Wood Door Numbers

Why buy wood numbers

The selection of wood door signs you can find in online custom stores is increasing, although many of you might have considered that wooden products will never be popular again. Instead, shops are increasing the assortment of wooden door numbers because of the growing demand. They have acquired huge popularity over recent years both in the US and in Europe. Today, we can often see them numbering apartment doors, office doors, and even hotel rooms. 

Many might not know what makes wooden number signs so special. If you want to figure this out, you came to the right place. In this short review, we will explain the reasons why the demand for wooden numbers is growing gradually, Also, we will mention some reasons why you should be looking for other options. Let’s get down to business!

The advantages of wooden number signs

wooden number signs

If you consider buying door plaques that will attract visitors’ attention, a wood plaque will be the right choice. The popularity of this material is increasing mainly because of the visual features and its compatibility with different styles of design.

  • Rustic look. People are getting tired of all that concrete stuff they see every day in cities and towns. That’s why they are using all possible means to get closer to nature and the countryside. Wood numbers suit this purpose quite well because their rustic look makes the atmosphere more cozy and homey. 
  • Cool look. Wood is a naturally attractive material. If customized well, it looks very cool and authentic. Choose wood numbers in soft colors to enhance your modern interior design.
  • Traditional look. We don’t use many small-size products of wood today because it’s more convenient to substitute them with plastic goods. However, wooden numbers can provide a very traditional vibe because we associate this material with something quality and well-established. 

Relying on these reasons, we consider that a wooden door number plate will be a great choice for a hotel or a restaurant, for example. You can order not only numbers but other signs that mark different rooms and places in your hospitality facility. See several more reasons how you can use these products.

When to use wooden door numbers

We recommend using a wooden door plaque if you like plain but classic designs. These small signs look very authentic and inimitable. If you make a customized order, you can even count on receiving only one sign of its kind.

The best way to use such products is to attach them indoors. These applications will be well protected inside the building. This way you may be sure that your plate will remain attractive and beautiful for a much longer time.

The disadvantages of wooden door plates

wooden door plates

Unfortunately, we can’t say that the wooden number is the best option you can find online. Everything depends on your purpose, needs, and taste. But there are some considerable disadvantages you have to take into account:

  • It’s a bad idea to attach them outside the building. If you are going to use a wooden number sign for house numbering, it’s not the best decision. Outside, wood will be impacted by weather and other factors. Even if maintained properly, wood won’t remain in the best conditions for a long time. 
  • It’s difficult to maintain a wooden number plate. This is especially relevant when it’s attached outside. You will need to be very careful to prevent the wood from rotting and getting scratched.
  • You will need to protect it from insects. Wood is a natural material that attracts insects. You might need to buy special solutions to protect your wooden number plaque from insect who might harm it. The same cannot happen to acrylic or metal signs, for example.

Think if you can put up with these disadvantages before ordering wooden signs. If yes, that’s great, take advantage of the above-mentioned benefits.

When not to use a wooden door number plaque

It’s a bad idea to attach house number signs on wood if you want them to be visible from a distance. Visibility depends on the size and color contrast. You might place a custom order, but the majority of available options come in colors that don’t contrast with wooden doors.

Also, a wood plaque can’t be visible at the dark time of the day. You can illuminate it but the effect won’t be the one you will need for good visibility. If you want your sign to be visible at nighttime, it’s better to order an acrylic plaque and illuminate it with LED.

Why choose custom wood house number signs

wood house number signs

If you want a special door number design, we recommend buying from online stores that offer customized services. Their workers do their best to meet your specific requirements and create the best-handcrafted plates. Adjust sizes, colors, and specific engraved elements. The Bsign store is one of the best options to buy a custom wooden door number plaque.

Why buy wooden numbers for house from Bsign

Consider buying a wood number plaque online? Visit the Bsign online store and explore the best selection of handcrafted plates made of the highest-quality wood materials. The specialists of the store use the most modern approaches to engrave different letters and numbers and to combine different types of materials, so as to correspond to the specific requirements of your order. Bsign is a very convenient possibility to buy door number signs online for any purpose and at any price you like!

The store guarantees to provide complete customization of orders and services. If you need to order a lot of plates in one shipment, you can place in-bulk orders and expect a beneficial discount. 

The Bsign store cares about its clients and it wants to help you take care of your clients! On the Bsign website, you can order plates with Braille that will help to provide the best customer experience to your visitors with sight disabilities.

Bsign specialists are keen on handcrafting different types of signs. You can explore the wide selection of not only wood signs, but plaques made of acrylics and metal. Make your best decision to enhance the design of a house's interior and exterior!


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