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A selection of signs for a modern office

The fact that the office should be neat and stylish has already become an axiom. But over time, the individuality of the room combined with comfort, ergonomics and practicality becomes increasingly important.

Among the main principles of building an office interior there are such:

  • Minimum number of distractions so that you can focus on productive work.
  • Unity and harmony. That is, the understanding that the office is a single space in which all rooms should be connected to each other. Therefore, the decor and navigation elements should be combined and complement each other to create an aesthetically attractive space.
  • Balance and rhythm. This means that any part of the office has interesting details and decorative elements that are repeated. Compliance with this design principle allows you to create a pleasant impression of the room. 
  • A well-thought-out scheme of colors and materials. It allows to unobtrusively combine all rooms and zones into a single space. 
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    That is why when arranging office spaces, attention is increasingly paid to details. They give the interior perfection and become auxiliary tools in creating an overall impression of the room. 

    Among such important details there are office signs and numbers. They will be appropriate both in offices built on the Open Space principle, and for rooms with an office system.

    Tasks that you can solve with office signs from the Ukrainian company Bsign

    High-quality and unique office signs and numbers made specially for you allow you to solve several problems.

    1. Simplify navigation. This is especially true in large offices, where it is difficult for a person to immediately navigate. 
    2. Help to build a brand. Signs and numbers are an important part of the brand's visual identification system. 
    3. Emphasize the overall concept of the interior. It is custom-made office signs on the door and numbers that allow you to implement important principles of interior design, for example, balance and rhythm, etc.
    signs for offices

      Of course, there is no universal selection of signs for any office, but there are places where they are definitely needed. 

      • Entrance group. If your office occupies a separate building that also consists of several floors, you should place plans of these floors here.
      • Reception. For this area, you can make a large navigation sign that will indicate the main areas of the office, room numbers, recreation areas, and so on.
      • Latrines. By specifying their location, as well as indicating where there are women's and men's rooms, you will definitely make the office more convenient.
      • Location of the fire extinguisher. This is an important security element. Therefore, everyone who works in the office, or visits it, should understand where the fire extinguisher is located and, if necessary, should not waste time on questions and searches.
      • Dining room and recreation rooms. These zones should also be marked so that people immediately understand that they exist and can freely enter there.
      • Conference hall, meeting room. Signs on these offices will make it clear that a meeting or negotiations may be taking place there, so you should not enter without warning.
      • Offices or workplaces of management and employees. These office signs on the door or walls with first and last names are important for Open Space and the office system, because they allow new employees and visitors to understand where to find the right person.
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        After you create your own list, before ordering office signs, think about what style they should be in, what elements of ornamentation or decor they can be combined with. 

        It is also a good idea to apply Braille and/or your logo to custom office signs. For more information about the customization options that Bsign has and its importance, see in this material.

        Do you want to order office door signs? Or perhaps you still have questions about the price of making office signs or delivery? We invite you to a free consultation. To do this, fill in the form and the Bsign manager will contact you soon.

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