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City name signs: how and why to use them

BSIGN's product range includes a product category that is much wider to use than it seems at first glance. These are city name signs or, as they are also called, signs of world time. 

Who orders city name signs from Bsign and why

Most often, such products are ordered by international companies, that is, those who have partners or clients in other countries, and hotels with conference halls, exhibition centers. They are also bought by those who have relatives or loved ones in a different time zone.

In both cases, people buy the right number of clocks and place them on the wall, setting them up to the time of the right city. A city name sign is attached under each one of those. Thus, one glance is enough to find out where it is now what time. 

So, signs with world time signs help to solve the following tasks:

  • Demonstrate your international connections. Guests in your home or office immediately see the signs and can conclude that you have business or private interests there. 

This can be a reason to start a useful and interesting conversation about business or personal matters.

  • Communicate at a convenient time. Sometimes company managers need to be aware of the time in three or more countries. Signs help them navigate more easily and contact their partners only during business hours. 

It works in the same manner in personal relationships. After looking at the appropriate sign, you will immediately understand whether it is convenient to arrange a video call now, or whether it is worth rescheduling it to a more acceptable time for all participants. 

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And we also have a not quite standard case of using world time signs. Among BSIGN clients there is an American company Core Medical Billing, Inc., specializing in health insurance services. This client ordered a set of signs from us for the new office. 

So, in addition to the traditional signs and numbers in the order were signs of world time. The client liked them very much, so he asked to adapt the products to put the names and surnames of employees on them. We told you more about this order in the case

Therefore, if you want to order address signs and add numbers and world time signs in the same style — welcome. Thanks to customization we will be able to fulfill any of your wishes and create a unique set of signs.

What materials are used to make city name signs?

For the production of city name signs, we use high-quality stainless steel or wood. Therefore, you can easily choose the best option for your interior. 

  • Signs with city names made of steel they are often placed in modern rooms decorated in the loft, minimalism, high-tech and industrial styles. The advantage of such products is that they look as restrained as possible and can fit into a ready-made interior. Steel signs do not overload the room visually and do not attract too much attention.
  • Wooden signs choose those who order or already have address signs or numbers using wood. Also, this material is chosen by those customers who have planned wooden decorations in their interiors, for example, wall panels or floors. We are often asked to choose the color of the signs so that it matches the elements already available in the room. Wooden city name signs look good in such interior styles as: Scandinavian, ethnic, eclectic, country, contemporary.
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If you want to buy an address sign, number sign, or city name sign, please leave your contacts in the form and very soon our manager will contact you to advise and discuss the details of the order.

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