with the ramp designation will help a person with disabilities to quickly get inside the premises. 

Or, if necessary, find the entrance to the toilet room without involving strangers.

So, information hotel signs and numbers located in the field of view, of course, will provide additional convenience and comfort to absolutely all guests. 

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When is the best time to place an order for the production of hotel signs and numbers

Take care of such an important detail as the original information hotel signs and numbers in advance if you are:

  • building new hotels
  • planning to update the interior to a modern and attractive one for the discerning tourist.

What should be taken into account when ordering the production of hotel signs

If you have thought about the necessity of ordering hotel signs and numbers, consider the following:

  • making door signs needs time;
  • count the number of signs, as well as numbers required for the hotel premises;
  • choose the design of door signs and numbers that will fit the general concept of the hotel.
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