Acrylic Door Numbers

Why choose acrylic door numbers?

Acrylic door signs have acquired huge popularity over recent years both in the US and in Europe. Today, we can often see them numbering apartment doors, office doors, and even hotel rooms. 

With the increasing assortment of acrylic number signs, it’s becoming more difficult to choose options of good quality. Some people even might doubt whether such an order will be a good choice for interior or exterior signage. In this article, we will try to figure out why acrylic door plaques are used so frequently and in which cases you might consider buying plates made of different materials. What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic?

Key advantages of acrylic door signs

acrylic door signs

The first thing that comes to mind when considering the advantages of acrylic door numbers is the versatility of its materials. This makes them appropriate and suitable for any design. Plus, an acrylic door sign is a durable option. It might be used outside as well, and even bad weather conditions don’t make a big impact on it. It will enhance the exterior of your office or house at any time of the year.

When you buy door signs you, perhaps, prefer making a long-term investment in a product that won’t lose its key features within a short period of time. Well, this description suits acrylic house signs and plaques. You won’t need to replace the plate every year because of its poor appearance.

These aren’t the only advantages we would like to mention in this abstract. Additionally, you should consider the following pros:

  • Acrylic number signs are very customizable, which helps to satisfy your specific purposes.
  • You can easily illuminate them and make the design look much better.
  • The illumination of acrylic signs will also add convenience.
  • It’s easy to install acrylic signs.
  • They are lightweight 
  • They are easy to install 
  • Numbers of good quality look very professional and suit the business atmosphere. 

Our recommendation is to use acrylic door signs in the business environment. For example, you can use them to number office doors. Often, we see them installed in medical facilities. They suit this design as well because the style should be plain but clear.

Customization of acrylic house number plaques

We consider that customization is the major feature of any modern product. Of course, customization of your acrylic door sign depends on the chosen manufacturer. That’s why we recommend you consider the services of the Bsign online store. The company distributes handcrafted products that might be customized to the maximum possible extent. But are really acrylic house numbers more customizable than plaques made of other materials? Actually, yes.

When you order acrylic plaques, it’s very easy for a manufacturer to paint them the necessary color to match the branding model of your business. Plus, it doesn’t take long for professionals from Bsign to cover the entire surface of your product with a reliable finish.

Plus, acrylic signs are perfect not only for personal use but for businesses as well. Specialists of the Bsign store can add value to your acrylic plaque by engraving the logo of your business. Or you can ask them to create a unique design that will suit your specific interior. Just everything you might need is possible when ordering acrylic signs of the highest quality. 

The disadvantages of acrylic house numbers and letters

acrylic house numbers

So can we conclude that acrylic is perfect for making door signs and plaques? Unfortunately, we can’t. Every material of which plates might be made has its disadvantages, which might be also considered before placing an order.

  • The first factor that must be taken into account is that acrylic is very delicate. You might consider that this is rather a benefit because it gives a very elegant look. And that’s right, there is a grain of truth in this statement. However, the delicate nature of an acrylic sign makes it fragile. Acrylic isn’t as solid as glass, and it may scratch. If you don’t want to damage your acrylic signs, use soft materials to polish them.
  • It’s better to install and clean acrylic signs with gloves on your hands because you can leave fingerprints on this material. It’s not difficult to clean acrylics but remember to use soft and mild things in order not to damage your plaque.

Even considering these advantages, we think that the quality of acrylic signs is worth paying for! You won’t regret spending money on such elegant and sleek products!

Do acrylic house number signs have more benefits or drawbacks?

So what is our conclusion? Are acrylic signs good investments or not? The answer is yes! Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic house numbers we must conclude that they are really good if suit your interior or exterior design. Acrylics are one of the best materials for outdoor plaques because it’s durable and water-resistant. Acrylic signs might be bought at a reasonable price and they will last quite long if treated properly. Consider buying them if you want the perfect combination of materials, forms, and style.

Final thought

acrylic door numbers

If you agree that all the mentioned arguments in favor of acrylic signs are worth paying attention to but you don’t know where to buy them, we have a perfect solution for you. Bsign is the best distributor of acrylic door plaques you can find online. Except for unique plates made of acrylics, it offers an extensive selection of the most authentic and unique custom signs made of various materials, in different colors, and designs. Make your order and get your parcel in several days.

With the Bsign store, you can make in-bulk orders of the best door plaques you need for your personal purposes or business needs. Plaques of Bsign are highly customizable and meet the highest standards. Order different engraving elements and choose which sizes of a sign or number are the most appropriate for your doors. Order products with Braille to make sure your sight-defected visitors won’t feel neglected.

Bsign is a store that combines high quality, great quantity, and adequate prices on products. Order now and get a discount for your first purchase.


How long will it take for delivery?

Standard shipping 7 business days for all maps (by USPS).
Expedition shipping 2 business days for the rest of the goods (by FedEx).
3-6 business days for all signs (by Landmark). To Italy and Spain it takes a little bit more.
14 business days (by USPS).
14 business days (by Ukrposhta).
4-8 business days (by TNT).

Do you need another size?

We can make products in any size, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail:

How do I choose a door number sign that is right for me?

1. Evaluate the interior in which the numbers will hang and choose the design that best suits your style. For example, people often order numbers with stainless steel, which is in good harmony with the door fittings.
2. Estimate the surface on which the number will be placed. If the wall is smooth (door, painted wall, wood, tile, metal, plastic), the number can be placed on double-sided tape. If you have texture or decorative plaster, choose the numbers with the holders.
3. Immediately make sure that all navigation is done in the same style. Restroom, No smoking, Names of offices and departments - we can make completely different pictograms and signs in the same style.