Wood Door Numbers

Wood door numbers reflect a real character of your conception

The use of wood in the interior is more and more popular and it is no longer a trend component, it is the energy of nature, the power and flavor of wood species. BSIGN has chosen to work with the three most current and sought-after materials - wood, acrylic and steel. Yes, these are quite fastidious materials, and we have successfully found an approach to them with the processing and moreover, combining these materials with each other. Thanks to this we got a large range of wood door numbers. The combination of wood color expands them even more. 

The Bsign concept lies in the impeccable quality of each item, unique, modern design and creative selection of materials. Our craftsmen practice making door numbers from acrylic, steel and wood. The wooden door number plaques are very beautiful, atmosphering and always hight quality. 

We present to you the special character of wood in our own interpretation. Each piece is handcrafted to give it warmth and uniqueness. The wood is easy to process, it can be used to make a spectacular, conceptual number on the door of your office, hotel or personal room.

Special characteristics of our numbers on the door

You can choose the design of the wood door number that suits you best of all among items presented in the catalog. Choosing the quantity of standard, basic door numbers, you can arrange their worldwide delivery. If you are interested in a more personalized format of door numbers please just contact us to get custom order:

- size
- wood color
- list of numbers
- icons, logo

    Depending on the style in which your space, corridors and doors are decorated, you will have to decide on the color scheme of the wooden door plates and numbers. We offer to make wooden plates in the following colors:

    - natural wood
    - walnut
    - redwood
    - indian rosewood
    - anthracite gray
    - dark wenge

      Such a wide range of wood shades enables our clients to display the mood, atmosphere of the building as accurately as possible, or to emphasize the beautiful elegance of the interior. The warmth, solidity and ability of wood to attract is difficult to compare with any other raw material for creating door numbers. 

      Your identity could be emphasized by Bsign’s door plates

      Most often, we are making the production of wooden numbers on the door using elements of acrylic or steel. The unusual combination of such different structures in its contrast shows all the originality and irreversibility of each of them. Not so many companies make signs with stainless steel. But we deliberately chose this material to distinguish ourselves, to give a better quality product. Yes, it is more difficult and labor intensive to process, but in use we get signs that can be used both inside and outside. And in combination with other materials - it's just a unique plates, which produce only in the company BSIGN. 

      In addition to our idea of ​​personalizing wooden numbers, we can offer you a print, an inscription using a special UV printer, which can perfectly emphasize your personal corporate symbol, logo or motto. If you are planning to buy special door numbers, contact Bsign company and choose items you like. We have designed for you modern, bright wooden door numbers that will certainly resonate in your interior and make it more attractive and actual.


      Do you need another size?

      We can make products in any size, just write the necessary information to us by the following e-mail: info@bsign-store.com

      Do you need another font?

      We can easily replace the font of the products with your corporate one (any font for printing, and a thick font for volumetric 3D letters), just send us a file with the desired font by the following e-mail: info@bsign-store.com

      Is it possible to place your logo or company name?

      We can print text and logo in any color on metal, wood or acrylic, wood engraving can also be done. To do this, send us your logo (required in vector format .cdr, .ai, .eps, .svg) to info@bsign-store.com If you do not have a logo in vector format, we can redraw it for an additional fee. After drawing the logo, we send it to your e-mail.