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Design of signs and numbers with wooden elements

Wood is a universal material for any room. Its main advantage is that wood remains relevant for many years to come. And wood has many shades and textures, which allows you to safely use it in the most popular interior styles. 

In the assortment of BSIGN, there are several types of signs that use wood itself. Next, we will tell you about them and what styles of rooms they are suitable for.

But first, let's talk about the advantages of using wood in interior decoration:

  • it is eco-friendly and practical;
  • it is perfectly combined with other natural and artificial materials;
  • it looks expensive and elegant. 

Wooden signs and numbers Scandza

These products are made of wood and acrylic glass. The text and numbers are usually white, and the base color can be selected from the six available colors.

This design is the epitome of simplicity, functionality and balance. At the same time Scandza signs look elegant and refined thanks to a harmonious combination of clear geometric and rounded lines. And the wood texture adds warmth and comfort to the signs, without overloading the product as a whole. 

The absolute advantage of this design is that it is timeless, that is, it always looks trendy. 

What interior styles it is suitable for:

  • Scandinavian;
  • country; 
  • eclecticism;
  • industrial;
  • contemporary;
  • Bauhaus.
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    Wooden signs and numbers Venture

    This design is chosen by those who like practicality, stylish appearance and a combination of different materials. Venture signs have a base in the form of a square made of wood, on which a steel plate with a rounded bottom edge is attached. The text and numbers are black. 

    Such products help to create a sense of comfort and coziness in the room. 

    What interior styles it is suitable for: 

    • classic;
    • modern;
    • industrial;
    • loft;
    • minimalism.
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      Sherwood wooden signs and numbers

      These products are a combination of natural motifs and modern design. Such signs and numbers attract the eye with a wooden plate with a jagged edge, under which there is a black acrylic glass. Three-dimensional letters and numbers are also black here. 

      A game of textures and contrasts of Sherwood signs looks modern and quite relaxed, but at the same time stylish and unusual. 

      What interior styles it is suitable for: 

      • Scandinavian;
      • country; 
      • eclecticism;
      • industrial;
      • loft;
      • ethno;
      • minimalism.
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        Custom wooden signs and numbers from BSIGN: advantages

        Quite often, people buy finished products from us directly on the website, but sometimes customers need to slightly change the design of the sign or number so that they become ideal for their premises. In this case, you should make an individual order. 

        Our specialists will consult you and help you create a sketch that will fully meet all your requirements. You can also discuss the possibilities of customizing products during the consultation, for example:

        • changing the product size and shape;
        • adding your logo;
        • tactile Braille (ADA);
        • QR code.

        In BSIGN company you can buy not only custom-made wooden signs and numbers, but also many other models. We talked about popular designs in the article "Design of BSIGN signs and numbers".

        Do you want to order a sign or number or find out the price? Leave your contacts in this form and we'll get back to you soon.

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