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Signs for the new office of Core Medical Billing Inc.

Core Medical Billing, Inc is a Florida-based US company that provides medical insurance services. 

We were contacted by the customer's manager. Due to the fact that the team expanded and moved to a larger office, they needed to buy a set of signs. BSIGN company was recommended by the owner of Core Medical Billing, Inc, who knows us and the quality of our work.

About the client

They decided to order office signs at the final stage of arranging a new space. Therefore, the client already had a list of necessary signs, and we were discussing their style together. 

Among the main requirements for signs were:

  • discreet, stylish and modern look;
  • no unnecessary elements;
  • different  design of office signs for different areas of the room.

Which office signs were ordered by a customer in BSIGN?

Main part of the office ia an open space where managers work. Special partitions are used for zoning the space and separating managers' workplaces. The room also has several separate offices, a recreation area, and a meeting room. 

The design is dominated by light colors, there is little furniture and they are also light.

The customer wanted it to be convenient for customers who come to the office to navigate it, so we decided to make the following product groups:

  • office signs for office doors;
  • signs for partitions;
  • signs for the meeting room, office premises, etc.;
  • information signs, for example, with a ban on smoking. 

Additional client requests

When we went directly to the order discussion, the client described in more detail about his vision of the project. 

№1: Using Jure design 

information signs

Such office signs we decided to place on the doors, and also mark the recreation area with them. They are also used for prohibition signs. 

The advantage of this design for the client was the ability to add tactile Braille, so that absolutely all visitors were comfortable in the office. 

№2: Customizing city name signs 


custom signs

These are the office signs the customer liked the most, so they decided to use them on partitions. To do this, we enlarged their size and selected the font to suit the client's taste. 

In this project, the client knew well what he wanted to receive and was open to dialogue, quickly gave feedback and order fulfillment moved on. 

Design approval  for office signs and project implementation

After we discussed what exactly we would do, we moved on to the implementation of the agreements.

First, we made a visualization and sent it to the client for approval. We made several edits and got a version that completely satisfied the customer.

Then we put the first batch of office signs into production. The finished products were sent to the client — he was satisfied. So, he immediately ordered a second batch of signs. 

custom signs

At the time of order fulfillment in Ukraine, there were difficulties with logistics, but the client knew about this and we planned the order fulfillment in plenty of time. 

By the time the team started working in the new space, there were all the office signs. 

End result

In total  we made 30 signs for Core Medical Billing, Inc.:

  • 7 signs for partitions;
  • 14 office signs for office doors;
  • 5 information signs:
  • 4 signs with city names.
Product Signs and numbers for the insurance company's  office
Materials for making office signs
  • Wood of Indian rosewood color
  • Stainless steel
Design Jure
Additional services
  • Selecting a font for office signs with employee names
  • Increasing the size of signs
  • Applying Braill

Now there is another order for the production of office signs from this client, so the case will be updated.

Would you like to see more examples of our work? They are available in cases on the  BSIGN blog. 

And if you also want to order signs for an individual project or calculate prices, please fill out this form and we will get back to you.

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