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What is the secret of a good sign for business?

A business sign is not just a sign or part of the decor. It is a powerful branding tool that can create the first and lasting impression of your company. In this article, we, the Bsign team of sign company, will tell you what are the secrets of a good sign.

For effective signage, you'll first need to choose the right type of sign. You also have to consider whether you'll need indoor signs to go with.

Business signage

Well-made signs give companies the means to reinforce brand recognition among valuable customers, which helps to establish the business. The right signage helps it stand out from competitors, draw in new customers, and promote your brand.

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Business sign design

Everyone wants business signage that's unique to their brand, and it's easy to get carried away during the design process.

The first thing that draws attention to your business is the design of the sign. It should reflect your brand, its values, and be recognizable. For example, a minimalistic design with organic colors is a perfect option for companies that emphasize eco-friendly style. It is important to choose a design that matches the overall interior of your company.


The sign material plays a key role in its appearance. Metal, wood, acrylic — each of the quality material has its own advantages. For example, stainless steel enhances the elegance and modern look, while wooden signs add warmth and naturalness to your room. While acrylic products give the room a sophisticated and authoritative look.


Custom office signs are more than just adding a logo or company name to a sign. It's about how to present your brand in a unique way. This may be due to a special font, corporate colors, or even the unique shape of the sign. Such details set your company apart and distinguish it from the competitors.

You should use your brand's colors to maintain brand consistency or colors that compliment and represent your brand and message depending on the type of sign you are designing.

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Psychology of perception

A sign and numbers are not only information about your business, but also a tool that affects the psychology of perception. A short and compelling message from signs gets straight to point and generates interest. A well-thought and designed sign can inspire trust, respect, and attract customers. It helps create a positive first impression and may even influence customers' decision to contact your company again.

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Using Braille

This is another of the secrets that make the sign special. After all, using Braille and adhering to ADA is extremely important for many people in our society. For more information about what makes the sign compatible with these elements, see our article «What are Braille Requirements for ADA Compliant Signage?».


To sum up, it is worth saying that a sign for business is much more than just a way to convey information. This is a branding element that speaks about your company without words. Starting from design, material, personalization and up to using Braille. Your business signage should be easy to read from a distance, otherwise, you risk missing out on potential customers.

A well-designed sign not only enhances the image of your business, but can also be a key factor in attracting new customers.

How to place an order?

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