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Eco-friendly advertising materials: why is it important?

The trend for the prefix «‎-eco» remains relevant for many years and it seems that in the future it will only increase. In this article, we will talk about how it manifests itself in a variety of advertising and informational materials. We will also share information about whether Bsign products are safe for the environment.

Now it has become a rule of good taste to take care of the environment and understand the features of materials that are used to solve any problems. When comparing products with similar characteristics, users are likely to choose the eco-friendlier one. Therefore, manufacturing companies are trying to meet this demand.

To better understand the issue, let's start with the terminology.

We call the materials eco-friendly, when their production and disposal entail the lowest possible harmful impact on the environment.

They are usually made of secondary raw materials, as well as such materials that belong to the biodegradable ones. Examples include the following eco-friendly materials:

  • wood;
  • plastic based on natural polymers (starch, cellulose, etc.);
  • paper.

Also, now the definition of «eco-friendly» is often used. This means that people and companies that are defined in this way consciously make efforts to ensure that their products and services are minimally harmful to the environment and the ecology as a whole. In other words, these terms can be considered almost identical.

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What is environmental marketing?

There is no single definition of this term, but in general we are talking about marketing that takes into account compliance with the principles of environmental safety. 

That is business strategy of the company that wants to take care of people and nature will automatically be based on environmental marketing:

  • sustainable products;
  • environmental awareness;
  • green initiatives;
  • moderate and reasonable resource consumption. 

Benefits of environmental marketing for business

As we said above, a significant number of consumers choose brands that are environmentally sustainable. So, from the point of view of PR activities, it is profitable for companies to show that they are exactly like that.

Accordingly, this image should be supported in everything, including environmental marketing and the use of appropriate advertising and information media. This way you can:

  • improve your brand reputation;
  • demonstrate your commitment to sustainable development;
  • attract the attention of a growing audience of environmentally conscious buyers.

This can be done not only in words, speaking with eco slogans. It is much better to show your friendliness to the environment with deeds. We'll talk about this later.

Environmental friendliness is also of practical importance. Most of the resources are not renewable, so many companies are already mastering technologies for working with materials that can be recycled and reused (the same secondary raw materials), eco-friendly practices, renewable energy and so on. This often helps reduce costs and increase profits in the long run.

You should also take into account the requirements of the legislation. In many countries, it explicitly sets out the principles of greening production facilities. Therefore, businesses that do not comply with these requirements may receive heavy fines. This entails the creation of strategies of environmental marketing and the appearance of a large number of examples of environmental marketing.

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How can a business become eco-friendly?

It's not really that hard. The first step may be to abandon cheap, but environmentally harmful single-use plastic in favor of secondary raw materials and/or eco-friendly products

In other words, it is worth replacing packaging from plastic, for example, to paper and using reusable containers for water and food if possible. This will be a step towards saving the environment.

Also, adhering to environmental marketing strategies, it is logical to choose the carriers of the brand's symbols carefully:

  • minimizing their number;
  • choosing those that will last a long time;
  • giving preference to eco-friendly materials.
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    Let's return to Bsign signs and numbers, which are, among other things, a type of advertising and informational materials and example of environmental marketing. We can confidently say that we create them, taking into account the importance of environmental marketing, and also the impact of our products on the environment. More about our principles in the article «Interesting facts about BSIGN».

    1. We use wood, steel and acrylic glass in our production. That is, only three materials. But all of them are safe for the environment, which is very important.
    2. Our designs are an organic combination of trends and classics, so they will be relevant for many years. After all, we are not supporters of «‎fast fashion». In our opinion, which is shared by customers, it is better to order really original signs and numbers, on which, in addition, you can place elements of corporate identity. Such products will show your attention to detail and focus on quality.
    3. Our signs are resistant to high and low temperatures, moisture, etc. Thanks to this, they will retain their original appearance for a really long time. You don't have to change them often. This is one of the best examples of caring for the environment.

    Planning to order plates or number plates, but not sure which ones? Fill in the form and soon our manager will contact you and give you a free consultation.

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