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What you need to pay attention to when ordering signs and numbers

Before ordering signs and numbers, customers usually think about what they should look like and where they should be placed. But there are two more extremely important stages that determine the result of the order.

  1. Choosing a reliable manufacturer.
  2. Preparing a list of your expectations.

We have made for you a list of questions that need to be answered regarding the company where you want to place an order for the production of signs.

1. How long has the company been on the market?

If the company has been operating for several years, most likely, it has considerable experience and satisfied customers. 

But that doesn't mean you should never pay attention to new companies. All key players in any field once started. In addition, new companies often have a fresh perspective on the industry and offer creative solutions. This is important because when working with an interior, a sense of style and creativity are among the leading components of success.

For example, BSIGN is already on the market for more than 10 years. At the same time, we follow modern design trends and are ready to implement non-standard orders for signs and door numbers. Customers appreciate BSIGN because we apply our knowledge to better implement the client's idea. 

2. How many orders did the company fulfill and what feedback did it receive?

Not all manufacturers are ready to provide accurate statistics on the number of orders, but if the company already has more than several dozen works, there should be reviews.

Do not hesitate to ask about them if the manufacturer does not provide reviews himself. Carefully read what is written in the positive and negative comments. If the review does not contain any specifics, its veracity can be questioned.

Real customers often describe in detail what they ordered, how the manager communicated with them, what nuances the order had, and add photos of the result.

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3. What about a portfolio of works?

Some companies use printed catalogs as such, while others publish examples of work in social networks or on their website. 

Take a look at the completed orders and make sure that there are some of them that you like. This is important because people's understanding of beauty and aesthetics is different.

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4. What customization options does the manufacturer offer in the manufacture of signs?

Sometimes they order signs and numbers on the door, door plaques according to an individual project. For example, they want to increase or decrease their size or change materials. Please specify the capabilities of a particular manufacturer in advance.

For example, BSIGN company can:

  • add a logo, tactile Braille;
  • change the color of wood and acrylic;
  • make signs of the desired shape and size;
  • make the fastening method you need.
5. Does the company provide guarantees?

Reliable manufacturers are confident in their capabilities and quality of work. Therefore, they guarantee timely execution of the order, its delivery, as well as long-term operation of the product.

6. Which regions is delivery possible, by which transport companies, and at what price?

Not all companies make international and even intercontinental delivery, so you should definitely find out about this.

For BSIGN, this is a daily task. For example, client from the state of Florida received his order from Ukraine in 12 days: 7 days for the production of signs and 5 days for delivery. 

7. How much information does the manufacturer provide about himself?

Pay attention to whether the company runs a blog or social networks. If so, what content is shared there? Does it respond to comments?

Usually, active communication is a good sign.

Once you have made your choice, prepare to discuss the order for signs and door numbers. No matter how professional the manufacturer is, a lot depends on the customer. There are three main questions that you must answer first for yourself, and then provide this information to the manufacturer.

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8. What room or building do I need to order signs and numbers for? 

You can describe this item in words, for example, say that your object is a new hotel in an elite area of the city. But it will be better if you prepare a photo or design project. This will help you choose the best signs from the point of view of aesthetics.

9. Do you need products based on an individual project and what exactly do you want to see in them?

Someone wants to add a logo, corporate colors, Braille. And someone needs to make signs with an exclusive color of wood or letters. You should immediately outline for yourself what customization is absolutely necessary, and what you can refuse, for example, to speed up your work. This is followed by the following question.

10. How urgently should the order be completed, how many products do you need, and where do you need to deliver them?

If we are talking about standard products, it is easier to meet the deadline. But in the case of an individual project, it almost always takes more time than buying a model from a regular range. Especially if some details will be made for you. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have to wait a little longer for exclusive products. 

Do you need to order door signs or house number signs? We are ready to offer a solution. To get a consultation, fill out the form and we will get back to you quickly. 

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