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Acrylic glass signs are universal solution for various interiors

Acrylic glass is a material that has many advantages due to its practicality and aesthetic appeal. That is why we use it to make signs and numbers for various interiors.

The main advantages of acrylic glass:

  • perfect transparency in colorless materials and tone saturation in colored copies;
  • no sharp edges;
  • high strength, when compared with traditional glass, acrylic is 5 times more resistant to impact;
  • eco-friendly;
  • low weight, which allows you to attach signs and plagues made of this material with a minimum number of supports;
  •  easy processing and the ability to give any shape without breaking the properties of the material;
  • resistance to high and low temperatures, which allows the use of acrylic or plexiglass for exterior decoration;
  • no color changes when exposed to sunlight.

If we talk about signs and numbers made of acrylic glass, then they are really universal. Let's take a look at designs with this material.

Acrylic Classic signs from Bsign

This is actually a classic solution that is very easy to fit into any interior. Clear acrylic glass does not cover the wall surface. Therefore, if they are made of wood, stone or other visually attractive material, they can be easily admired.

In addition, Classic design is often chosen when the interior itself is decorated in bright colors and you need signs that will look neutral.

This design is also appropriate when the interior is already formed, the scheme of colors, textures and materials are developed and implemented, and plexiglass signs are integrated into the finished room so as not to attract too much attention.

numbers signs

Acrylic Modern signs from Bsign

In this design, black acrylic glass is perfectly combined with silver stainless steel. This solution looks expensive and elegant, but restrained. Signs in Modern design are suitable for modern interiors, can be an accent element against the background of light walls and complement metal elements in the decoration of the room.

numbers signs

Acrylic Buro signs from Bsign

This design is based on wood and black acrylic glass with white 3D text. The wood color can be selected from 6 available ones, so these signs are quite easy to fit seamlessly into the room to create a sense of visual harmony. Also, the advantage of this design is that it looks elegant, solid and unobtrusive.

restroom signs

Acrylic Simple signs from Bsign

These square signs and numbers are made entirely of acrylic glass. The central part is a rich black color, the frame is bright white, and the text is also white and voluminous. This contrasting color combination makes the signs clearly visible against the background of any color, so the products can be integrated into a wide variety of rooms.

numbers signs

All of the acrylic door sign designs described above can be Brailled to make the information on the signs accessible to everyone.

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