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The role of signs and numbers in brand formation

When it comes to brand awareness, you should definitely pay attention to visual identification. Details play an important role in this issue. One of them is custom commercial signs. We'll talk about why they are important and how they affect brand formation later.

Why does a brand need visual identifiers? 

Now, in an era of strong competition, it is not enough just to provide a good service or sell a quality product. People buy from brands, that is, from those who are different, easy to remember, and easy to fall in love with. 

Along the way, creating a good name and a beautiful logo is only part of the job. It is very important to build a complete visual brand identification system that helps to:

  • form a unique image of the brand in the head and heart of the buyer;
  • broadcast ideas and meanings embedded in the company's philosophy;
  • reinforce positioning. 

A brand is individuality that must be felt and at least partially tangible. So, signs and numbers for business are important part of visual and tactile communication with the brand. And the quality of their implementation largely depends on the perception of your brand and company as a whole, the formation of an emotional connection with it. 

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Signs and numbers for business: requirements

Branding experts recommend ordering such advertising media that will be made specifically for you and will be able to promote the brand for as long as possible

That is, every time a person comes to your office or institution, they see the branding media and remember them even subconsciously. This is how long-term associations that work for you are formed.

BSIGN customers are aware of this, which is why they pay so much attention to product quality, aesthetic appeal, and durability. 

Custom commercial signs from BSIGN store is the optimal solution, because they are made of the highest quality materials and retain their appearance for years. And the company's experts have accumulated a lot of experience over 10+ years of work, which they generously share in consultations to make signs and numbers that will definitely become an organic part of your branding system. 

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House numbers, signs and numbers for rooms and offices, pointers and other navigation elements are additional points of visual contact between your audience and the brand. They have to meet the following criteria:

  • Compliance with corporate style. It is very important that the products contain elements that are inherent in other components of your branding, such as a logo. Therefore, give preference to a manufacturer that has the ability to make customized office signs and numbers. 
  • Aesthetic appeal. Size, shape, composition, materials, colors — all this should be taken into account when creating a layout of signs and numbers for the brand. 
  • Compliance with the sphere's trends. You need to understand what is typical for your niche. For example, in luxury residential complex even the smallest details should fit into the concept. And in a budget cafe designed in the loft style, navigation signs made for rooms in the Art Nouveau style will look out of place.
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    We also wrote material, which told you what you need to pay attention to when buying commercial custom signs and numbers. 

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